Monday, April 2, 2012

Circus Adventures

Our weekend wasn't too eventful, on Saturday I worked and then we went to the circus with my family and on Sunday we just hung out at home. I was supposed to get my haircut from my girlfriend Sarah, but she had to work instead. We rescheduled for this upcoming Sunday. :)

We had a really great time at the circus Saturday night though! Alan and I went with my mother, Uncle Kalvin, Aunt April, second cousin Morgan and Kalvin's friend Casey. We saw my old manager from CEC Kelsey and a couple kids who I work with at the YMCA. The first half of the show started out with the tigers, which Alan was surprisingly not that into. Then there were some balancing acts and a hula hoop act,  where Alan was more interested in the lights lol. But once the puppies came out for their act, Alan was all eyes and ears lol, standing up and cheering along with the crowd. His favorite was the littlest one. :)

There were a few more acts and then the brought out the motorcycle on the tight rope. Alan, Uncle Kalvin and Casey all watched in complete awe, mesmerized by the riders fearlessness. They especially liked it when he flipped the motorcycle. That made me scream lol. :P Then it was intermission and dinnertime for Alan.

We went downstairs to eat dinner, while the older boys decided if they wanted to do rides or get a toy. Alan chowed his whole hot dog and was done within a matter of minutes lol. Alan decided he wanted to get a toy instead of ride the elephant or horses and I was somewhat grateful for that lol. Cos I might have been the one riding on the elephant with him, if that had been what he picked. Instead, he chose a pitch-pitchoo (Alan translation: light up laser gun toy lmao) like Uncle Kalvin and Casey. I'm not normally one to be okay with toy guns, but I wasn't about to be the only one to make my kid scream lol. It wasn't that big of a deal. :)

Grandma Melanie and Alan during intermission

Then we headed back to our seats. The clowns were tossing around huge beach balls into the crowd, Alan thought that was so cool! We kept trying to let him hit it once, but its hard with the whole crowd lol! The boys still really liked to watch it. And it was a good distraction until the show started!

The beach ball during intermission, it was huge!

The boys decided they wanted ice cream, so we got them all fudgecicles for dessert. Then it was time for the second half to start. During the second half, Alan spent most of his time standing and shooting his laser gun at the people and lights lol. But he really enjoyed this one motorcycle act, where two girls where opposite of the rider on a bike and the did crazy tricks way high up. That act made me so nervous lol, especially when the rider flipped his bike just barely above his track! *Shudders* Ugh lol, even now some circus acts get to me. :P

Alan enjoying his ice cream with Grandma

The last act was the elephants and Alan was more interested in "hunting" them with his laser gun than he was in actually watching them lol. But he thought it was absolutely hilarious that the elephants went to sleep. He yelled and pointed and laughed at them. It was really adorable. :)

All the way home, Alan insisted on shooting the windows and houses and cars and people lol, just about anything he could aim at. I kept telling him to stop shooting because the noise and lights were bothering my mother, who was trying to drive, but he continued until he fell asleep. Little turkey. :P All in all though, I think everyone had a fantastic time at the circus, including Alan. The next morning it was all he would talk about and when Daddy got home from work, Alan talked his ear off about all the cool things he saw. :) Love my little boy! I'm glad he had so much fun!

Aunt Natalie and I at my wedding reception, April 2011
I have some exciting news that we just found out yesterday!! Originally I thought we would have to wait until this weekend to see her beautiful face, but she is coming early! :D My sister Natalie is coming home for Easter break TODAY! For those of you who don't know, Aunt Natalie lives in Missoula with her boyfriend Jake, where she is going to school at the University of Montana for radiology. She is also a CNA there. :) I am so proud of my sister and I can't wait to see her again! Its been a while since she's come to Billings! And she'll be here for the whole week! *Squeals in excitement* This week sometime, I will also have her take my Traveling Red Dress photos on the Rims so that I can finally send this gift of happiness (i.e. the dress lol) to another deserving woman! I will post them asap of course! :P Thursday will be Aunt April's 13th birthday party and Sunday is April's real birthday! Not to mention Easter egg hunts on Saturday and Easter on Sunday! Such a busy week my family has scheduled! :) Tune in to see more of our adventures!

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