Friday, September 27, 2013

Alan's Preschool Zoo Field Trip

The day after our court date was Alan's first ever Preschool Field Trip. We have been trying our hardest to not change the kids' schedules or lifestyles because of our current situation, so even though we should have all been moving Anna and I went with Alan's class so that I could help chaperone. They were going to Zoo Montana to explore the zoo and see all the B's (since its their letter of the week lol) that they could find! We saw Birds and Bears and Bunnies and Bobcats and B
ugs! All the kids had a fantastic time, including Alan and Anna!

I am pretty busy today and don't have a lot of time to write a long post, so I will leave you with a photo dump lol! Enjoy!

Farmer Alan at Zoo Montana

My favorite photo from the whole trip! Alan holding hands with two of his friends! So sweet!

We tried to get a class photo lol... Keyword: Tried.

We only had two kiddo crashes the whole trip and only needed one bandaid thankfully! I'd call that a fantastic trip! They students also enjoyed being out in nature and meeting all of the animals. It was nice and cool out, so the animals were lively and happy too. The bears even played around for us! I definitely think it was a successful trip! Thank you Miss Davis and Miss Brandi for letting me help chaperone! 

Tune in tomorrow to see how my weekend went! I had training for Dance and Gymnastics with two absolutely AMAZING people! Miss Kacey, the USA Gymnastics board member and head of the gymnastics program in YMCA Toledo, Ohio and Mister Kevin Frey, dance choreographer and back-up dancer for Lady Gaga (you can see him perform in her "Appaulse" music video or at the 2013 VMAs) both flew down to train me and a few select others. I have never felt so special!

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