Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt Saturday!!

Friday, we took everyone to get Easter Bunny pictures before Aunt Natalie and Jake left to head back home. I was nervous about Alan being horrified of the bunny because he had never taken pictures with him, or even seen him. But he did fantastic!

Easter family pic 2012

Our Easter boys after seeing the Bunny

Then Friday night, we all got together to dye Easter eggs. Alan, Uncle Kalvin and Aunt April each got to dye nine eggs, except one of Alan's broke so we headed home with only eight. But Alan did a great job slowly setting the eggs into the dye and making sure not to splash it everywhere, which I was endlessly grateful for as it was vinegar mostly lol. The eggs turned out vibrant and beautiful and Alan really enjoyed dying them almost all by himself.

Our finished Easter eggs. :)
Yesterday Alan and I went to two different Easter egg hunts with Grandma Melanie, Aunt April and Uncle Kalvin. We were supposed to meet up with Kelsie and Kelton but they had to switch plans last minute. We still had a ton of fun though and Alan got a bunch of eggs and candy lol!

Look at all of those eggs!

First we went to the egg hunt at Aunt April's school. There were billions of eggs, or so it looked like lol, and a ton of people as well. It was sunny out, but the wind was brutal. Alan, Aunt April and I quickly found a spot and got ready for the toddler hunt. The wind kept attacking us while we waited, which made Alan super grumpy real fast.

Alan and Uncle Kalvin waiting to start in the wind.

Standing with Aunt April, about to go!

By the time it was Alan's turn to go, he was so upset at the wind and being cold that he had a huge meltdown, right there in the egg field. :( Poor guy! Aunt April helped him out and got him some eggs but all he wanted to do was snuggle up to mama and cry. We still convinced him to grab a few himself at least. I just felt so bad for him!

Mid meltdown. :(

"Its okay Alan, Easter egg hunts are fun!"

After his hunt was over, we hid behind the bleachers to avoid the wind and warm up. Alan sat in his stroller and had a couple pieces of candy and was instantly all better. He was so proud of how many eggs him and Aunt April had found, he filled his whole basket!

Satisfied with his full basket of eggs. :)

Once Alan and I had warmed up, we went to go check out the activities they had while we waited for Uncle Kalvin's turn to go. Alan wasn't interested in the Easter games at all, even though you won more eggs, he wanted to try out every bouncy house and slide they had! Which in total was like seven different ones! He bounced in the bouncy houses forever, giggling and getting some major air lol! :)


Then he convinced Aunt April to take him on the biggest bouncy slide they had. It made me so nervous because it was about as tall as a regular building lol! But April and he climbed up it like it was no business, only slipping and sliding once the whole way up! Once he got to the top though, Alan realized how high up he really was and wanted to go down right away lol. Aunt April had to grab him so he wouldn't just jump off, but he ended up sliding the whole way down on his belly! Silly boy!

See that spec? That's Alan on his belly lol.

After that, we went and grabbed some lunch real quick, before heading over to the Billings Depot for the Eggstravaganza. Right upon arriving, Alan saw a painting station and insisted on going and making a Easter picture. So we robed him up and let him go wild! Love the picture we ended up with lol, he did such a good job!

Painting with Aunt April

Then Uncle Kalvin and him went in their bouncy house and bounced forever lol. I thought the lady was gonna have to go in after Alan when his turn was up, he didn't want to leave! There was an ongoing Easter egg hunt happening throughout the Depot, so Uncle Kalvin and Alan joined in and found five eggs each! They were pretty happy about that lol. Then we went to say hey to the Easter Bunny again, and this time Alan was so brave he gave him a hug and high five without having to hid behind his mama. :) Big boy! The Easter Bunny showed us where Zoo Montana had their petting zoo, where Alan and Uncle Kalvin were able to touch a bunny, some cockroaches (EWWWWW) and an owl!

They also had a sled dog area, where a man was teaching kids about huskies and how they train to become dog sled runners. Alan and Uncle Kalvin got to pet two furry puppies! Alan loved how much fur they had, he just buried his fingers in it and giggled. So cute!

Soft, sweet husky dog. :D

After seeing the puppies, we went outside to ride on the Shrine clown train. Aunt April, Uncle Kalvin, Alan and I rode with several other children, around and around the parking lot. Alan just loved it. He waved at the clowns as we passed them and the cars that drove by us. He got so excited once we were able to see Grandma Melanie again, and yelled at her until we stopped lol. Then we went to get the boys balloons and headed home.

We ended up not going to the YMCA's Easter egg hunt in the pool, only because I thought Alan would freak out. He's not too into swimming yet, and has to REALLY be in the mood to even take a bath. Instead , we went back to Grandma Melanie's to watch Hop. I hadn't ever seen it before and thought it was a cute and silly movie.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter! Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see how ours went!

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