Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Guess My Halloween Costume Clue #5

Happy Halloween! I wanted to give a shout out to one of my mama friends Chelsea- Monday she shared a link of my Color me Rad post on her Facebook page! Love it, thanks girl! I love when my readers share my blog! We are mid move and busy with Healthy Halloween and the Candy Run today, so I will not be posting much. I will post about our many Hallween events on Friday! And hopefully after the weekend, our new place will be mostly unpacked so I can do a post on it! Yay! i also have yet to post about Cordelia's birthday party too! Ahhhh, I am getting so behind! Bare with me, beloved readers, I will be back after the move! It just feels close to impossible moving with two children- one a nursing newborn- and in this weather. Gah! We are getting there though! Here is the final clue for Alan and Anna's costumes this year. For the first four clues, check here, here, here and here! Comment on this post on any of the others what your guess is! The contest ends tonight at midnight! I will post the results tomorrow morning. Here are the last clues.

For Alan
Clue #5: He is a member of the superhero team the Avengers.

For Anna
Clue #5: They are often a good substitute for cake at a birthday party.

At the cornmaze, October 2010

Monday, October 29, 2012

Color me Rad 2012

I have had my internet turned off for a week and we are preparing to move today hopefully. Not too much happened last week except for Anna's friend Cordelia's first birthday party on Thursday and Color me Rad on Saturday. I will post about Cordelia's party later this week when I get the pictures from it. But I just HAVE to post about Color me Rad. Because it was simply AMAZING!!

I ended up not running Color me Rad but working it. I was able to work as a color bomber and let me tell you, I think I had more fun than the runners! I was put in charge of eleven other people, we were the Blue Crew! It was the best group of people ever! We had so much fun! I do not even know how to explain to you the awesomeness that is Color me Rad but I once again have more awesome pictures to show you! And I am in some too! :)

The before picture... Yes we rode in the back of a Uhaul to get to our stations

I wanted my shoes to be color blasted too
Part of my crew

I was hoping to meet up with some friends and a few relatives but I only ended up seeing my friend Kelsie and her sister in law DesiRae. Everyone else somehow passed by in all the color and love and fun and chaos. I probably pelted them with some blue and did not even realize it! At certain points it was a big cloud of blue! Which is why I got fully covered! :) Still to this day (now three days after) I have blue stains! And I have showered daily! Wow!

I just have to rave some about this race, it was the thing I really needed. I had so much fun there, it was crazy. There was so much color and love and beauty all around, it made me want to cry with happiness.  I met some fantastic people and made some great relationships. This was the WOW that I truly needed. The happy moment just for me and no one else. As a mother, I do not do that too much these days. And I should start more often. This was the reminder that I need to be happy for ME and not just everyone else.

All I have left to say is, I cannot wait until they come again next year!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I want this...

Being Buddhist, I am usually not a materialistic person. I do not usually desire materials, only love and positive energies. But I do find myself occasionly getting hooked on specific materials with sentimental values. Like photographs, certain baby things, and other memiors. Well, I have this new blog that I am just OBSESSED with. Like seriously obsessed, I check it at least once a day (lately twice a day because she is pregnant) to see what she writes. I just love her, she is so much like me! Her name is Melody, which I love and is pretty close to my mom's name Melanie. Anyways, Miss Melody has an etsy shop where she sells jewelry, adorable scarfs and motivational quote paintings. Yesterday she posted about a sale where the first ten buyers get a piece of nest jewelry for free.

Of course, I missed the sale lol. But I looked at this jewelry, read the background story to it and I'm pretty much obsessed with them too. Yeah she's pretty amazing, like I said!

Here is the beautiful gal herself posing with the nest necklace
The best part about these? She will custom make yours with however many eggs you want (to represent your children) and will change the colors (for genders, reference to miscarriages, etc). I sooooooo want to get one with three eggs and the top one a light blue pearl. I think I might get this for myself for Mother's Day this year. Because I am just in love!

Do you want to know why I am so obsessed about these nest necklaces?

I have a tattoo of a purple sparrow on the left side of my upper chest. Its flying away from where the necklace would settle on my neck, looking like a Mama Bird flying away from her nest! Oh my goodness it will be so cool looking and it will represent my three wonderful children. Oh I have to get it!

For those of you wanting one yourself, here is a link to her esty shop. She also has some too cute scarf cowls that I love as well! And the inspirational paintings are beautiful! Check it out!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Book Review: The Hunger Games

Saturday's birthday party was fun. Unfortunately, the kids were not able to come. Alan woke up this morning saying that his throat and tummy hurt. He had a low grade fever and threw up a little too. So we kept him at home with Lon. But the party was really cool! It was for my co-worker's 3 year old daughter and 6 year old son. The party was Star Wars and Dora the Explorer themed. They had several life size cardboard cut outs too! The kids all had a blast, I wish Alan was able to go! Oh well, there's always next year! I finished my book last night! Lon went over to his friend Jason's house for a bit and both kids were in bed, so I sat down and read the last few pages I had been procrastinating. I am sure glad I did too! What a book! I loved it and cannot wait to read the next one!

