Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Toddler Talk Tuesday! October 2, 2012

Attention readers, I bid you warning, STAY AWAY FROM MY HOUSEHOLD!!!! We have caught the dreaded cold going around! And it is kicking ALL of our butts! I always know how a cold travels through our household, usually through my husband or Alan. This time, Lon passed it to Alan, then Alan gave it to me, and even though I tried SO HARD, after a few miserable days I gave it to Anna. :/ As of right now, just the kids and I still have it. Lon was pretty much over it after the weekend was over and Alan only really coughs at night now. But it is kicking my rear pretty badly. My nose is plugged, I'm congested, I have a horrid cough, I have sinus headaches and am soooooo miserably sore. Ugh!!! No fun! Anna thankfully only has a runny nose and is very grumpy. I hope she will get over it fast!

Not much else is going on today. Tomorrow I have Alan and Anna's well child checkups (a whole month late lol). Pretty sure they will not be giving Anna her two month vaccines because of her cold so we will be even more behind on her schedule. Oh well lol, I wanted to do a delayed schedule for her, guess I am getting what I want to the extreme! :) I also have a playdate with Kelton and his mama Kelsie tomorrow and its Uncle Aaron's birthday. Then Thursday is Lon's. I plan on taking him out to dinner this weekend, but will make him a nice dinner for his actual birthday.

Here is this week's Toddler Talk Tuesday!

Toddler Talk Tuesday

I have recently introduced Play Doh to Alan at home (he has played with clay before but not Play Doh). This morning he came up to me and asked, "Can I play Dohdoh Mama? You know, Dohdohdohdohdohdohdohdohdohdohdohdohdohdohdohdoh?" I had no idea what he was talking about, so I asked him. He stamped his foot and stated, "Play Dohdoh! Play Dohdoh Mama! I want to play Dohdoh!" Then he pointed to the stack of Play Doh colors we had. I was so confused before that lol! How funny is he???

I was writing a blog post and both kids were playing on the floor next to me. Alan looked over and asked me what I was doing. I responded with, "Working on the computer baby. Why?" Alan smiled and replied, "I dunno Mama. Do you like to play on the buffutor?"

Alan's favorite part of his bedtime routine is storytime. He always picks the same book, 10 Little Dinosaurs, and practically knows all the words to it himself. Sometimes I have to feed Anna first and he falls asleep before I can read to him. This makes me a little sad but I still let him sleep. One night, I told him to lie down and I would be right back and he frowned at me, saying, "Mama but if you leave, I will just fall asleep and not get my story!" I did not think he remembered that!!

Alan's favorite nightime book
What funny things does your toddler say????

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