Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Alan's First Day of Preschool

All my worrying was for nothing! Alan did so great at Preschool today, even his teachers were proud of him! Good job, big boy! You make Mama and Daddy so proud!

He has two great teachers, Miss Davis and Miss Brandi! There are 13 other students in his class, some from daycare thankfully! Alan made a lot of great friends right off the bat, I was so happy! He didn't even need me there, shooed me away when I tried to show him the bathrooms and say goodbye. Silly guy! I guess he was really ready to start learning. I will admit that I was an emotional mess, as predicted lol. But I survived. :) And he did so great in class!

Alan posing for his first First Day of School photo. He wasn't too into it, clearly from the expression on his face lol!

Alan posing by the area where his backpack hangs for preschool. He was so excited!

Tune in tomorrow to see how Alan's first day of Hip Hop class goes! I am so excited for him to meet new students and be inspired by dance like his mommy and aunt! I can't wait! Before you know it, he'll be on So You Think You Can Dance performing with Jasmine Harper! Lol, just joking but I still am glad he is choosing the same passion his family enjoys!

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