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games takes place supposedly in the future, in a desolate apocolyptic United States now known as Panem. Originally thirteen districts and now only twelve, the population of Panem is in ruins. Which is in great contrast to the Capitol, where luxury and decadence are an everyday thing. Every year, the Hunger Games is held. One boy and one girl chosen from each district to fight to the death. Every child is to put their name at least once into this evil draft, more times if you are poor and need food. Our main character, Katniss, lives with her mother and her sister in the poorest part of the Twelfth District known as the Seam. Her father died in the local mines when she was young and she was put in charge of her family's well being. She learned to hunt and gather, to survive. Fast forward to the present- the Hunger Games drawing known as the Reaping, is being held. Katniss' sister, Primrose, is picked as tribute. Katniss takes her place as tribute and is taken to the Capitol for the actual games, thus beginning a whirlwind of training, interviews and testing by the Gamemakers for sponsorship. Katniss is paired up with the other District tribute, Peeta, and they are portrayed as a couple. Then the Hunger Games begins. Katniss knows that she is outnumbered and that a lot of the other tributes are a lot stronger than her. Several of the tributes have been training for this since birth. Katniss only has her hunting skills and her survival skills but she uses them to her advantage. Using her survival techniques and basic camouflage, she out lasts over half of the tributes before actually needing to come into the actual games. After narrowly avoiding a forest fire, fighting with some of the more difficult tributes and even hallucinating from horrid bee stings, Katniss thinks she is prepared for anything. But nothing can prepare her for what the Gamemakers have in store for her.

I could most relate with Katniss throughout the book. She is a strong girl who primarily takes care of her family. She hunts for their food and cares for her little sister, Primrose, like she is her own. I used to help take care of Aunt April and Uncle Kalvin when I lived with my parents, I know what kind of task it is. It is a very hard thing to do (and I cannot imagine how hard it was for Katniss) but it creates a deep  bond and love for the other sibling. I feel like I am so close with my siblings now because of it. I helped raise them and because of that, we will never drift apart, even as they grow older. I am also pretty experienced with hunting and/or bow shooting. I come from a family of hunters (as most people do when you live in Montana) and was raised to know how to take care of my family and myself even if grocery stores did not exist. I can shoot an arrow successfully, as well as a rifle, and I am not afraid to gut an animal. I also have a lot of knowledge of plants that grow commonly around us. I'm not sure if I would be as good at surviving like Katniss did but I am confident that I would be quite a bit better at it than most girls.

I would definitely recommend this book to someone who reads apocalyptic and survival type books. Or to anyone who has seen the movie, because this book seems to be at a totally different level then the books are. From what I have seen in the commercials, they only share the same basic idea. This book has so much more intensity than from what I have seen of the movie. There were certain points were I did not even want to set the book down, I was so worried about what would happen. I really got into the main character and felt very invested in her living throughout this book. Lon can attest that I even yelled while reading a few times. :) There are some crazy twists that leave you feeling so confused about the end results! I cannot wait until I read the second one!

I spaced and packed away the book before finding a quote from it, oops! I will post one when we are moved in and unpacked. 

The song I picked for this book is November by Silverstein. It mostly reminds me of the hopeless feelings Katniss experiences throughout this book. Whether it be starvation, other tributes, mutated animals or even the Capitol, Katniss experiences quite a lot of turmoil in this book and feels pretty helpless. This song reminds me of that.

The Hunger Games was obviously made in to a movie but I have yet to see it. In fact, the movie was what got me interested in the book. But I vow to read the books before seeing the movie, so I will see it soon! Cannot wait, it looks different but very good!

Not sure what my next book review will be about, I have to find someone to trade books with first. I would love to read the second book as soon as possible though!

Guess My Halloween Costume Clue #4

So I know the last three clues I said that Anna did not have a costume and would only be wearing her Halloween sleeper, but Grandma Melanie and Aunt April broke down and bought her a costume this weekend while they were in Great Falls for dance and teaching conventions (one of each lol, not the same convention). So I will be catching up her clues on this post and adding Alan's third clue for his costume. You may check out the first three clues here, here and here.

For Anna
Clue #1: It is not technically alive...
Clue #2: You eat it, but not until after dinner is finished...
Clue #3: Each one is as different as the last...
Clue #4: It is as sweet as Anna is...

For Alan
Clue #4: Ironically, the character Alan is being has about the same intelligence as a three year old...

At the corn maze 2010

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Have You Seen This?

I found this on my Facebook breastfeeding group the other morning. How funny is it? I think some of them look a little sexual but you can tell that it was made in Japan. But its to go with the co-sleeping meme (I will have to find and post that one later). I think its cute. :) Between both of my children, I have done around twenty of these positions.

How many of these positions have you done? Which one is your favorite? I enjoy nursing while laying down with Anna the best but my favorite one on here is the tribal one! Too cute!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Motherhood is...

For me, motherhood is...

...never ever getting to go to the bathroom alone again. Always having another little one (or two) following me in there, asking me about my current activity.

...never getting to sleep alone either. You might as well sign off getting to do anything alone again ever, because its not going to happen. Afterall, I now have a little man who is scared of the dark until he gets into your bed. Then he's all giggles. longer having a purse but a diaper bag. Yes, my daughter's diaper bag has a few items that are mine in it, not the other way around lol.

...thinking about what my kid would eat while ordering for myself at a restaurant and ordering what I want for him. Half the time he will end up eating mine and I will be scarfing down some of his leftovers five minutes before we leave. So much for a nice meal out. Oh well, eating out is for losers anyways. :P

...saying things like, "Don't lick the garbage can!" or "Your uncle is not a horse!", things that I never thought I would say.

...being excited for someone's poop. Yep, never thought that would happen until I had children. But I can proudly say I have been very excited several times for both of my children's poop. They will kill me for posting this when they are older, but its the truth. :)

...also being excited for things like going grocery shopping, coupons, newly found recipes, adult interaction (the big one) and innovative cleaning supplies. Without me knowing it, I have suddenly become my mom.

