Monday, September 30, 2013

Nostalgia is For Geeks...

Weird title, I know, but I felt the need to theme my title specifically to my weekend and well, what a better way to do it then with a lyric line from one of Gaga's songs? 

"I've overheard your theory, 'Nostalgia is for geeks'
I guess sir, if you say so, some of us just like to read"

You see, I like Lady Gaga as much as the next person, er dancer, although I am not a huge fan of hers, I respect and appreciate her music and enjoy her performances. She, like Michael Jackson, is a phenomenal performer! I would just die to see one of her live shows! She is such a freak, and in such a beautiful way. You have to keep reading if you want to know why I am talking Gaga so much lol! 

Anyways this weekend, I was given the most amazing experiences ever for my job! I teach dance and gymnastics at our local YMCA and now that we are under new management in our department, we took advantage and invited a famous gymnast to come train me and three other teachers. It was so cool! Miss Kacey is from YMCA Toledo, Ohio and is on the board of USA Gymnastics. She helped write alot of their training manuals and pretty much designed the whole gymnastics program in Toledo. She is pretty much the greatest lol. We were able to train six hours with her and have completely redeveloped our gymnastics program and our Rock, Tumble, Roll (baby gymnastics and creative movement) program. Thanks so much Kacey!

After training with Kacey, I had another training set up with my old dance studio for my dance program. If you remember earlier this summer, I trained with Ambrose Respicio, Theo Ivey, Tessandra Chavez and Taryn Struck with the Diversity Dance Summer Intensive. I was also supposed to take classes from Kevin Frey, but he had to cancel so that he could perform in the MTV VMAs with Miss Lady Gaga. Yes, you heard me correctly, Kevin Frey is Lady Gaga's main and favorite back-up dancer! He is so amazing, I have been such a fan of his for about a year now. I was so excited when I heard that he was still coming back to give the Diversity girls an exclusive dance workshop, something I just HAD to attend. I texted the directors of Diversity and they gave me permission to join in on their advanced class. I was so excited!

Here he is with the beautiful gal herself!!!
Oh my word, Kevin's class was sooooooooooooo hard! Its been probably five years since I have danced in the advanced level and his choreography was so rapid and quick, I could barely keep up. I took class with Aunt April for the first time ever, I think. She totally rocked the choreo so much better then I did lol, I was so out of shape for advanced choreography! But I did take so many wonderful notes, including "be free, but be focused" and "think while you are moving, don't allow your brain to shut off!" but my notes were quite damp and hard to read by the end of class. We were sweating so much in that studio room, the mirrors started to fog up too! Kevin was quite proud of us, and he loved how we handled the choreography. I am so blessed to be able to take classes from both Miss Kacey and Mister Kevin, they are both gods in the dance and gymnastics world!

I am not worthy!!!!!! ;)

They both really inspired me individually again this weekend, I desperately needed that. I am still so raw and emotional over the whole wrongful eviction, it was hard to pull myself out of that for class. But when I was in training, I was Miss Jillian the teacher. I was treated as an equal and my opinions and thoughts were heard. They both gave me some valuable teaching tools to take back to my kids, and Kevin's class pushed me to my fullest potential. Honestly, I did not even think once about our situation during either training, and that in itself is a beautiful thing! Thank you so very much, Kacey and Kevin!  To say that I am blessed to be in the presence of you two is an understatement. You are both so amazing, I cannot wait to work with you two again! I love you both!

I did not think to get a photo with Kacey, darn I am kicking myself now about that lol, but I did manage a photo with Kevin. Here it is!

I cannot wait to go to my gymnastics and hip hop classes this week to share all the awesome tools with them. I will inspire them like crazy this week! Yes!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Alan's Preschool Zoo Field Trip

The day after our court date was Alan's first ever Preschool Field Trip. We have been trying our hardest to not change the kids' schedules or lifestyles because of our current situation, so even though we should have all been moving Anna and I went with Alan's class so that I could help chaperone. They were going to Zoo Montana to explore the zoo and see all the B's (since its their letter of the week lol) that they could find! We saw Birds and Bears and Bunnies and Bobcats and B
ugs! All the kids had a fantastic time, including Alan and Anna!

