Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Uncle Aaron!

Today is Uncle Aaron's 23rd birthday.
Uncle Aaron is Lon's little brother. They were born almost exactly two years apart from each other, only seperated by a day. Yes, Lon's birthday is tomorrow. :) I went to Senior High with Aaron but we did not know each other back then. In fact, I did not meet Uncle Aaron until I had moved into Lon's parent's house like November 2008. Uncle Aaron is a pretty cool guy, he and his wife Nikki love Alan and Anna. We have not seen them since the Montana Fair, when we had Uncle Aaron give us a tour of a military fire truck. We live in completely different parts of town and are always busy so we do not get to see them alot. But we hope that he has a great birthday! Alan even drew him a card that we will have to send them! It is too cute!
Happy birthday Uncle Aaron! We all love you so much!

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