Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Week in Cell Phone Photos

I noticed today that I have barely posted any pictures of the family this week. We have been so busy packing and preparing for this move next week that I have only been posting back up posts and not really posting too much about our happenings. Not too much is going on but here is a week's worth of my cell phone photos!

Been dancing in these gaucho pants for at least ten years now!

I forgot to bring him a coat but redeemed myself by giving him mine lol.

Anna playing as her buddies watch her :D

I look kinda creepy lol!

How I found my wild man watching tv this morning

Rolling the biggest pumpkin he could find lol!

Gray is the new brown for my girl! I just love her in shades of gray!

The last tree in our lot that turned! Its such a pretty yellow now!

Loving Member Appreciation Week at our bank!

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