Monday, October 22, 2012

Motherhood is...

For me, motherhood is...

...never ever getting to go to the bathroom alone again. Always having another little one (or two) following me in there, asking me about my current activity.

...never getting to sleep alone either. You might as well sign off getting to do anything alone again ever, because its not going to happen. Afterall, I now have a little man who is scared of the dark until he gets into your bed. Then he's all giggles. longer having a purse but a diaper bag. Yes, my daughter's diaper bag has a few items that are mine in it, not the other way around lol.

...thinking about what my kid would eat while ordering for myself at a restaurant and ordering what I want for him. Half the time he will end up eating mine and I will be scarfing down some of his leftovers five minutes before we leave. So much for a nice meal out. Oh well, eating out is for losers anyways. :P

...saying things like, "Don't lick the garbage can!" or "Your uncle is not a horse!", things that I never thought I would say.

...being excited for someone's poop. Yep, never thought that would happen until I had children. But I can proudly say I have been very excited several times for both of my children's poop. They will kill me for posting this when they are older, but its the truth. :)

...also being excited for things like going grocery shopping, coupons, newly found recipes, adult interaction (the big one) and innovative cleaning supplies. Without me knowing it, I have suddenly become my mom.

...thinking all day long about breastfeeding and my boobs. I do not know if there is a single second of my day that I am not thinking about breastfeeding or doing something for my milk supply. I am consumed by it. And rightfully so, I am afterall my daughter's main (soon only) source of food.

...being able to hold at least 20+ things in your hand (not including the baby and the keys) and still being able to open the door.

...knowing how to make a meal out of just about anything that is in your fridge. And (here's the key) making it so that your kids will eat it!

...mastering the "Mom Look" so well that it even gets your husband moving! I think my "Mom Look" might be scarier than my OWN mother! That is impressive!

...wanting nothing more for your birthday or Mother's Day or Christmas (pretty much any holiday involving gifts) than your children to be around you. I love to spend time with my children and the only thing that even comes close to that as a present is something they made.

...being able to pick up both of your kids at once.

I love you Alan and Anna.

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