Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our Valentine's Date

My mother is the best! She stayed home and made my dad a nice dinner with our kids on Valentine's Day, so that Lon and I could go out to eat. She is so awesome! Thanks mom! Dinner was the perfect ending to our awesome week!

We decided to go to Outback Steakhouse, instead of go somewhere wild. By the time we had decided where to go, it was so late! But it was a good decision going there, we definitely didn't regret it! The food there was just amazing! And our waiter was wonderful, even though it was really busy from the holiday, he was very helpful and attentitive to us. We tipped him real good because he definitely deserved it!

Lon with one of his drinks and his porterhouse steak

We had a blooming onion and french onion soup for our appetizer. They were both so perfect! The onion had that right zesty taste with its chipolte dip! And the french onion soup was too die for! It has a cheesy crouton top that was divine and the onion chunks! Wow!

For dinner, Lon had the porterhouse steak with a baked potato. I had the grilled salmon with shrimp and green beans. We shared our meal with each other and honestly, I don't know which one was better! My salmon was sooooooo good, I have been waiting forever to have salmon! But Lon's porterhouse was also so juicy and delicious. He ordered it medium rare, just the way I like it. Yum! They definitely know how to cook their steak at Outback lol. :)

I am reminded during times like these how lucky we are to be able to do things like this. We may not have everything, but we do have family members who are willing to watch our kids so that we can go out to eat. And we have each other on Valentine's Day, which not all couples have that. There are lots of things to be thankful for on this holiday. I love you Lon!

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