Thursday, October 25, 2012

I want this...

Being Buddhist, I am usually not a materialistic person. I do not usually desire materials, only love and positive energies. But I do find myself occasionly getting hooked on specific materials with sentimental values. Like photographs, certain baby things, and other memiors. Well, I have this new blog that I am just OBSESSED with. Like seriously obsessed, I check it at least once a day (lately twice a day because she is pregnant) to see what she writes. I just love her, she is so much like me! Her name is Melody, which I love and is pretty close to my mom's name Melanie. Anyways, Miss Melody has an etsy shop where she sells jewelry, adorable scarfs and motivational quote paintings. Yesterday she posted about a sale where the first ten buyers get a piece of nest jewelry for free.

Of course, I missed the sale lol. But I looked at this jewelry, read the background story to it and I'm pretty much obsessed with them too. Yeah she's pretty amazing, like I said!

Here is the beautiful gal herself posing with the nest necklace
The best part about these? She will custom make yours with however many eggs you want (to represent your children) and will change the colors (for genders, reference to miscarriages, etc). I sooooooo want to get one with three eggs and the top one a light blue pearl. I think I might get this for myself for Mother's Day this year. Because I am just in love!

Do you want to know why I am so obsessed about these nest necklaces?

I have a tattoo of a purple sparrow on the left side of my upper chest. Its flying away from where the necklace would settle on my neck, looking like a Mama Bird flying away from her nest! Oh my goodness it will be so cool looking and it will represent my three wonderful children. Oh I have to get it!

For those of you wanting one yourself, here is a link to her esty shop. She also has some too cute scarf cowls that I love as well! And the inspirational paintings are beautiful! Check it out!

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