Thursday, February 6, 2014

Future Gymnastic Olypians!!

With the Winter Olympics starting this week, I just thought that I would update everyone on my little gymnast Olympians! Anna started gymnastics with Mommy last week, I was so proud! I haven't had the chance to take a SINGLE photo of the class lol. Our first class together, Anna was overwhelmed by all the different things and the huge-ness of the gymnasium. She wanted to join in with the older class and never wanted to participate in what her class was currently participating in. However this week, she did so much better! She loved class and participated in everything! I was so happy for her!

It has been artic weather here in Billings this week, highs of -5 degrees lol. Its supposed to be even colded later on this week! We have been stuck inside, its by far too cold for little toddlers to be playing outside. It seems to be the perfect weather for our little snow puppy Alan lol. He just wants to play in the snow all the time! Every time I am outside Alan is jumping in the snow drifts or running around, throwing snow lol! He's wild! :) Too keep him entertained, we have been baking up a storm! Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, Snickerdoodle cookies... Alan enjoys baking as much as the snow I think!

Miss Anna turns 19 months this week as well. She has grown up so much this past month, I cannot believe how much of a little girl she is now! I am pretty sure that her vocabulary doubled! She has figured out how to do a forward roll on her own and always wants to do them now! She has a new found interest in drawing too, she is always wanting a pencil to draw or write. I just cannot believe she is already so old! Here soon we will be planning her second birthday party! How crazy is that to think about?

Model diva status at 18 months old

They had a bouncy house at Alan's gymnastics class earlier this week! He thought that was the coolest! This week and next week's theme for his class is the Olympics. I think that's pretty cool lol! Alan also has his next "Look What I Can Do" at the end of this month. I am so excited to see all that he has learned! This is his last year in this age group's Gym Kids! Next year he will go to the 5/6 Gym Kids! Yay! So proud of my little Olympian! :P

I hope to watch at least some of the Olympics this year. I really enjoy watching Figure Skating, I would probably say that its my favorite sport event in the Winter Olympics. My favorite Summer Olympic sport event has to be gymnastics , of course, with synchronized swimming in a close second. :) See the similarity? I am quite excited to see what the Olympic skaters have have in store for us this year! I do enjoy the other sport events too, I hope that the kids and I get to watch a lot of the Olympics this year. Go Team America!

Will you be watching the Winter Olympics this year? What is your favorite sport?

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