...thinking all day long about breastfeeding and my boobs. I do not know if there is a single second of my day that I am not thinking about breastfeeding or doing something for my milk supply. I am consumed by it. And rightfully so, I am afterall my daughter's main (soon only) source of food.

...being able to hold at least 20+ things in your hand (not including the baby and the keys) and still being able to open the door.

...knowing how to make a meal out of just about anything that is in your fridge. And (here's the key) making it so that your kids will eat it!

...mastering the "Mom Look" so well that it even gets your husband moving! I think my "Mom Look" might be scarier than my OWN mother! That is impressive!

...wanting nothing more for your birthday or Mother's Day or Christmas (pretty much any holiday involving gifts) than your children to be around you. I love to spend time with my children and the only thing that even comes close to that as a present is something they made.

...being able to pick up both of your kids at once.

I love you Alan and Anna.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Five Question Friday!! October 19, 2012

I have not done a blog hop all week so I figured since it was Friday, I would give in and participate in this one. Happy Friday everyone! We are only doing more packing today but tomorrow I work a birthday party for my co-worker's two kids. They go to "school" with Alan, so Lon will be bringing the kids too. It should be alot of fun, I have never had my family come to one of my birthday parties! And I have been doing them for two years now!

One of my friends from my graduating class gave birth to her son early this morning. I am so happy for her! This is her first child but she has two step-children as well. It is the family's first son however, they are completley beside themselves. Alan, Anna and I went up there earlier tonight to visit them. And I do have to say, Mister Dom is soooooooooo sweet! He is about as big as Anna was when she was born and has the cutest little bald head. What a precious addition to their family, we are so happy for them. Congratulations Candace and Mark! He is just perfect!

Here is this week's Five Question Friday!

Where do you hide junk when people come over?
In my bedroom lmao! We do not allow company in our bedroom so right before I find out someone is coming over, I will run around the house and tidy up. Most things I will put away but if we have a lot of junk with no place, I just throw it in our room. I know lol, how horrible. :P

Do political ads help you decide who you are going to vote for?
NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I absolutely dispise political ads, I always change the channel when they come on. They are so mean to each other and with all the lies they tell, its a waste of time and money. I do not allow that negitivity into our house, no thanks!

As for deciding who I vote for, I research that endlessly with credible research, not politically spun stuff. In the end, who I choose to vote for is who I choose to vote for. It does not change me as a person, to the contrary it is a result of who I am and I what I believe in. I do not like to talk about politics, I think it makes people ugly. I choose to vote for who I want and still love you no matter who you choose to vote. :D

What's your favorite holiday party to host?
I love hosting Christmas parties! We have not hosted one since before the kids were born but I am hoping that maybe once we buy our own house, I will start it up again. I just love the whole process of setting up for a Christmas party- making the invitations, buying the Secret Santa gift, cooking the food and goodies, planning the games and decorating the house. Plus I love getting together with my loved ones and providing them with warmth and food for once. It feels good to give to my loved ones. Oooooh all this talk about Christmas parties makes me want to have one really bad!

You go to an island with your husband and can only take one personal item. What is it?
Since I am not a materialistic person, I would probably have to say a photobook or a picture of my children. Because if it is just my husband and I going, then I would miss my children terribly.

Lol why can't my children just come with us??? Is that against the rules?

If you found out your spouse was a Dexter style serial killer (only kills people to save others) would you rat?
You may all laugh at me, but I do not know the premise of Dexter. I have never seen the show. But someone who kills people to save other people? I would have a hard time with that one. I do not know if I can truthfully answer that unless I really was in that position. But for the sake of this blog hop, I will answer it lol.

I think that I would not rat Lon out but I sure would discourage murdering more people. I understand that its to save other people and perhaps multiple people (like I said, I have not watched the show) but I do not agree with negitivity and violence.

Now if he saved people another way...


I hope everyone has a great weekend! I know that we will! Happy Friday everyone!

A Trip to the Corn Maze

Thursday the kids and I met up with my friend Jessica and her family at our town's corn maze and pumpkin patch. Anna had her last weight check up with her pediatrician that morning, so we got the jeep for the day. Alan and I were so excited to be able to get out around town some!

Anna's appointment went really well. Anna weighed 10 pounds and 8 ounces, a whole pound more since her last appointment with them. The nurses seemed very pleased with that progress. They asked me if we had changed anything and I filled them in our own recent work with the Lactation Consultant. She told me that I was right to have contacted her and Anna was lucky to have such a dedicated parent. Made my day, just a little bit. I'll be honest with you. Then we saw our new doctor (one randomly picked from our clinic this time) and what a surprise that was! It was my old school friend Rosa, the girl who actually gave me the idea of Rosalie's name when I was pregnant with her! Wow what a coincidence! I knew that her father practiced there but not her!! What a nice surprise. Anna got the clear call on her weight, thankfully. They do not need to see her again until her next well baby check up. I'm so happy, I have been working so hard lately to get her to grow! Good job, Anna girl!

After the doctor apointment, we went to the corn maze. Its way out on the outskirts of town, by one of my old work friend's house. Alan loved the long drive out there, he pointed out all the hay bales and cows to me. Anna thankfully slept the whole drive and did not wake up until we had been in the farm area for a while. There was lots of different things to do from water pumps to a color maze to pig races to a tractor ride and even more! We met up with Jessica and all the kids. Her sister was with her and had her own kids plus her sister-in-law's children with her too! All together, we had nine children under seven years old! Anna was the youngest but we had five little ones altogether. And Jessica is pregnant, ready to have baby Trent at any moment too. Holy kids! It was quite a task for us all, especially since there was only four of us. We had a great time though.


