Friday, April 6, 2012

Aunt April's Birthday Party

Last night was Aunt April's birthday party. We had dinner and ice cream cake at Grandma Melanie's house  and we even played some baseball in the setting sun lol. Well I didn't, I just watched and laughed at my crazy family. For dinner we had ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, stuffing and rolls. It was so yummy, but Mister Picky Pants Alan chose to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead. Oh well lol, he at least tried a few bites first.

Aunt April and her birthday cake

I convinced everyone to go outside and play with Alan and I after dinner, so Grandpa Kevin and Uncle Kalvin decided that they wanted to play baseball. We started out in the back yard, but didn't have enough room and Uncle Kalvin sent the ball over the neighbor's fence on the first hit lol! So we moved to the front of the yard. Trees were designated as bases and a block of wood was claimed home base. Jake sat behind home base on a bucket, playing some sort of redneck catcher lol. :P Uncle Kalvin was given a second chance to bat but before he could, Alan ran and stole the block of wood from right in front of Uncle Kalvin! That's stealing home base literally lmao!

Aunt Natalie and Jake

We continued to play baseball in the setting sun, until it got too dark out and  everyone got too cold. Then we came inside so Aunt April could open her gifts. Alan and I had previously made her a birthday card, and Alan was excited to show her.

Aunt April opening our card with Alan

Reading our card

She loved it! 

Then Grandma Melanie brought out the cake. It was a cute ice cream cake that said, "Happy birthday" on it. And it was so yummy! We sang (and very obnoxiously, I might add lol) to her and then Aunt Natalie served it to everyone. Lon was lucky and showed up just in time for a piece! :)I had one huge piece and Alan had his whole piece plus bites from everyone else's cake too lol.

Nummy cake, mmmmm!

We had a great time at her party and can't wait to celebrate with her again on Easter! Be sure to drop by tomorrow to check out my Traveling Red Dress post. The pictures turned out so beautiful, even though I almost froze lol! Have a great weekend everyone and a great Easter!

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