Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Thirteenth Birthday Aunt April!!

Today is Aunt April's 13th birthday.

I can't even believe that Aunt April is now thirteen. She is now a teenager! I am having a hard time processing this lol, harder of a time than I did when Aunt Natalie turned 13. But then again, I was sixteen myself when Aunt Natalie turned thirteen, but with Aunt April I have helped raise her since she was a toddler so its more like she is one of my own. Its just weird to think about her turning this age!

Aunt Natalie, Uncle Kalvin, Aunt April and I several years ago

Aunt April has grown from a little rambunctious girl to a intelligent, mature young lady. She has become a A student in school, a beautiful artist, a talented violinist, and such a great dancer. Not to mention a wonderful aunt to Alan. She is always willing to help me out with him and enjoys playing with him too. She may be a goof sometimes but her personality is just beautiful. What a wonderful young lady she has become!

Aunt April trying on sunglasses and being a dork

Happy birthday Aunt April. Alan, Lon, Anna and I love you to the moon and back! May your birthday be full of happiness, laughter and love! And your next year as a teenager be fabulous! We love you so much!!!

Happy Easter to everyone too! I hope that everyone's Easter Sundays are full of family and love! We love you guys!


  1. A little late but congrats on her birthday. I feel honored that you chose one of my cakes to post on this blog for her. Feel free to drop by and like me on facebook if you want a once a week update on some of the week's best cakes :)

    1. I thought that your cake was perfect for my little sister! Thank you for letting me use it and for taking the time to check out my blog! :) I will check out your FB when I get the chance. Have a great day!