Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gymnastics and Basketball, Just the Beginning of Our Weekend

So I totally hate doing this, hate starting blog posts with something negative. But I just honestly want to get it out of the way lol! We didn't get the condo we so badly wanted. It was because of my horrible awful credit, blah. Oh well, moving on and back to square one. We saw a place that was small but decent enough for our situation right now. I hate "settling" for things but we applied for it this afternoon. I mean, I wouldn't hate living there. It just has very little privacy and is quite small. But if we get it, I will be happy. So everyone keep up the good work! We love all the positive energy and well wishes! We will be together once again!

Be prepared for a long post and a photo dump. We had a busy weekend despite the fact that it snowed and practically blizzarded all weekend! It was cold again but that didn't stop my kids from having major cabin fever! That Anna is a wild, rambuncious child lately and I am now confident that she will have just as much energy as her brother does lol! She is crazy! With my last gymnastics class and Alan's last basketball game on Saturday and then Teagan's birthday and a house viewing on Sunday. The kids were quite tuckered out by the end of both days! It was a good weekend though, and here's to getting a new house this upcoming week!

I had my last tumble bears gymnastics class for the session on Saturday. The three little girls in my class did a wonderful job demonstrating the skill list for their level. I ended up passing all three of them onto Tumble 1 when they turn five years old. I am so proud of them and I hope that they continue in a gymnastics program throughout life! Gymnastics is so good for the body, mind and soul! Here are my fantastic gymnasts and I that morning:

Alan also had his last basketball practice and game of the season on Saturday. He was on Team Red this week, with his good friends Gavin and Aiden! Alan only shot one basket the whole game, but he definitely played some good defense. He also made sure to have lots of fun! I am very proud of my little BBaller! Go Team Red!

Yellow last week? Red this week? Whateva!

He played against some friends (That are girls, not girlfriends lol! Do you have to remind your preschooler of this????) from Child Watch on Team Yellow. I think a few times he forgot he was playing in a game and started chatting with one of them a few times, or even started swinging his arms and playing with his jersey while he was supposed to be open for a pass lol! Oh the joys of being young! :) He still has so many years before playing the game correctly actually matters, this is all about fun. They barely even dribble during the games. Its just good times for the young kids, helping them decide what sport they want to commit to when they are older. I love it!

So I was trying to keep up with the fast pace of the game but it was hard with my slow camera. I would usually get blurried figures or miss the action shot entirely. I was starting to get frustrated, starting to regret forgetting my Nikon camera I had left at home (darn!) but then I took this shot:

It is so cool looking! It reminds me of one of those new age action sports shots you see everywhere these days! Or maybe not fully lol, but you get the idea right? I think it looks so cool! Alan is in the center of it, with everyone all blurred around him. So awesome! I was quite proud of my photography skills for that blurry shot! Yay!

They did a great job the whole season! Alan especially, he had barely known anything about how to play baskteball when he started and now he knows quite a bit! They all did so well! We are all very proud of the whole group! Here is the group photo from that day, its only missing a few kids from the whole team that were not there on the last day. This is the best group pic I have from the collection of pics I took lol. Its so hard to get a wiggly group of kids THAT age to all look at the camera at once. Any photographer can tell you that. This one is my best, even though Alan has his tongue stuck out and Aiden is making a face as well. But most are looking at us! I'll take it!

Instead of getting jerseys this session like they usually do, the Y gave out preschooler sized basketballs. Each teammate received one with their name on it and a certificate for being on the team. Alan was shy while posing with his new basketball for some reason, but I am excited. It will get lots of use when we find a new house! Daddy cannot wait to start tossing a baseball around or shoot hoops with Alan! He has been waiting to do that since Alan was born lol! Now that Alan is also interested in sports, Lon just is full of happiness and bliss. He always wanted a boy. :)

I will continue with our weekend on tomorrow's post. It is getting late in the evening and its time for me to start preparing dinner. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

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