First we went around the petting zoo. Alan saw the pigs, sheep, goats and a horse while Anna snoozed. His favorite was the sleepy pigs. He kept getting down close to one of their faces and whispering, "Silly piggie. Get up. Its wake up time. Don't you see the sun? Silly little piggy guy." I thought I was going to die! I was laughing so hard! I wish I had Lon's Ipod so I could have filmed it because it was seriously one of the cutest things I have ever heard him say! He spoke so sweetly to that sleeping pig, yet was so demanding with him. It was the funniest thing ever. After the petting zoo, Alan got some practice roping a steer. He would twirl one end in circles a few times, drop that end and then grab the looped end and stick it on the fake steer's horns. He did not get the idea of tossing the loop onto its horns, even though I tried to show him and help him do it several times. Oh well, at least he understood were it went! My future cowboy!

Every year, the farmers build a hay playground. They do not only use hay, they build with other equipment too. This year they used a big tube and fake ice for the slides, industrial stairs, several different types of chains and some nets too. It looked pretty cool and the kids loved it! I think they spent the most time playing there! The fake ice slide was soooooooooooo fast, little Carly had to have help everytime but she enjoyed it as much as Alan did, I think. It was even a little too fast for Alan. The first few times, he was pretty scared when he came down. It did not stop him from wanting to go again and again though. There were pedal cars set up with a fun little track close to the playground. Alan somehow got distracted from the playground and insisted on playing on them. He was just barely to short to fit the pedals though, so I had to push him around the track. I felt pretty silly pushing him in circles, but he loved it! I had never seen him so happy.

Then it was officially pumpkin patch and corn maze time! The three of us went looking for some good pumpkins (only ended up buying one there, they are way more expensive compared to the 39 cent ones at the store) and possibly the Great Pumpkn. I am sad to report that even though we found some cool picture taking pumpkins and one good pumpkin, we have yet to find the Great Pumpkin this year. It would have been ten dollars there anyways, and NOOOOOOOOO Great Pumpkin costs ten dollars. That is too much! :P I did not get to take any pictures of the corn maze either, we only went so far in and Alan was going to fast for me to slow down and take any. I would have if I was smart and had brought the Moby Wrap instead of the stroller. I will make not of that if we go again.

At that point, Alan was exhausted and Anna wanted to eat so we took shelter in the dried corn sensory box. It was like a sand box but with a ton of dried corn in it. There was a nice big tent around it too, which was awesom because it was HOT!! I thought it was funny that it was so hot on an October day, it felt like it was maybe 80 degrees or so. Jessica had to take her husband Randy home, so we said our goodbyes. Then I nursed Anna and then supplemented her in the shaded tent while Alan played in the corn, rehydrated and happy as a clam. Once she was finished, we took a ride in on the cow train. Alan loved it and I thought it was pretty clever. They made cows carts out of oil drums and a cart. They looked so cute! The only picture I took of them of course did not come out. Oh well, Alan loved them and Anna even enjoyed the little ride around the corn maze and pumpkin patch. It was a perfect way to end our trip!

We might go again with Lon sometime this weekend. Or we might just go to the store to pick out our pumpkins. It might save us some money that way. :) And with us moving right now, we need all the money we can get! I will update you readers when I know though! I also just found out that Healthy Halloween is on Halloween this year! Usually it is the Saturday before or after. I cannot wait to go this year, Alan will be old enough to enjoy it finally!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Week in Cell Phone Photos

I noticed today that I have barely posted any pictures of the family this week. We have been so busy packing and preparing for this move next week that I have only been posting back up posts and not really posting too much about our happenings. Not too much is going on but here is a week's worth of my cell phone photos!

Been dancing in these gaucho pants for at least ten years now!

I forgot to bring him a coat but redeemed myself by giving him mine lol.

Anna playing as her buddies watch her :D

I look kinda creepy lol!

How I found my wild man watching tv this morning

Rolling the biggest pumpkin he could find lol!

Gray is the new brown for my girl! I just love her in shades of gray!

The last tree in our lot that turned! Its such a pretty yellow now!

Loving Member Appreciation Week at our bank!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cereal is Not Just with Milk Anymore

Happy Hump Day everyone! No WILW post today, I will already have two posts today anyways and I am a little busy with the kids and packing. Not too much is going on again today but it is my cousin Anthony's 24th birthday. He lives in Colorado, so unfortunately we will not be doing too much for him. I wrote on his Facebook and will be giving him a call hopefully later today. Happy birthday Anthony, we al love you so much here! Otherwise today we are still just packing and cleaning. I have hiphop class tonight and we are learning some more freezes and working on our six step. I think next week I will teach them top rocking. :)

For obvious reasons, since I had Anna we have been pretty homebound. Lon works two jobs and is gone weekdays from 9 in the morning until 11 at night. We only have one vehicle right now and it usually goes with him. We also try to only go to the grocery store once every week and a half, if not two weeks. When we run out of things, like milk, we have to get creative until we can go to the store to get more. Cereal is one of the biggest deals when we run out of milk. Here are some things we have used to replace milk. Some were good, some were... interesting lol. :) Which ones would you try???

