Friday, February 7, 2014

Anna Ariel: 19 Months Old

We didn't end up doing too much this week, the kids were sick most of the week and today I have been quite ill myself. Plus with our blizzarding weather outside, it doesn't make for a good recipe for sick kids. The kids went to their gymnastics classes this week, but I unfortunately had to cancel our playdate with Kelton and Karter to the library. Hopefully we all get better soon, next week is Valentine's Day!

Anna is another month old... I swear this month she has grown up so much! I look at 2 year olds in daycare and she acts just like them. She talks so much more now and you can understand almost everything she says now. Her vocabulary has quadrupled in the past month! Its crazy to me! :D Only five more months until she is two years old! Wow! Miss Anna is still recovering from her croup and her teething, but she thankfully never caught the stomach bug that wreaked havoc on our house this week.

At nineteen months, Anna Ariel:

*weighs approximetly 24 1/2 pounds and is approximetly 32 inches tall.

*is mostly in size 24M or 2T for her clothing now. She has some 18M pants that are still long on her but her belly has started showing in her 18M shirts lol. She is still in size 4 for her diapers and size 6 for her shoes.

*has auburn colored hair with some streaks of red ish orange in it. Her hair is so long now, it goes past her shoulder blades!

*has quite hazel eyes with a little bit of blue in them. They are looking more and more like Daddy's eyes each day!

*has a total of seven teeth now and several more that are popping up too! She has been a teething monster lately!

*is a big kid eater now! Now that she has lots of teeth, we have started giving her a little bit bigger bites of food. She loves to use all those teeth to chew! Her favorite foods are spaghetti, hot dogs, fruits, macaroni and cheese, and smoothies.

*started gymnastics this month. We have another gymnast in the family now, just in time for the Winter Olympics lol! She has also quadrupled her vocabulary too. She is so smart! She has started learning her animal voices as well. Anna also has a newly developed love for reading and books and the library. She has always enjoyed books but would tire from them quickly. Now she will sit and look through several books from cover to cover! Being a book reader myself, I very happy about this! Miss Anna really wants to learn how to jump too. She will bounce really quickly and try to take off lol! She'll definitely get there soon! So many new milestones this month!

*still is sleeping pretty consistently through the night. She was sick this past week, which definitely messed with her sleeping some. Now that she can breathe clearly and her cough is gone, she is sleeping much better again. I did have a scare though earlier when I thought she was going to give up naps. She fought those too while she was sick but is back to taking naps again. Hooray!

*quadrupled her vocabulary this month, like I mentioned above in her milestones. I can even put down on the words she says now! Its probably 30-40 words at this point!

*her scar is fading some. I have started using Vaseline and Mederma for kids on it, plus keeping it mosturized with Vitamin E lotions. I have faith that by the time she is a teenager, it will be nothing but a light little line by her eye and a bad memory in our minds. I have a friend who's daughter had to undergo heart surgery as an infant. She is Alan's age now and the scar is hardly visible! So grateful for the phenomenal healing nature of our body and our skin!

*likes puppies and kitties, her family, the color pink and purple, Princess Sofia, gymnastics, playing with her big brother, singing, reading books and the library, Abby Cadabby, Elmo, dancing with Aunt April and Mama, skirts and dresses she can spin in and anything her brother has! She is such a big girl now!

Happy nineteen months Anna Ariel! You are getting closer each day to being two! We cannot believe how fast you are growing up and how beautiful your personality has become! We cannot wait to see you turn into a wonderful young lady. :) Love you endlessly, sweet princess!

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