Thursday, April 26, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Our Earth Day this year was lots of fun! After speaking with my mother, my plans changed slightly but that only made it easier for us to spend more time at each place rather than rush through everything.

We woke up relatively early and had a small breakfast of waffles, donuts and fruit. Then Lon and I packed my tiny little car full of all of our recyclables and we headed to the recycling center. If you remember, I had called ahead to see if someone would do a little impromptu tour for us so that Alan could learn some as well. Well the tour was pretty cool, they showed us the whole recycling process that they do on a daily basis. They asked that I didn't take any pictures but we had a great learning experience! Alan's favorite part was dumping all the recyclables on the moving track to be weighed and processed.

We recycled so much too! If I remember right, we recycled over four pounds of plastic materials, ten pounds of glass materials and seven pounds of aluminum cans. That is a lot of material! :D

After hitting up the recycling center, we had lunch and then met up with Grandma Melanie and my siblings to go to the Party for the Planet at Zoo Montana. Uncle Kalvin and Alan were excited to go see all the animals! :) First we went through the zoo and looked at all the animals, afterwards we took the boys through the nature trail and did my nature scavenger hunt with them, and we spent the rest of our time on the playground.

Looking at the goats outside the barn

Alan's favorite enclosures were probably the grizzly bears and the tigers. When we got to the grizzly bear enclosure, the two bears were in their pool playing with each other. Alan thought that was so cool and funny, we sat and watched them for maybe twenty minutes lol! He kept calling the bigger bear Kalvin Bear and the littler one Alan Bear. So cute!

The bears playing in the water

It was really hot out, so we had some trouble finding some of the animals. They wanted to all hide in the shade too lol! Our zoo experience quickly became an animal scavenger hunt by itself because we were all taking turns trying to find each animal in its habitat. The boys enjoyed it throughly, they would jump and squeal and giggle if they found the animal before anyone else did. :)

Grandma found the wolverine first! :D

They had a new enclosure that none of us had seen before too! A new beaver enclosure, right next to the river otter enclosure! Alan and Kalvin thought the beaver was awesome, with its big paddle tail that kept splashing in the water. We told them about how they make river dams and Alan thought we were talking about Lincoln Logs. He insisted on going right home and making his own Lincoln Log dam lol. Silly boy!

Looking at the beaver with Grandma Melanie

After seeing the beavers, we went on our nature scavenger hunt. Alan and Uncle Kalvin found pine cones, a big black beetle, some bird eggs (which we of course left in the nest lol), a mushroom cluster, several different shaped leaves, a caterpillar and some swords (Alan's name for sticks lately lol). We were quite successful! :D The boys really had a good time running around and getting dirty trying to find all of the things on the list. Alan even touched the bugs! :) After the scavenger hunt, we just HAD to go try all the slides at the zoo's playground lol. Alan slid down each one maybe fifty times but would not touch a single swing. How is my boy so opposite of me lol? :) Then it was time to head home for dinner.

What a great day filled with learning about the Earth and all the wonderful things on it! We had a wonderful day. :D Happy Earth Day everyone!

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