Thursday, February 27, 2014

THRILLER!!!! Thriller Night! :D

My hip hop students performed Thriller last night. This was my fifth Thriller performance with the YMCA and the biggest performance thus far. We didn't end having every kid in class there, but we did have ELEVEN students that performed! They did so darn well, I am so proud of them! Only a few were nervous this time around but every single one of them did there best. They sure had one spooky show!

I didn't get a video of the performance this time, the dance dad I asked to film for me somehow only filmed me talking at the beginning lol. Blahblah, you guys don't want to see THAT lol!! He did however, get a ton of really cool action shots for me! Thanks Dance Dad! You did great! :) Here are some of the photos from the performance. I did post some of my Instagram photos too (like I always do) because I really like how the filters looked with my monsters! Very cool indeed! Enjoy!

The spooooooky beginning pose

I did perform with them, as I usually do. I dressed in my original spooky teacher outfit, in all black and with my long hair in a bun on top of my head. I looked pretty awesome, I think lol! My students and fellow performers were impressed with my costume!

The dead and the monsters rising!

Attack! Attack!

I should note that my Thriller dance is based off of the music video's choreography, with obviously all of the pelvic and hip thrusts taken out lol. But I left in a lot of the key famous moves, like the monster walk. I enjoy teaching the Thriller choreography to students, along with the Moonwalk Move, not only because they are cool playground tricks (things kids do to show off on the playground basically, its a term one of my favorite teacher uses) but because they are monumental moments in the dance world. Michael Jackson was an amazing singer, but he was an even better dancer and performer. He was phenomenal on stage and has done some big things for the dance world. I don't know why I haven't ever mentioned that in my previous Thriller posts, but it is very important to me and I share it every session when we start popping and locking.

Monsters marching it out, Thriller style!

I am also proud to say that I received wonderful, raving reviews from the audience and some of the dance parents. They loved it! We had our biggest performance with our biggest audience and we had fantastic reviews! That means I have some pretty solid hip hop dancers! I am one proud teacher here! Congratulations kiddos! You are all masters of playing a character and of performing! Bravo, bravo!

Freestyling monsters! Get it guys!!

We took several group photos too, and then I took individuals with each student. I love all of my students! They are all so awesome! Thanks for being a part of my hip hop class and my crew! You are all going to great things when you grow up, I just know it! And always, with some style and some sass, taught to you by the one and only! :D This is why I love teaching! Right here!

My family is leaving town tomorrow for the season's first dance competition. I am so excited for April, but really wish it was here in town. The roads are just awful and it doesn't want to stop snowing anytime soon. Plus, she has ten dances total, I would love to see all of them and how they turned out (most I have only seen the rehearsals of or just the broken choreography for) and I need to be her support. Its a lot harder to nuture a stressing performer through texts messages across the state. We can just hope that it will be enough. Good luck Aunt April and Diversity Dance! We know you are all amazing! Make us proud!

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