Cereal with peanut butter

This one Lon came up with one night. It is surprisingly delicious and my whole family loves it! Alan doesn't usually like peanut butter because of its consistentsy but he really enjoys this. I think its because it clumps the cereal together into clusters that he can pick up easily with his spoon. And its not so sticky in his mouth like peanut butter is on its own. We love it for him because its a good protein dose. :D

Cereal with applesauce

I came up with this one and its the only way Alan will eat applesauce! Once again, Alan doesn't like applesauce on its own but when its mixed in with cereal, Alan will chow it up! :) The only issue with it is when you don't eat it fast, the cereal gets icky. But if you have a hungry toddler, this might work! Plus if you make you own or get it organic at the grocery like we do, then you have another way to sneak in a healthy fruit! :D Bonus!

Cereal with apple juice

This one wasn't the greatest idea I had. I thought that people had cereal with orange juice, how different could apple juice be? It tasted soooooo weird and almost wrong lol. Plus when you let it sitfor too long it started to look gross and soggy. Alan wouldn't really touch it after like a few minutes lol because it looked so gross. Oh well, trial and error right lol?
Cereal with yogurt

This one was also too weird for us too. We as a family barely like yogurt alone so yogurt with any type of cereal BUT Cheerios or Honey Bunches of Oats tasted very odd to us. I really didn't like it at all except in very small amounts. Alan wouldn't even try itunless there was way less yogurt than cereal. Lon only really tried it but hasn't made it himself yet lol. But he says he lies it. I think just because he wants to be nice lol, whihc it wouldn't be mean if he didn't like it. He's just silly. :)

It is also important to realize that different cereals work better with different replacements. Like Honey Bunches of Oats worked best with peanut butter and yogurt but with applesauce or juice a Cheerio type of cereal tasted best. The funny thing is now even if we have milk, Alan or Lon will have cereal with one of our replacements. :) They certainly have become quite popular in our family lol. Love it!

Which ones would you try???? What kind of replacements for foods have you used before????

Guess My Halloween Costume! Clue #3

Here is this week's edition of Guess my Halloween Costume with Alan. If you are just joining us, I will be giving a clue about Alan's costume every Wednesday until the end of the month. Anna is going as a cute baby in a Halloween onesie, there I already gave it away lol. :P Then on November 1st, I will post the answer! Whoever guesses right (if anyone guesses lol) will recieve a little something something from yours truly, though I have yet to decide what that will be. You can see the first clue here and the second clue here. Well, here we go!

Clue #3
He has super healing powers...

Carving our pumpkins

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Songs I Sing to Anna Ariel

Not too much going on today. I do not have class today so the kids and I will be at home packing and cleaning. It was raining earlier this morning, that was nice. I like rainy days. And today it helped motivate me to pack! Bonus! We got a call from our new landlord this morning and the place will not be ready until around next Wednesday. This puts quite the strain on us because we have to be out of this place by the first of next month, but we will make do. I am confident that we can get moved in one day and spend the rest of the week cleaning the place. We have lots of help too. Still, wish us luck!

Here is another back up post for y'all! We are all busy, busy, busy!

I have been thinking about the songs I sing to Anna to calm her down. There are a few that are similar to what I sang to Alan as a newborn, but a lot of new ones too. Here is a list of them, I will start with the ones I also sang to Alan.

"Is this Love?" by Bob Marley

This is one of the songs I used to always sing to Alan. We would dance around the living room and I would sing it to him, with his little newborn eyes looking up at me, soaking in every single word. Anna does the same. :)

"Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles

I also used to sing this song to Alan, though I sang "Hey Jude" to him more often. I usually sing this one to her while we play together or while I change her. This one is more of a daytime song than a lullaby but she likes it just as much.

"Better Together" by Jack Johnson

This song I have loved since highschool. I sung this to Alan when he was a newborn and still do sometimes. And now I love singing it to Anna. Songs like this remind me of the beginning of Lon and I's relationship, when we were so young and naive and poor in money but ever so wealthy in love. :) This song somtimes brings me right back to those precious days when I was pregnant with Alan and I honestly thought it was just Lon and I against the world.

"Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift featuring the Civil Wars

Now, I really do not like Taylor Swift but this song really hits home for me. I first heard it in the wee mornings when I was pregnant with Anna and it made me sob like a baby. Pregnancy hormones lol. I still love this song and will sing the whole thing to her. This is one of the only songs I will sing the whole song to her, most I will just sing the chorus. But this whole song is perfect. God I love it so much!

"Anna Sun" by Walk the Moon

This song I obviously sing to her because of her name. But I like the idea of my Anna Sun, so I sing it to her alot. This is another daytime song. I will sing it to her also when she is unhappy, just to remind her that she is my sun. :) It really is my modern "You are my Sunshine" for her.

"Ho Hey" by the Lumineers

Of all the songs I sing to Anna, this is probably her favorite. She will hum and coo with me while I sing this song to her and it could be because of the sounds they make in the song. But I like to think its just her favorite!

What kind of songs do you sing to your children? Do you sing them old fashioned lullabies or modern songs like I do?

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Maddie's Baby Shower

We are still currently living in our old apartment. Spoke with our new landlord on Friday and he is just waiting on a furnace part before we can start moving in. He said Monday, but I have yet to talk with him today. Keep your fingers crossed for us, we may get our keys and such tonight! How awesome would that be????

