Friday, October 31, 2014

All Hallow's Eve 2014

I hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween night! I know that we did! It was the perfect way to end one crazy week for me, I wouldn't have had it any other way! We never ended up going to the pumpkin patch or corn maze, we just didn't have the time. But Grandpa Kevin picked out two good pumpkins for Alan and Anna to carve up! Thanks Grandpa! Alan carved a "half Ninjago, half Captain America" pumpkin and Anna carved a silly pumpkin face. They both turned out pretty cute, even though we messed up on the top part of Anna's pumpkin lol!

Tuesday morning, Anna had her Halloween party for her dance class. She wore her costume but was the only kid in her class that did for some reason. They still got a chance to dress up at the end of class, which Anna always loves. They also played with pompoms and did the obstacle course. Miss Rachel loves how good Anna is already at her gymnastics skills. I always have to remind her its only because I also teach dance and gymnastics lol. But she had a blast!

She's Spidergirl Princess Fairy! I think...

Alan had his own little Halloween party to attend too. His preschool class had their Halloween party on Friday. Anna and I attended the first half of the party and went trick-or-treating with his class. With the Y promoting healthy living, small toys and stickers were given instead of candy. I don't think that the kids had ANY problem with that! Alan was so excited to fill his treat bag with little toy goodies! :P Anna loved following in line with Alan's class. She felt like such a big girl! Then Miss Brandi read two Halloween stories to the class. Anna was all over the room, but did a pretty good job staying out of all of the treats lol. I wasn't able to get any photos of Alan at the party, but here is a picture of him afterwards, with his shield. It turned out pretty awesome, don't you think? Alan loves it!!!

He even has the blonde locks!

We went trick-or-treating with Uncle Kalvin. It was getting late (I have no idea where the time went that night, but all of a sudden it was like almost nine o'clock!) so we only went around the block. But the kids filled up their bags with lots of candy! Then we inhaled some dinner and went to visit Great Aunt Marnie and Grandma Amber. James, their cousin, was at Great Aunt Marnie's house and was dressed as Jake and the Neverland Pirates. The kids played for a bit and then we went trick-or-treating around Great Aunt Marnie's neighborhood. By the time we had made it to Grandma Amber's house, the kids were sound asleep lol. They had already had such a big day! We changed them out of their costumes and let them go to bed for the night. We were able to watch a movie just the two of us! It was a nice way to end Halloween.

Here are a few photos from Halloween night. I know, I usually take so many more pictures then this but my phone was dead halfway through the night. Blah!

Oh and here is my handsome nephew Benton in his Halloween costume! He was with his parents and other set of grandparents in Canada on Halloween night. :) Love you Benton, hope your first time trick-or-treating was a blast! Happy Halloween!

How was your Halloween night?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Fall Gymnastics Showcases

Oh boy, did I have a busy week! I had a total of five showcase performances, plus a Thriller performance for my Saturday hip hop class! How crazy! I cannot believe that next week is Halloween and everything that comes with it: Alan's preschool Halloween party, Healthy Halloween at my work and trick or treating! It is just insane! We need to finish up the last few things on the kiddos costumes! And get pumpkins! Gah, its all coming up so fast!

Tumble 1 5:30 class

My younger Tumble 1 class did wonderful! They performed two floor routines (a boys routine and a girls routine) and a beam routine for their friends and family. I also passed four out of eight of my kids to Tumble 2, literally half of the class! Even the ones who are staying in Tumble 1 still progressed so much in the 7 weeks of class. Good job kids, you all worked so hard! I am very proud of all of you. Hope to see you next class. Above is a photo of Miss Ariel and I doing a skills pose with the kids.

Tumble 1 6:30 class

My older girls in my Tumble 1 class did amazing in their showcase performance! They performed their one floor routine twice and their beam routine. I loved their artistry and their skills display! I passed five out of the seven girls to Tumble 2. Wonderful job girls! I am quite proud of you, you all worked very hard and progressed so much. Thank you for always trying and doing your best! Hope to see you next session in class! Above is a class photo of us doing a skills pose. Keep up all the hard work!

Tumble Bears class

My Tumble Bears class worked so hard on their showcase. I am very proud of all of these little girls! It is quite difficult for a bunch of three and four year olds to sit and wait for their turn to show of their gymnastics skills, but these girls did a wonderful job! Great job girlies! Hope to see you in class next session, keep up all the hard work!

Tumble 2 5:30 class

My younger Tumble 2 class made me quite proud too! Their showcase performance pieces were very difficult, especially for our five year olds. But they still did their best and worked very hard! Good job guys! I passed three of the seven students in this class, that is a pretty good amount considering how difficult the skill list for Tumble 2 is! Most students go through this class at least twice, but some of my students only needed one session! :D Above is both our certificate picture as well as our skills picture. Hope to see you all in class next session!