I am pretty busy today and don't have a lot of time to write a long post, so I will leave you with a photo dump lol! Enjoy!

Farmer Alan at Zoo Montana

My favorite photo from the whole trip! Alan holding hands with two of his friends! So sweet!

We tried to get a class photo lol... Keyword: Tried.

We only had two kiddo crashes the whole trip and only needed one bandaid thankfully! I'd call that a fantastic trip! They students also enjoyed being out in nature and meeting all of the animals. It was nice and cool out, so the animals were lively and happy too. The bears even played around for us! I definitely think it was a successful trip! Thank you Miss Davis and Miss Brandi for letting me help chaperone! 

Tune in tomorrow to see how my weekend went! I had training for Dance and Gymnastics with two absolutely AMAZING people! Miss Kacey, the USA Gymnastics board member and head of the gymnastics program in YMCA Toledo, Ohio and Mister Kevin Frey, dance choreographer and back-up dancer for Lady Gaga (you can see him perform in her "Appaulse" music video or at the 2013 VMAs) both flew down to train me and a few select others. I have never felt so special!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Color me Rad 2013!!!

Yay! I am finally able to post about another one of the BEST days of my life! Oh I have waited all week to share with you readers about this great day, but with our crazy life right now I have yet to have the chance. But before I start on my wonderful happy post, I have to update everyone on our family. We are officially moved out of that horrid house and away from that awful man, fully moved out by yesterday at 3:45 pm. Only an hour and fifteen minutes before we were supposed to, I was quite proud of us! It rained heavy all day yesterday too, so we moved most of our possessions in the storm. I had to bag every box we had packed so that things would not get ruined, it was SOOOOOOOOOOO much work lol! Wow... As if winning the case and removing us from his property wasn't enough for him, our landlord also felt the need to harass us all day yesterday by stalking us and driving around the house over and over again until we called the police on him. :( What a creep! I am so glad that we are finally done with him!

Saturday was seriously the most fun I have had in a while! For those of you that don't know, I volunteered for our town's Color me Rad 5k with my work. It has become a new tradition for me and some other workers to do, this is our second time volunteering! I will always promote volunteering and participate in volunteering, in my opinion its the best way to give back to the community! Donations require money or materials. You can volunteer even if you don't have any money! I try to volunteer at least once every few months, its an important part of my Buddhism training. My family does believe in karma and the so-called "karma bank," we try to create as much good karma in our karma bank as we can. Sounds silly now typing it out, but it is an important part of my training and I feel it does play a factor in our lives and in being all around better people. But I do also encourage everyone to volunteer themselves as much as possible. I know that the YMCA just loves volunteers and most other businesses do too. Ask around, or if possible, help at a 5k or marathon! They are also always looking for free help. Lastly, you can always volunteer at Good Will, the Salvation Army, almost any church or at any soup kitchen or homeless shelter. Let's all start giving back, it is such a wonderful feeling to do so!

Color me Rad is amazing. All the love and color they bring to each city is just phenomenal. I bet they could end all the wars with color bombs! I love being a part of this experience, it is truly healing to the soul, especially now with all the hate currently shoved into my family's life. I ate up every moment, every motivational speech, every hug I received. It is such an amazing experience! I started out helping set up the finish line and was able to enjoy the opening ceremony this year. Wow! My good work buddy Jaysun was the MC and he just rocked it so much! Got everybody moving and grooving and smiling! They had a Zumba dance off and a push up contest and a game of hide and go seek, you should have seen all theses adults having fun like elementary kids! Made me sooooooooo happy! After the opening ceremony, I headed down to the purple color bomb station to work with the Billings Bulls Hockey Team. That was a pretty cool experience! :) I used to adore the Bulls as a child, it was cool to work and have fun with them as an adult. I got just about as covered in color as I did last year lol, the Bulls and I may or may have not gotten into several color bomb fights ourselves... All in good fun lol!