This weekend was a nice and easy weekend for us. No crazy moving, although I would have been okay with that. Maddie's baby shower was Saturday afternoon. Sunday, we stayed home and did some more packing. We are now down to having only the necessities unpacked and alot of our belongings have been gone through. I have four big boxes full to the brim with stuff we are donating to Good Will, we have developed so much clutter in these past two years of living here. I thought we had gotten rid of most of it over Memorial weekend before Anna was born, but this weekend I have found the most random things (I think I may do a post on it later this week). I have become the new favorite at work because I bring new things for the daycare on a daily basis. Mostly arts and crafts but some toys and blankets. Glad we are downsizing! I hate clutter!

I also cut Lon's hair this weekend for the first time! I was pretty nervous about it at first, but Lon assured me I would be alright. And I feel like I did a decent job. He wanted his hair real short on the sides but a little longer on the top. I think I did an okay job of doing that. I mean he did not end up with any bald spots anywhere, right? I will try to post a picture on here asap. :) Now its time to cut Alan's hair again! A mother's work is never done...

Maddie's shower was so much fun! Grandma Melanie, Alan, Anna and I went together. My mom had a diaper cake made for her by Korrine (same gal who made one of Anna's) and I did my first true Pinterest project and made her cupcake outfits. They were really hard to do, but turned out sooooooo cute and worth it in the end! I think Maddie and Blake loved them! This is what they looked like:

We played a few games at the shower and once again, I won all randomly. This time it was not due to any skill. Our first game we played was the classic Don't Say Baby Game. I am usually really good at this game but for some reason, everytime I got around my aunt or my cousin, I would space and say it in conversation. I lost both of my pins pretty quickly lol. I believe cousin Morgan (soon to be Aunt Morgan) won that game. Then we played Name That Baby Game. We were given a sheet of animals and had to write down the name of them. My brian must have not been working during this game lol, because I only got three of them right. Even my favorite animal was on there and I could not remember its baby name! Towards the end I started writing "chick" down for every bird. Yet I forgot that a wolf's baby is a pup! How easy is that?!?! Great Aunt Marnie won that one.

Our next game was HARD too, probably the hardest game I played lol. It was a race to see who could find the most bobby pins in sticky rice in a minute. I was nursing Anna when we started this game, so I got to go last. I watched everyone play and I thought to myself, this will be easy. The bobby pins are so much longer than the rice. How would you NOT be able to tell??? However, once it was my turn, I could not tell a piece of rice from a bobby pin with the blindfold on! I struggled to find as many pins as I could but it was alot harder too with Alan jumped next to me. I ended up finding four bobby pins and losing lol. The last game was my favorite though. I am helping host Kelsie's baby shower and we might play this game there too! They called it the Baby Mama Game lol. The baby mama leaves the room and you are given a handful of questions about her appearance that you have to answer in five minutes. Things like, how many rings where on her fingers? and how many times has she gone to the bathroom? I am a very aware person and remembered almost everything Maddie was wearing subconsciously. I almost won this game but was beaten by one of her friends by one point. So how did I win my gift, you ask? In the lamest way possible lol.

There was one more gift left, a runner up gift but there ended up being no runner ups. So they put everyone's name into a hat and drew them. I told them to keep my name out of the hat, I did not desire a gift. I wanted someone else to enjoy it. But low and behold, my silly aunt still put my name in the hat and my name was drawn. I told them to pick another name and protested several times but they all told me to take it lol. The gift was organic dish soap and hand soap (a psychic bonus because we are running out of both in our househod) so after much arguement, I decided to take it. Then it was cake time.

The cake was delicious! It was the only thing that stopped Alan in his tracks. The whole baby shower, he was all over everything, wild man superstar. But once food and cake was served, my wild monkey man turned into a docile, hungry little gentleman. Its amazing how food will change a man right? Ladies, you agree lmao??? He sat down and ate for maybe ten minutes before getting up again and terrorizing. Like I always tell him, he is lucky he is so cute.

Very, very lucky.

The food was also amazing. My awesome Uncle Doug made it so of course! I have childhood memories of him making us some of the best food I have ever eaten! He made mini cinnamon rolls, pigs in a blanket with barbeque sauce, bacon wraps, and fruit salad! There was some fresh veggies and mixed nuts to munch on as well. Mmmmmm, breastfeeding has made me a Mama Bear whne it comes to food lol! I have realized this as of late. Because I am giving her sooooooooooooo much all the time, I am starving like all the time. And when I have food in front of me, and its good food, WATCH OUT! I might bite you, especially if you try and take my food from me.

Or at least growl at you lmao.

Maddie is getting so big now too! She is the cutest! :) Her due date is next month (she keeps telling me but I never seem to remember) I think the 10th or 13th for some reason? Oh yeah but baby James could be coming at any moment! We all got to watch him move around in her belly, that might have been my favorite part of the whole shower! She is just so adorable! Alan had a wonderful time. He ran around, played with cousin Morgan, attacked cousin Blake, played with the other guests, played outside, played with the puppy, fed the dog, played in the puppy's water bowl, learned how to use a stair climber, attempted to stick his fingers in the cake multiple times, explored the whole house, tried to feed the puppy leaves and tried to sit on Maddie's lap several times. He had a wonderful time and even though I felt like he was a little wild and crazy, everyone thought he was so sweet. Anna hung out with Grandma Melanie the whole time, which the both enjoyed. I tried to take Anna from her a few times and she got made at me and cried until I gave her back. She just wanted Grandma! :)

The other best part? Getting to be complete dorks with my family after everyone else left the shower. :) I kid you not, we all had fun throwing decorations at the ceiling fan, trying to get them to catch, for maybe an hout! Lmao, love my family! We always find the most fun in the sillest and simplest things. It felt good to "play" like that again. Reminded me of when I was younger, playing with my three cousins at their house. It felt so right to do that again. I love my family so much. We may be a little weird and a little redneck, as my husband calls us lol, but we are all perfect for each other. I would not have any other group of people be my family. NOT ONE!! And I am serious. :) This group of people completes me and my family. They make us live and better ourselves every day.