Tumble 2 6:30 class

I am still waiting to get the photos from one of my students' mamas for this class. But they worked the hardest by far! The theme of their floor routines were "Mastery" and the theme of their beam routine was "Balance." I pushed these kids so hard, and they succeeded at almost everything I threw at them! Amazing job guys! I passed almost the whole class to Tumble 3, except for 2 students. That is also the best percentage for passing! I am super proud of these kids, they work so hard and impress me each class! Keep trying your hardest, I hope to see all of you in the next session!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Costumes 2014

Its that time of the year again! No, not Christmas! Happy Halloween season! Oh, I just love fall and all the fun that comes with it! School starting, then Alan's birthday, then Lon's birthday, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving and then Christmas time preparation! Yay! I do need to take a quick moment to apologize for being absent from the blog for most of this month. Those of you that know me know that October has become a hard time of the year for us. We have had a lot happen to us last year around this time, some of which is still present in our current life. A part of me wishes that we had our own place for this time of year, I have been daydreaming about decorating our house and trick or treaters coming. I really wish we could fully experience the holidays like we have in the past, but I try to remind myself of how far we have come even just in this one year. We have a good running car, Lon and I both make more then I did back then, Alan is doing well in school, Anna's speech is developing and she has since healed from the dog bite. I look back on last year around this time and only really remember pain and sadness. But the strength it took to overcome all of our hardships and the strength to continue to overcome is also there. I need to remember that when things get hard.

If you don't remember our Halloween costumes from last year or weren't following our blog yet, here is a refresher. Last year, Alan was the Green Power Ranger. Anna was Elmo but having been bitten just three days before Halloween was a little hard on her, so I don't think she had the best time. :( Lon was a zombie and I dressed up last minute as the Wicked Witch of the West.

I wasn't super into Halloween last year, especially with the dog bite incident and my grandfather's passing that same month. But this year, I am a little more excited for Halloween. Anna is a year older and is excited to wear a costume this year. Alan really helped me pick out his costume this year and even helped his father design his homemade shield! It should be a better year for us.

We are not fully finished with their costumes (Alan still needs his shield finished and Anna needs her skirt pinned to fit her) but here they are for this year! The difference that just a year makes is CRAZY!

Sooooo, what-do-ya-think?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Birthday Parties!

And I thought that September was the month for birthday parties! Holy birthday parties this month though! Last weekend was two of Anna's friends' birthday parties and this weekend the kids have another birthday party for some siblings we know! That is technically four different birthday kids! Crazy!

Ryleigh's Birthday Party

Miss Anna was invited to her very first birthday party for a daycare friend where her big brother was not present. My big girl did such a good job too! The party was Thomas the train themed, I thought that was super cute and original! Look at that cake too! Her mother spent all night making it, and it is rainbow striped on the inside too! Wow! I was working the party, so I didn't get to take many photos of her. But here are some from Ryleigh's mama! The kids did an obstacle course, played hide and go seek together, and flew on the zip line! Miss Anna had a blast and was such a big girl! She wasn't even upset when Alan had to leave. Good job Anna Banana! Happy birthday Miss Ryleigh!

The party guests going through the obstacle course
(Anna in upper left corner with green balloon)

Emma and Joseph's Birthday Party

Both Alan and Anna went to this party, it was a birthday for two siblings that they were both friends with. Joseph's party was Minecraft themed (Alan was in HEAVEN lol, guess what he wants for his birthday next year) and Emma's party was Tinkerbell themed. They each had their own decorated cake and cupcakes! Yum! Since it was a staff member's party, there were 28 kids total. 28!!!!! That was the biggest birthday party I have ever done! Wow! :D All of the kids had a wonderful time. It was a little loud, wild and crazy lol. But we had a good time regardless. Alan was so excited to run all over with his best friends and Anna had Emma to chase around. The kids loved the zip line, I had to make it into its own "station-type" obstacle course lol. There were so many kids! We made it work though and in the end, everyone had such an amazing time! Happy birthday Emma and Joseph!

The whole birthday crew
(minus Miss Anna, she refused to sit down for the photo!)

Next weekend, we have a baby shower too! All this week I have gymnastics showcases and then my two Thriller performances. And then its Halloween! Oh my word, so much to do this October! The kids and I are just loving every second of it though!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy birthday Hubby!

Today is a very special birthday to me. It is my amazing, handsome, smart, funny, caring, loving husband. Happy birthday Lon!

We have been together for over six years now, oh how much we have experienced together! Happiness and sadness, sickness and health, many different houses, several different jobs, two beautiful births of our amazing children, the passing of two loved ones, finding new friends and loving each other each and every day. I love you Lon! Here's to many more years spent together raising this beautiful little family we have! Happy birthday babe.

Tonight, I am taking Lon out to eat for his birthday. I am not sure yet where he wants to go, probably Outback Steakhouse, knowing him lol. But I am excited to have a night to celebrate him, just us two! Thanks Mom for watching the children for us!

Happy birthday sweetheart. We love you so much!