I even found my Kelsie and DesiRae this year again too! At that point of the race though, we had almost ran out of color completely. So I cleverly improvised and turned our station into a physical activity station. I had the runners either army crawl or roll through our "Sea of Purple" to get colored! They loved it! I even got down and dirty with a few of the little kiddos, oh it was crazy fun! I also loved seeing all of my YMCA members and students. It was so cool too get color bomb hugs from all these students of mine! Makes me soooooo happy to be a teacher! One of my favorite things about teaching... :) After all the runners had passed through our station, I had to quickly run the 5k myself back up to the finish line to assist with the closing ceremony. I still hadn't seen my buddies Rachael or Kyra from last year's race, and I was determined to find them! I looked at each station and finally found Rachael at the orange station, the last color bomb station before the finish line! It was so awesome seeing her again! I love her so much! I love these photos we have together, they are all orange and I am the only purple lol! So funny, also like the orange mist that never seemed to fade out of the camera the whole time we took pictures!

The closing ceremony was just as beautiful as the opening ceremony. All the runners celebrated finishing the race with a huge dance party and color bombing session. Oh my word, most beautiful thing I have ever seen! All those different colors exploding at once? Wow! I wish that I could have participated more in the closing ceremony like I did in the opening ceremony, but I had to help with the clean up. As a whole clean up crew, we busted that whole area down in like two hours! Yeah boi! It was even fun cleaning up and breaking down their equipment, the Color me Rad staff is an awesome group of people! They are so funny and we were all constantly laughing, love it! It almost felt like we weren't even working! That is the best way to volunteer, enjoying your time and community. There was so much love and happiness there, even just within the volunteers! We were all so excited to be apart of such a phenomenal thing. It is magical, I can't fully explain it. I cannot wait for next year though! Next year, I am hoping that Aunt April, Aunt Ariel, Aunt Sam and Aunt Natalie will join us! All my lovely sisters together volunteering and having fun? Sounds like one of the BEST days to me!

Tune in tomorrow for Alan's Preschool Field Trip post, we went to Zoo Montana! He had a wonderful time with his classmates, barely even acted like Mommy and Anna were there lol! Anna enjoyed seeing all the animals and being the center of the preschoolers' attention lol. I thought that was especially funny because we were all at the zoo and the kids were more into Anna and her stroller then the animals! Silly kiddos. :) And if you liked this post or enjoy this blog, I ask you to click on the button below to vote for our blog on Top Baby Blogs. We are currently number 146, but I fondly remember the days when we were in the low 100s. ;) I would love to get back to that! Please vote! Thank you guys!

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Being Positive Through all the Hardships

I cannot post about Color me Rad today, I have something much more important to post about. I apologize for anyone who was looking forward to it. The Color me Rad post will be on Thursday most likely. Keep an eye for it!

Yesterday, we had court with our landlord. Since it is mostly said and done, I will share the basics with you all. I still do not want to share all the horrid details with you because I try so hard to keep this blog a positive forum for my family and my readers. But I am compelled to share the basics with you. We lost the case, our landlord had a lawyer and a good one too, probably very expensive. Even the judge wasn't pleased with outcome. We have to be completely out of the house by tomorrow at 5 pm. We also owe him a good sum of money apparently, which I don't agree with the most.

This landlord, this man, put a young family of four out on the streets because he is stubborn and money greedy. We have no place to live now and have struggled almost all day yesterday to find somewhere, at least for the kids. Currently, the kids and I are staying in my old room at my parent's house. We crammed Anna's crib and most of our possessions into that small basement bedroom. There is no room for Lon, Alan and I share a bed! We are hoping that Lon can stay with his family but we are getting desperate. These are all only temporary living set ups too. Needless to say, I don't have anything nice to say about our landlord... I really struggle to control my anger and remember my peace and clarity. He put my family out on the streets!

