Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is Lon's 25th birthday. It is also the four year anniversary of me quitting smoking ciggarettes, his 21st birthday present from me. :D Happy birthday Lon! Alan, Anna and I love you forever and ever! Kiss, kiss!
I met Lon about four years ago. I was originally friends with his two brothers Tyler and Chase, when they introduced me to him one sunny day. I remember my first thought about him was how beautiful his long, curly blonde hair was and boy was it LONG, down to his shoulders, and CURLY, they were each perfect ringlets and so pretty. I was instantly crushing on him and so glad that I had decided to wear my sexy red gaucho pants that day. To this day, Lon only remembers those pants from that day lmao! Wow! :P He must have been embarrassed because he stole my sunglasses from me and wore them, hiding his goregous eyes. Seriously, I thought that one of Michaelangelo's sculptures had come to life or something! He was so handsome! I really wish I had a old picture of him to show you readers. Let me look and see if I can find one later! I hung out with him and Tyler at my house a few days later and gave him my number. He longboarde everywhere and was into the Flaming Lips too, I pretty much thought he was the coolest guy EVER. I was so school girl in love with him them, looking back I think its silly. We started spending ALL of our time together, he even unofficially moved in with me. I had issues with that roommate, so we eventually moved in with his parents until we were able to get our own place. I remember those times, those first few months we were together, they are so precious to me. We were so young and so in love back then, it was crazy. Our love has matured more now but I do enjoy looking back on those days before Alan and Anna. How young and innocent we were.
Lon and Alan, September 2009
Even those first months with Alan are so special to me. I remember being so scared about being a new parent and yet, Lon was so comfortable and so sure about it. Its like the minute Alan was born, Lon was his dad and knew how to give Alan everything he needed. He was my biggest supporter, with breastfeeding and my postpartum anxiety and everything. I do not think I would have made it without him. Still to this day, Lon is a fantastic father to Alan. Now that Alan is growing older and needing his father to teach him boy things that Mama does not know how to teach him, Lon has been such a great father. He is currently teaching Alan to pee standing up (Yay), how to transform Transformers, the art of wrestling (we are gonna need to get Alan a brother now) and the basics of Lego building. The things Mama needs help at lol. And even though Lon works around thirteen hours a day seven days a week, he is still willing to help out around the house and with the children when he is home. Thanks baby!
Lon and Alan, August 2012
Miss Anna just loves her daddy too. He will wake up late at night with her sometimes so I do not have to, even though he has to be up at five every morning. He is never afraid of even the poopiest of diapers and is brave enough to help me potty train Alan. This amazing dad has been peed on, pooped on, sneeze on, thrown up on and everything in between. And he will still do it all with a smile on his face and love in his heart. My goodness are my children and I so lucky to have him in our lives! He brightens our day and can always make us laugh. Lon, thank you for always being there for me and being my one and only.
Happy 25th birthday Lon! I hope today is a good day for you even if you still have to work. Alan and I are going to make you a card and a birthday cake for when you get home today. I will also make whatever you want for dinner, your choice babe. Then I owe you a dinner date sometime later this month, you pick the place and time. Just you and me. :) Hope this year is even better than the last! And how could it not be? With your two wonderful children and your wife! Yay! Alan, Anna and I love you so very much.
Our family, August 2012
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