Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Living at the BGS

Today is Karter's birthday! Happy birthday little man! We love you so much! We will be going to his party later today at his house. Alan is so excited and has been talking about it almost non-stop! He can't wait to see Kelton and to celebrate with everyone. I am also pretty excited to see all of our family friends. Yay! Its also my bestie Melissa's birthday today. She lives in California right now and is very close to having her baby girl! Love you Melly Mel! Happy birthday babe! Hope its the best yet!

Still waiting to hear back from the landlord of that house. Hopefully she will get back to us by today! We are also talking about something WAY BIG for our family in the near future. I am quite excited about the whole situation and a little nervous. It will be a big step for Lon and I as adults, something we have never done before. I will let you know more details as more things are finalized. Just be on the lookout for our big news! And give us lots of good energy so that we are successful in our new journey!

We have practically been LIVING at the Billings Gymnastics School this week! We have been there everyday so far since Sunday. Its crazy! Thankfully, we are able to take a break from it today. This gymnastics mama is a little exhausted from all the driving back and forth lol!

Alan had his gymnastics showcase on Monday. He did so well! Lon was able to come again, Alan was so excited that he was able to! He showed four new skills to us: the tripod, the V sit, the Over the Hill on the bar and the backwards roll. Alan demonstrated all of these very well, the only one he struggled with was the V sit. However that's to be expected with preschoolers, the V sit requires a lot of core strength, something that kids that age don't have.

Anna and Daddy, how they watched the showcase together.

His best skill was definitely the Over the Hill on the single bar! We may have a future bar gymnast on our hands! He is really good on the single bar! Who knows, he may be rocking the uneven bars when he is on the Boys Team! That would be awesome! I will post the actual videos when I get onto the computer next. He did very well!

So here is just one of the many examples of how awesome of a dad Lon is: Anna really wanted to participate in the showcase, she was quite upset that we made her sit with the audience. I mean, how dare we do that to her lol! So Lon decided that he would stand off to the side of the room with her to watch. He stood there with her the whole time, so she wouldn't disturb the other parents. Lon is just awesome like that. :) He literally watched the whole thing while keeping Anna entertained. Thanks babe!

Alan and Lon after the showcase. Look at that proud Daddy!

Yesterday, Anna had her gymnastics class while Alan was at preschool. We had a lot of fun and once again I was able to snap a picture of her playing. I apparently will just be taking one photo a class lol, because that's all I have been doing. But I love this picture, she looks so gorgeous and perfect. My little 90's doll, she is so cute! We had a good time in class, but it took a lot of convincing on my behalf to get Anna to stay all the way until the end. She doesn't necessarily like the foam pit and they always play in the pit at the end of class. I think she thought we would leave early like we did last week lol. We ended up staying though! For a cute little monkey stamp. :)

Tonight is my Thriller performance with my hip hop kids. I am pretty excited, its my fifth Thriller performance so far! It should be the best yet! Tune in tomorrow to see how it all went!

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