However, I refuse to let him win by admitting defeat or becoming angry. I am stronger then that, I have more control. My children deserve better then that. Lon and I choose to be happy about this move for our children, we choose to be postive about the whole situation. At least we still have our family as a whole. At least we have support from our family and friends. At least we are out of that horrible house and away from that awful man! At least Lon and I still have our wonderful, stable jobs. At least Alan and Uncle Kalvin think its a sleepover. At least Lon and I both have cars now. I need to be positive about what we do have right now!

Moving is hard though, and a lot harder if its last minute and unplanned. I have really tried my best to keep things organized and labeled, but at some point we just need to get it all out of there. I feel crazy, like I cannot focus on one thing at a time. We still have to move everything out to four different places in town, make sure the children continue with their normally scheduled lives, cancel the utilities, still try to stay on shift as much as we physically can, cancel our dish system, switch our mail over, notify the kid's insurance, find a lawyer and then maybe look for a new house? Oh my insanity! :/ And I wonder why I can't seem to keep a straight thought? Oooh I like that! We'll just refer to it as the insanity from now on...

With all the stress and obvious "insanity," I gave up and bought "out" our dinner the other night at Grains of Montana. It was actually quite good! I got the Mediterranian Chicken Sandwich with roasted red peppers, pesto, artichoke hearts and sun dried tomatoes! Holy yum! Definitely a good choice on my part! I even had leftovers for lunch the next day! Double score!

We also had Alan's Preschool field trip to the zoo today. Anna and I still went with the group because I was determined to keep the kids' lives normal despite "the insanity." We had a wonderful time with Alan's classmates, I loved getting to watch him interact with everyone! Anna was also quite popular, all the kids wanted to walk with her stroller and hold her hand. Made Alan very jealous actually lol! It was all fun. :) I will make a point to post in depth about his trip on Friday or next Monday. I have soooooooo many photos to share!

I just need to always remember, no matter what we stick together. We stand together through the weather, we are strong and will prevail! I love you so much Lon, Alan and Anna!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Wonderful Family Through the Years

Tomorrow is a hectic day for my family. I do not like to share super negative stuff on here, but we do have civil court with our landlord. We do not know how it will all go in the end, we can only stay positive, share our side of the story and hope for the best. I know that we are right and we will be okay no matter what. Those things are the most important to me! If you are the praying type, I am asking everyone to please pray for the judge's clarity tomorrow. Everyone else, please send us good vibes and positive energies. Being Taoist Budhist, I believe very much so in the strong power of energies, both positive and negative. Tomorrow, my family and I need all the good, positive energy we can get for this case! Thank you all so much, you know I love you guys!

Don't think I will be posting at all tomorrow, so tune in Tuesday for my Color me Rad 2013 post! I am so excited to share it with you, I had such a wonderful time and worked real hard with some great people. I love volunteering! Even if only for a run, its just such a good feeling to give to people and expect nothing back. I definitely encourage everyone to go out and volunteer sometime! Lots of places are always looking for volunteers, ask around! And check out the Color me Rad 5k if you haven't yet! Its one of the BEST, most beautiful, most inspiring runs you will ever experience! Wow! I love it more every year! Yes!

So to make up for all of this lack of posting, I will share with you my family photo timeline! Lol, not all of these are professional photos, I will have to get a few of those online before I can post something like that. And I don't seem to have very many photos of Lon and I in 2008, weird lol. Or any with his long, gorgeous, curly hair! Dang! Regardless, here ya go! Our Family through the years!

