Monday, February 24, 2014

Teagan's Fourth Birthday Party

We are getting record breaking snow here in Montana this week. It has been snowing non-stop since yesterday! Its really thick and wet but very pretty! Driving in all the snow is just awful, so we have been hunkering down at Lon's parent's house to keep warm and all together. But yesterday, we venutred outside for two things: Teagan's birthday party and a home viewing. It was definitely worth it, we applied for the house and will find out in the next few days if we are accepted! Its small and a lot less private then we had originally wanted, but it will definitely work for this family.

Its a small two bedroom guest sized house behind the landlord's house. There's a apartment sized washer and dryer installed, plus an adorable cabinet for dishes in the dining room. No basement or garage and a small side yard, but its a house and its enough for us right now. We would be happy if we were accepted, it would still mean that we are back together. And at this point, that's all I really want. Here's hoping we get it and can move later this week!

Teagan's party was a blast, I am so glad we were able to go! We haven't seen the Skaggs family in almost a year, its crazy! Sometimes life gets so hectic and we aren't able to consistently see our loved ones, it is always wonderful when we do get together. We really missed them, Alan especially! He was the birthday girl's shadow for the whole party lol! It was so cute!

This is what they both gave me when I told them to pose for the photo lol... You can almost FEEL how excited they are!

Okay, this is a little better, smile Teags!

BGS recently bought a new bouncy house for their classes. Its so much cooler then the normal bouncy houses! This one has a basketball hoop inside, as well as a rock climbing wall and a slide! For the birthday party, the bouncy house was set up right in front of the foam pit. So the kids could go down the slide and right into the pit. This was the highlight of the whole party lol, it was so popular with all the kids! Alan and Teagan went through it so many times, I couldn't get them to stop for a photo. However, Anna and Harper weren't able to climb the wall like the bigger kids could, so I was able to snap a few pictures of her. She loved the bouncy house and kept squealing with delight! It was not as fun trying to get her out of it when it was time for cake lol. Glad no one took any photos of that. :/ She didn't want to leave!

It was a wonderful birthday, I am so glad we were invited! The kids had a blast, I was able to see some good family friends and have some much wanted "Mama Time" and we were able to celebrate a very special little girl's birthday. Happy birthday Miss Teagan! We love you so much! We will definitely have to start doing playdates again when we get our new place!

We will be living at the BGS this week too lol, with Alan's gymnastics showcase tomorrow and Anna's class on Tuesday. Oh well, its a good thing we love the place! :)

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