Saturday, February 15, 2014

Alan's Valentine's Preschool Party

Alan had a wonderful time at his preschool party! He really enjoys preschool and loves every holiday party they have. He had been talking about his Valentine party since he had woken up that morning!

He picked out Spiderman Valentine's for his classmates and Snoopy cards for his two teachers. I was so proud that he wanted to write the names on each card. At first he just wanted to try writing his own name but after he realized that I would help him too, he wanted to write them all! He did pretty good, although I do have to admit that a few of them were kinda hard to read afterward lol. I am still one proud mama!

Anna and I joined in for the beginning festivities at the party. We helped put the Valentines in each bag. They had decorated their bags as heart people. They were all so cute! Then the students colored two Valentines for their parents. Anna colored as well, she loves being a big kid too!

Here are a few more pictures from Alan's party. We all had a blast! Even Miss Anna didn't want to leave! We cannot wait until our next preschool party with Alan!

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day with your children?

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