Oh I love it so much! To see how our family has grown and changed through the years! I like the change from 2011 to 2012 though, I totally didn't look pregnant at all in those Christmas photos and then BAM! Anna is in the 2012 picture lol! So awesome!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Staying Strong and Reminding Myself of All the Good in Life

Life has been good lately. This weekend is Color me Rad and I also plan on going to Wrecking Clown's Swagger Saturday workshop afterwards. I am so excited for both! Tonight I am working a birthday party for one of my former student's and their one year old brother. We should have some fun. :) Yay! The kids and I are finally getting over that creeping crud we have had all week long. And next week, I am chaperoning Alan's Preschool field trip to Zoo Montana! Things are going very well around here.

However, as we approach this court date with our landlord and things are getting more apprehensive and hectic, but I just need to remind myself of all the GOOD in our life: our amazing children are healthy and happy, we have stable jobs where people love us, our friends and family are here to support us. Things may feel like they are about to be turned upside down for us, but during the hard times we need to rememeber our family's foundation. We love each other and will always be together no matter what.

By the way, I do apologize for not fully sharing this whole court thing with you readers, but it is such a nasty sore in our life right now and as this blog is my happy forum, I refuse to share it on here. However I will share that it is only civil, nothing criminal, that we are in the right and that we have done nothing wrong. So hopefully the judge will see things the right way, we do have faith in the system. I just need to continue to stay positive and never forget the good, love and happiness that our family has in our life!

Alan has been doing great in gymnastics, it is his second year attending the Billings Gymnastics School. There are surprisingly A LOT of boys in his class! Like 4/5s of the kids! He sure enjoys it! :) His school is moving in October to a newer, nicer studio. This one supossedly has an upper AND lower viewing areas and a bunch of more space! I am so excited! Its farther away then this school but I like the new area of town better. Cannot wait, I will post photos of his first class there!

Miss Anna is growing like a weed! She shocks me everyday with new things, I love it! She wants to be just like her brother, wants to do everything that he does always and gets very upset if you don't let her lol. She is a wildfire like her Mama and her aunt, man! :) I love her so much and enjoy every second I spend with her and her big brother!

I still have my ups and downs though. Wednesday I was really struggling with everything pretty much (I have been sick lately too, which hasn't helped at all) and I found a light in the dark, in the form of the Dalai Lama's Facebook page. This is so silly, I know, but being Budhist I totally follow his page religiously. He's my little bit of Budha for the day, so to speak! :) He posted a lovely status that has become my unofficial main mantra in life as of the current. I shared it on my page and scribbled into my Tao Te Ching book for future reading. I will also share it with you, he is brilliant!

"We have a largely materialistic lifestyle characterized by a materialistic culture. However, this only provides us with temporary, sensory satisfaction, whereas long-term satisfaction is based not on the senses but on the mind. That's where real tranquility is to be found. And peace of mind turns out to be a significant factor in our physical health too." Dalai Lama, September 18, 2013

I meditated on this for a good half hour, it definitely spoke to me. For my family and for me, its yet another wake up call to stop worrying about money and this court thing so much, life will work its way out eventually. We are as prepared as we need to be for court, we need to stop worrying and continue with life. And really, what's worth stressing about it so much you can't function and begins to hurt the family dynamic? I have been allowing my anxieties to overtake me, letting them get the best of me. That needs to STOP now.

Because in the end- NO MATTER WHAT- the only people, the only thing that matters are these kids and our family. Even if everything goes sour next Monday, I will still have my children and my husband in my life. We will be okay, I refuse to believe anything else. A lot of our loved ones have stepped up in major ways lately to help us, they will not let us go under. Like I have said earlier and will probably continue to say lol, I need to remember all the good things in my life! They overcome the bad!

I love you so very much Lon, Alan and Anna.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Family Weddings, Nephew's Birth Anniversaries and Family Photos 2013

I want to give a big shoutout to my brother-in-law and my future sister-in-law! They are getting married at four at the same courthouse that Lon and I were married at. I am so happy for them! Congratulations Uncle Tyler and Aunt Sam, we love you guys so much! We wish that we could go to the ceremony, but we cannot get the time off of work to attend. However, we will all get together soon and go out to celebrate! And they are waiting until Christmas time to have their reception, so that all of the Andersen and Jacobson family will be able to attend! Huzzah guys! We love youuuuuuuuu! We wish you both nothing but love, happiness, and financial success!

