Monday, October 1, 2012

Alan and Anna: A Comparison

Everytime people see Anna and I together, they tell me how much we look alike. Which I find crazy! I think that she has alot of my features but I think she looks more like a female Alan if anything. So here is Alan and Anna: a comparison.

Alan at 2 weeks- 9/12/2009

Anna at 5 weeks- 8/13/2012

I mean, Alan is a little chubbier but she will probably always be tinier then him. And that's okay. He also has less hair then her but its the same color as hers is. And I would hope my girl had more hair then my boy. I think they definitely look more alike then her and I do. I will have to find a baby picture of myself to compare though. For another post! :)

What do you think: do they look alike? How about her and I?

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