And... every once in a while, they play silly ceiling fan games with you for a ridulous amount of time. Until you cannot laugh anymore because your sides hurt and there are tears streaming down your face. Those are the moments I live for. Those are the moments I wish to share with my children. :) I thank everyone at that shower for that this weekend. It was so much fun! Too often are we too busy to remember simple times like that. We need to stop more and just enjoy life. Because its not forever.

How do you and your family enjoy your time together? What are your special moments with them? Experience any this weekend?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Breastfeeding and Weight Gain Struggles

When Anna went in for her two month check up, my whole opinion on my breastfeeding ability with her changed. I had thought that I was lucky this time around and had a perfect nurser who was getting an ample supply from me. But I was pretty darn wrong. I noticed it when the nurse weighed her. She kept asking me how old Anna was. I thought, nine and a half pounds is not terribly small for a twelve week old, but I knew that it was going to be brought up. And I was right.

Well, if you are members of any of the Facebook groups that I am, you probably know how upset I was about all this. I do not want to get into to much detail but Anna's pediatrician pretty much told me that Anna was extremely underweight. She honestly made it sound like she was malnurished and was just going to need to be hospitalized right away. This lady has no bedside manner, I'm sorry. I will at least do her a favor and not use her name for this post, but wow. We have switched doctors.

After stressing and venting to my FB groups and crying about it and stressing some more, I called my Lactation Consultant. She scheduled an appointment for me to come in that next day. Anna and I went in that morning, right around Anna's feeding. My Lactation Consultant's office is located at the hospital, in their maternity ward so I was able to enjoy a few babies in the nursery on my visit too. :) I nursed Anna for my LC and after observing us, she determined that Anna was in fact getting about half as much breastmilk as she is supposed too. She is somewhat of a lazy eater, halfway through her feeds she will fall asleep (despite my attempts to stimulate her) and only lightly suck. She will stop swallowing milk completely. My LC is not very happy that this was not caught sooner, my milk supply has already adapted to her feeding this way (should have never happened) and thus is way low. I have to supplement her about an ounce of formula each night now.

We discussed our game plan for Anna: She eats every 3 hours in the day, 3 1/2 hours at night. She feeds on both sides, EVERYTIME, and she showed me different ways to stimulate her. I am to switch her as soon as I see that she has fallen into her light sucking stage. I have to pump right after, with their hospital grade pump they have loaned me, and feed two ounces of it to her. If I do not have two ounces, I must supplement with formula.

We went in the next Monday and Anna had gained six ounces over the weekend! My Lactation Consultant and I are so proud of her! She has been tolerating the little bits of formula I have had to give her, alot better than her big brother did. For this, Lon and I are at least grateful. We had to discuss medication options for acid reflux with Alan because of formula issues. Anna has so far had no problems except for the occassional spit up.

Yesterday we went in for our last weight check up with my Lactation Consultant yesterday too. She had once again gained six ounces in three days! So not only is she continuing to grow, which is good, but she is gaining weight at a consistent rate. My LC now feels like there is no reason to keep coming in every few days. We go back in  for a weight check with her new pediatrician on October 18. I will meet up with my LC again after that. She said that after we get the okay from her pediatrician, we can slowly start taking formula and bottles away from her. I know that with this new diet plan for her, she will have gained a satisfactory amount of weight! I also feel confident that she will not go back to her old ways of eating, and my LC agrees with me. Yay! Grow Anna grow!

Five Question Friday!! October 12, 2012

I am pretty excited for this weekend. We should hopefully get a call from our new landlord, sign the lease to the new place, and start moving in tomorrow or Sunday!! Yay, so very excited!! Saturday is also Maddie's baby shower at my aunt's house. I am excited for this too. I made her little boy (they are going to name him James, so sweet) several cupcake onesies to go with the diaper cake my mother had made for her. And Anna has a onesie to wear that goes with the theme of the party! Winnie the Pooh! It should be a lot of fun for everyone.

As for today, there's not too much going on here. Just packing the last of the stuff we do not need on a daily basis and some more cleaning. But tonight we might go over to my parent's to see everyone off. My father, April and Kalvin are going to visit Natalie in Missoula. They are going to her homecoming football game with her. Oh so fun! I want to do that with the kids one year! We always wear maroon that day but it would be so cool to actually go be a part of all of that excitement. I love college football in the fall!

Here is this week's Five Question Friday!

Did you have any homecoming traditions?
Do you mean like football homecoming, like I was talking about above? Beause yes, I used to. My friends and I would always get together before the game to deck out in our colors and pregame. Yeah, I used to be a pregamer lol. Feel free to shake your head and judge me. :P

As for homecoming as in people arriving after being away from home for sometime? I do not have any specific traditions for that because we do not have family leaving home for periods of time (except for Natalie who moved for college). But I would probably plan a dinner party, welcome home party sort of thing for them. Which we will probably do if Natalie moves back home after college. I do not think she will though. She loves Missoula.