Baby Benton is also two months old today! My word, I cannot believe it has already been two months! I swear just yesterday Aunt Natalie was still pregnant with him! He is getting so big too, loves sitting in his Bumbo chair because it makes him feel like a big boy (it amazes how much he is like his oldest cousin). And loves hanging out with Mom in Anna's old Moby Wrap! To hear this makes me so happy! Happy two months, Mister Benton! Auntie, Uncle, Alan and Anna love you to the moon and back!

We had our family pictures taken at Norm's Island this past Sunday. It had been over almost ten months since the last time we had family pictures done, it was last Christmas when Alan was three years oldand Anna was only five months old! Now with Alan having just turned four years old and Anna almost 15 months old, they had both grown up and changed so much! We also needed to get some four year old photos of Alan and some one year old photos of Miss Anna! A photography session was definitely needed!

I had my great friend Kelsie take our photos again. Ever since we have gone "low budget," as I like to call it lol, I have not been able to afford a professional studio photographer. However, Kelsie is building her portrait photography profile and loves the practice too. She is a wonderful family photographer as well! We have used her several times before to photograph both children and our whole family! She works great with my children, as well as my stubborn husband who hates having pictures taken lol. :) And I have always loved all of the edits she gives me! I cannot wait until she finishes her portfolio and can start her business! Kelsie, you are a fantastic portrait photographer! Thank you for always taking such cute photos!

The weather was so perfect for the photos! The light was perfect and there wasn't any flooding or big mud puddles! We got lucky! I always love going outside and into nature. Oh it was so pretty everywhere! I had to take a few pictures of the nature myself lol!

Counterclockwise 1. I love all the brown in this spot! We had to stand on the trail for the photo though, because of the bristles. :/ Gah! It would have been perfect! 2. Love this spot because there are enough trees close together, that I can come out here and "pretend" that this is the forest so I can chill out and be one. Its nice to get out of the city, it can make me anxious sometimes. 3. I fell in love with this hollowed out tree! I am so weird but I just had to take a pic of it lol!

I mean, look at this view!! Here was the site of many of our photos! That view and the perfectly placed log! I love nature and I LOVE my Big Sky!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the session! I love the ones of each of my kiddos! Alan looks soooooo big, it could be his school photo lol! Beautiful job, Kelsie! And that picture of Anna and I is just as cute! It was so hard to get a good one of her, but I am so pleased with this picture! Once again, great job Kelsie!

I cannot wait to get the hard copies of all of these photos! I know which ones I want in 11x14s lol!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Anna Ariel: Fourteen Months Old

Miss Anna has grown up so much this past month! Its crazy! She is such a big girl now, she walks and talks just like her big brother... we are in so much trouble lol! Mister Benton will be two months in a week too! How crazy fast they are growing!

At fourteen months, Anna Ariel:

*Weighs 21 pounds and is approximetly 28 inches long (I will get her exact height at her doctor's appointment next month, but her weight is accurate from her last appointment)

*Wears Size 12M in onesies, skirts and shorts but can still fit in some 9M shorts and skirts. For diapers, she still is in Size 3.

*Has shoulder length, red ish auburn colored hair with two big red streaks across the top. I love her bright orange hair!

*Has blue ish hazel colored eyes with a yellow ring around the edge. Her eyes are a perfect combination of Lon's and mine!

*Still only has the two teeth. Man, these teeth are a pain! She has been actively teething for months now and with nothing to show from it. Poor girl!

*Eats everything that we do. She has the same breakfast as we do, same lunch as we do and the same dinner as we do. She will even have the same kinds of snacks! Grocery shopping has gotten a lot easier for me now lol!

