Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Keeping Busy in the Family

We are finally all starting to feel human again! After a week of everyone getting sick and passing it around and around the household, we have finally gotten better! Whooo! This week we started going and doing stuff again. The kids were super antzy, even though they hadn't been feeling well, they had Cabin Fever baaaad. :) I took them to the library on Monday to renew my Frida book. Tuesday, Anna had her third gymnastics class while Alan was in preschool.And the end of the week is Valentine's Day with all of its fesitivities. What a week!

The kids always enjoy going to the library. We have made it into a weekly thing now and they love it. I love taking pictures of them at the library apparently too! I guess this post has the potential to become a photo dump lol! :P We played in the play area for sometime before picking out several Snoopy books for Alan. Anna chose a book about Spot the dog and one about Arthur babysitting. I need to finish my Frida biography and my VC Andrews book and write reviews before I get anymore lol!

Reflections with Anna at the library

Alan trying to climb! Crazy boy!

"The wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish..."

I also finally took some pictures of Anna in her gymnastics class lol. Some? I mean one lol. With the class being a Parent Child class, its so hard to find time to take a picture. I am just as active and busy as Anna is during the class! Its crazy! We love it though. She participates in everything now, except for the foam pits. She is still scared of the foam pit a little bit and will only sit outside of the pit and stack the foam blocks lol. But here she is, popping bubbles with her classmates. She loves bubbles and they do bubbles at the beginning of every class.

Unfortunately because of the holiday, Open Gym isn't open this week. Anna only has one day of gymnastics, which makes me kinda sad. But I don't think it bothers her honestly. She will enjoy Alan's Valentines Preschool Party with us instead. :)

What our YOUR plans for the upcoming holiday?

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