Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exciting News!

I have just been terrible about blogging lately! I am so sorry guys! We have been trying to find a new house this week. We have looked at several places and found one that is right for us! We applied for it on Wednesday and will find out if we get it by Friday! I am so excited! This means that we could be moving into a new place by THIS WEEKEND!!! Please give us all good energy and positive prayers! We need all the good juju we can get! We desperately need our family whole again!

Alan had his second to last basketball game this weekend. He has one more this Saturday and then will be done with basketball for the year. He starts soccer in March. :) Alan was on Team Yellow this week. He played really well! I had to help him remember to guard the offense and to pass the ball when it was his turn, he still did a wonderful job! I am very proud of him and cannot wait until next week!

A coach and team meeting before the game begins

Take the shot Alan, take the shot! :D

I am also proud to say that I was successful in taking a few more pictures of Anna's gymnastics class this week. We had to leave a little early to view a house, but I did manage to take a couple pictures of their stretching time with the foam blocks. Anna and I have both been loving our class together. Not only is it our special Mama and Daughter time together, but she loves participating in all the activities now. It makes her feel like a big girl and she loves it! I love watching her develop and grow with each gymnastics milestone. And I am in a different perspective then usual again as a parent instead of a teacher. Although I do enjoy being a teacher, being a parent is even better! :)

Anna "sleeping" on the foam cube

"Put the cube on your head now!"

Open Gym also resumed this week. Anna was quite excited for that too. She was all over that gym on Thursday, playing with the balls and on the trampoline and going down the zipline and on the balance beam. Up and down and over and under everything! She had a blast! I was able to only get a few pictures of her. She is a blur lately!

Silly faces at Open Gym

We will be going to the library tomorrow too. The kids are excited to go again, with everyone sick last week we didn't get to enjoy it that much. They will be happy to spend some time there and enhoy, instead of get-in-and-get-out like we did last time. I also decided to start picking out a book for each of the kids myself. One that they may not necessarily pick themselves but one that they would enjoy regardless. That way they can expand their reading knowledge even more. I will start doing this tomorrow probably.

Wish us luck that we get this place! It is so right for us and there shouldn't be any reason we won't get it! I will keep you all updated next week!

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