Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Adventures in Potty Training Revisted

This time last year, we were attempting to potty train Alan. At the time we had estimated that Alan would be potty trained by May or June, but that was not the case. Right after we had our wedding, he regressed and started refusing to potty train anymore. I didn't want to push him because I don't think that learning to use the toilet should be stressful, so we took a break. We stopped having him use the potty every half hour and started just letting him use it when he wanted to at home.

Fast forward a year, we are pregnant with Anna and due in July. Alan was using the potty every now and then, but we were no longer in underwear or even pull ups. And I was consistently changing his diapers on a daily basis. I have never wanted to be a mom of two in diapers, unless they were multiples. So Lon and I decided that our goal would be to have Alan mostly trained by the time Anna was born.

This week was our first week of really trying to potty train. I cleverly named it Operation Alan Use a Potty All Day Long Week lol because I am determined! :) We are going about it in a similar way, except minus the underwear. I couldn't do all the poop messes in the undies pregnant, so we opted for pull ups this time around. And we upped the time to every twenty minutes, instead of every half hour, in hopes that we will better stop any accidents. Yesterday went great, he went pee in the potty several times and only had one technical accident. And today is going even better because after lunch, Alan not only peed in the potty but he pooped in there too! :D This is one of the first times he has pooped in the potty! Lon and I are beyond elated as this was our main struggle with him last time around.

I am confident this time around that he will actually be potty trained by summer! If we can at least have him in underwear with minimal accidents, that will be sufficient too. This time around seems different though, he is older and is more into it, I think. He will actually tell me when he gets an urge and will sound excited to practice on the potty when I ask him. We are moving in leaps and bounds. :)

How did you potty train your little one? How many times did it take to fully train them?

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