*Has been nursing for fourteen months now, although this may be her last month. She is down to only wanting to nurse at night before bed. She will nurse for a half hour or longer and its been our major bonding period as of late. I will definitely miss it when its gone.

*Has grown up so much this past month! She is now walking EVERYWHERE and talks all the time. She has also started trying to climb everything and has really wanted to be able to jump too. She will bounce her knees over and over again, trying to get a big jump out of them. Silly girl! She is a big toddler girl now though!

*Still sleeps through night pretty consistently, although nap times are not so well. She will usually sleep from 8 pm to around 8 or 9 in the morning. But for naps, she will usually only sleep for about an hour in the day. Blah, hope she's not done with naps by 18 months like her brother was!

*Can say, "Mama, Dada, BruhBruh (Alan), Bobba (Bottle), No, Yeah, Eat, Hi, ByeBye, Boo, April, Gramma, Papa, GumGum (Thank You) and What"

*Likes dancing, baby dolls, bows, flowers, Princess Sophia, Abby Cadabby, shopping, her Aunts, playing in the park, puppies, the color pink and purple, her brother, and being a big kid!

Happy fourteen months Anna Ariel!

Mama, Daddy and Alan all love you more then you will ever know! Here's to many more months and years together! Yay big girl! :) We have had a pretty slow week this week but we are preparing to move again! And this weekend we will be getting family photos done. Tune in on Monday to see all of them! Its been over a year since we have had our last ones! Anna was only a month old! Gah, I am so behind!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Even the Storm of the Year Couldn't Rain on Alan's Birthday Party!!

We had an awful thunderstorm Saturday night. Heavy rain and hail, high winds, flash flooding and rolling black outs. We had no power for over seven hours that night, but we fared off WAY better then others in Billings. I have a friend who's basement flooded 8 feet, leaving only the top two feet of the ceiling exposed! Others had stuff blown away and destroyed, and there are tree branches all over!
I had planned on getting all of the party stuff together Saturday, but the power outages didn't allow that. So I was scrambling Sunday morning, trying to get everything set up! Only a few hours before his party, flash flood and thunderstorm warnings were issued for our area. Guests were dropping from the party like flies. We cancelled the Water Gun Fight and planned to do a pinata that the kids could fight lol. But I was still worried about how it all would go. Let me tell you, it went great!

Here are all the pinata photos! Sorry I will warn everyone now, this post will be a photo dump lol. But all the kids are cute at least!

We had only light finger foods for the party, but they were perfect for the young kids! We had cupcakes for dessert, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Spiderman ones. Even red velvet mini cupcakes for the adults! I was pretty happy with our food choices lol, I think everyone else also enjoyed them as well.

Anna running away from the party lol. She was everywhere!

I think Alan just loved it when we all got together around him and sang him "Happy Birthday". He had a HUGE smile on his face the whole time. He didn't eat much of his cupcake, I think he was too interested in playing with all of his friends. Oh well, he will still have some leftovers to enjoy all week! Silly boy!

Anna even enjoyed big brother's cupcakes! She got real messy lol!

Alan also got so many great gifts from everyone! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family! You all spoiled him! Thank you guys, he didn't need all of these awesome toys (we don't have the room for the ones we have now lol) but we sure do appreciate them! You guys are the best! Grandma Melanie and Grandpa Kevin even bought him a SuperMan costume for the party and to add to his costume box at home. Too cool!

A big thank you to everyone who made Alan's party special! You are all so amazing! Aunt April made his decorations cute, Grandma Melanie and Grandpa Kevin helped make the food and cupcakes fabulous, Daddy helped with the pinata and ran the game, the superhero costumes were all SO CUTE, and the gifts were so great. Thanks everyone! We love you so much! Here is a photo of all of the SuperKids who attended the party! And look at that, three tries and I got ALL of them looking at me! Big mommy score!!

I am a little behind on posting it, but tune in tomorrow for Anna's fourteenth month post. She keeps growing like mad too! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! :)