Sunday, October 7, 2012

Anna Ariel: Three Months Old

Today Anna is three months old. It is just crazy for me to think that on this day, three months ago, I was about five cetimeters dialated and on my way back into Labor and Delivery for the second time that day. And now she is this big three month old baby, wanting to sit up and crawl and eat food and talk to me! What a tenacious little girl!

At three months old, Anna Ariel:

*Weighs nine pounds and nine ounces and is 25 inches long.

*Has pale, grayish blue eyes and dark auburn that goes down to her little shoulder blades. And no bald spots on her head! Yes!

*Crunches her little abs when she is sitting up supported, like she is trying to sit up completely on her own. It always knocks her over on her side and makes her sooooooooooooooooo mad lol. :)

*Talks to us all the time with "ooos" and "coos" that are just too sweet! I love her sweet girl voice!

*Likes to stand up with Mama holding her under her armpits. She will support a little bit of her weight too. Getting those little legs strong and ready for some walking and more importantly, RUNNING!!!!

*Does not really like any of her "baby equipment." She does not like her bouncy chair, swing or carseat and will barely tolerate her stroller. She is a baby wearing and arm holding girl! Just the way her Mama likes it! That way, we can both feel the love! :) Is a little hard at night when I just want to go to sleep though. I have been spending alot of nights in the rocking chair with her.

*Is a drool queen! She is always drooling on everything and sucking on her hands! Silly little girl, if I did not know better I would think that you were teething!

*Loves to watch big brother and daddy move around and just exist. Or anyone for that matter. She is a definite people watcher, my girl, just like her Mama and her aunties. :)

*Excels in tummy time! We do it several times a day, pretty much whenever she wants to play. She can lift her chest so high up now and has started pushing with her feet. I cannot believe that I am already saying this but I think she is just a few weeks away from army crawling! What?!?!

*Can roll from her back to her belly, but does not consciously realize it yet. She does it so rarely that it really scares her when she does do it lol! But I am still proud!

*Is getting better at reaching for and grabbing at things. Her movements are getting less and less sporatic and more refined.

I love you Anna Ariel, I cannot wait until you grow up!

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