Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Guess My Halloween Costume! Clue #1

Every year, one of my blogging friends Sarah hosts the Great Halloween Costume Guessing Game on her blog What Good are the Words. I enjoy seeing the clues and guessing along with everyone. Its actually alot of fun. So this year, I decided that I would do this with Alan on my blog (Anna will not be wearing a costume, she has a cute Halloween sleeper Alan picked for her instead). Every year I like to kind of "make" Alan's costume. I use parts of old costumes and clothes and such. So much more original then just bought costumes! Those of you who know me in real life, thus already knowing what he will be, cannot guess! Only online blogging friends! I will try and figure out some sort of cool Halloweeny prize to give out too. The clues will be every Wednesday and I will give the answer away on November 1st. Okay so here we go:

Clue #1
He was once a man...

Alan and I, Halloween 2010
Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for clue #2!! Happy guessing!

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