Do you ask your spouse before spending money?
We consult each other before making purchases but no, there is no asking for money. I am not a materialistic person at all and Lon knows this, so if I spend money, its on a neccessity or something for the kids. He is the main money maker in our family (he has two jobs and works 14+ hours a day, while I work 4 hours a week) so I do try and be polite about asking for money. But its in no way like an allowance or some silly thing like that. We are adults here. :)

If you could be famous for something what would it be?
Ever since I was little, I wanted to be well known for my dance and my choreography. Not famous maybe (I hate the word famous) but I want to be known for my work. Like Mia Michaels.

I am not so into that nowadays, I understand that the importance is in the individual piece and not the popularity of it. Now I am more into telling a story with my work or conveying a certain emotion.

Have you ever seriously thought you were going crazy?
I did, for a while there. After having Alan, I suffered real bad from postpartum anxiety disorder and OCD. It was literally crippling for me. I would find myself curled up in a ball, crying over the silliest of stuff. I seriously thought I was insane and that I would need to be in a psyc ward without my son, but I sought help and overcame my disorder. Now that I am almost fourteen weeks postpartum with my second child, I have felt no traces of postpartum anxiety. Of this I am very grateful.

How do you eat your steak? Burger? (as in, well done, medium, still moo-ing...)
I like my medium rare. I always tell the cook that I like to see a little blood. I dunno, I feel like I am a omnivore but I enjoy my meat somewhat rare. I feel like well done is too dry for me, I like the juices. :P Wow, I feel like I sound like a crazy carnivore person! But its how I like it.


That's all for now! Tune in later for my update on Anna. Happy packing everyone! Well only for me really!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Blogiversary to me!!

Today is my two year blogiversary. Like the change????? I sure hope so! I have completely revamped my blog, giving it a more adult/family feel. No more of this young mama junk! I am 23 years old and have two children of my own. It was time for a change! And I like it.

Let me share with you the new changes:

The first one is obvious, our new blog name. Free Range Family. A name my husband came up with. I told him I wanted something that described our family's free spirit and hippie lifestyle, but also hints at my love for this state and everything about the west. At first, Lon was teasing me, telling me silly names he knew I would never use. But then he said it, and right away I knew it was perfect. It was the new name for my family's blog. There was no question about it.

My family essentially is a free range family. In Montana, to be free range means to be unenclosed and constantly able to move around and forage for food. We have not lived in one place for more than a year or two since becoming a family November 2008. We both go out and work the daily grind, or forage for our neccessities. I just love the new name!

The others are a little less obvious, I think. I have yet to post our icon button or put link buttons on my page but those are both works in progress. I will also be adding some more content to my blog. I will feature the Homeschool Hour for Alan, probably once a week. I have yet to decide what time. It will share what Alan is learning each week and my different ways of unschooling him. I plan on posting more television show, movie and book reviews. And more Point of View posts too!

I hope everyone enjoys the changes. I put a lot of hard work and thought into them. I hope it makes for a better reading and overall experience on my blog. Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Guess My Halloween Costume!! Clue #2

Last week, we started the Guess my Halloween Costume for Alan. Every Wednesday this month, I will post a clue about Alan's costume this year. Then on November 1, I will post the results. I think I might even give something fun away to the winner, though I have not thought of anything yet. You can find the first clue here.

Clue #2
He does not wear a shirt. They do not fit him usually.

Alan, October 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday! October 10, 2012

I know I did not do yesterday's Toddler Talk Tuesday but we are very busy now, as to be expected. :) I did, however, feel quite compelled to do today's blog hop simply because I have so much to love and be thankful for today. Not too much is going on for us today, just packing and then I have hiphop class. We will just be reviewing the 5 step for breakdancing and maybe learning a new freeze, I have not decided yet. But I am still a very happy little mama! All is definitely good in this neck of the woods!

Here is this week's What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that we got the okay on our house yesterday! We will be moving in hopefully this weekend!

I'm loving that this weekend is also my cousin in law Maddie's baby shower. I am doing a Pinterest project for her present! Onesie cupcakes to go with the diaper cake my mom is having made for her!

I'm loving that Anna already has her baby shower outfit picked out! It goes perfectly with the theme. :)

I'm loving that Alan had a playdate with his buddies Kelton and Teagan at Chuck E. Cheese yesterday. And I got some much needed adult time with Kelsie, Kourtney, Chelsea, and DesiRae. Anna even got baby time with Miss Harper! A win for everyone!

I'm loving that my neighbor recently has befriended us. She's about ten weeks pregnant and it will be nice to get to know her before we move. I love having friends all over town!

I'm loving that I just received a text from a good buddy about a free grill her dad is fixing up. Uh yeah, we will take it off your hands! I love grilling! And we have a place for it now!

I'm loving that it snowed over the weekend and I got some beautiful fall meets winter pictures of the vines out front of our house. I will miss their beauty. Look at that red!!!

I'm loving that Anna is gaining weight again and is healthy! Thank goodness, I have been working so hard to make enough for her!

I'm loving that we did a small amount of grocery shopping yesterday, thanks to my parents! We did not have alot for groceries this pay period because of the move and it is so nice to have choices for lunch and dinner now! Thanks Ma and Pa!

I'm loving Alan's facial expression in this picture! Love my little cheeseball, he is always so happy!

I'm loving that we are so close to being fully packed right now! We really only have the essentials out still. All we need to do now is MOOOOOOOVE! :D

I'm loving that tomorrow is my new blog change and my two year blogiversary! Wow I cannot believe it has been two whole years. I think blogging has really opened me up as a person and taught me some new things about life. I hope my family's blog continues for years to come!

I'm loving my job, my friends, my family and my life.