Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day Plans

Earth Day is this Sunday and though we don't have too much planned for that day, I have a couple fun activities for us to partake in.

First, I will be posting a blog post on here about children and the benefits nature has on their development that day. It is based off of a PBS show I watched yesterday and my own hippie naturalist opinions lol. I encourage you to stop by and read it! :)

For Alan and I, I have developed a nature scavenger hunt that we will be doing at hopefully several different parks. It asks for fun things like pine cones, seeds, beetles (we have little containers to catch them) and mushrooms. I hope that we can go to Zimmerman Park, Pioneer Park and Riverfront Park at least. Maybe even Phipp's Park if we have the time. :)

Then I plan on taking Alan and all of our recyclable stuff down to Pacific Recycling to teach Alan a lesson about recycling. We have been recycling aluminum cans, plastic and glass for almost a year now but its been a few months since we have actually made a trip down to the center. And we normally drop Alan at my parent's house and go alone, since it is easier. But I have already called ahead and spoke with one of the staff, they will set up a mini tour for us so that Alan can learn. So cool!

Lastly, we will be making a trip to Zoo Montana for their Party for the Planet. There we will get to visit all the animals in the zoo, as well as see all the cool Earth Day based booths. We wanted to go to this last year, but weren't able to for some reason. This year it will be awesome though!

What are your plans for Earth Day? How do you celebrate it with your family?

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