Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Costumes 2014

Its that time of the year again! No, not Christmas! Happy Halloween season! Oh, I just love fall and all the fun that comes with it! School starting, then Alan's birthday, then Lon's birthday, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving and then Christmas time preparation! Yay! I do need to take a quick moment to apologize for being absent from the blog for most of this month. Those of you that know me know that October has become a hard time of the year for us. We have had a lot happen to us last year around this time, some of which is still present in our current life. A part of me wishes that we had our own place for this time of year, I have been daydreaming about decorating our house and trick or treaters coming. I really wish we could fully experience the holidays like we have in the past, but I try to remind myself of how far we have come even just in this one year. We have a good running car, Lon and I both make more then I did back then, Alan is doing well in school, Anna's speech is developing and she has since healed from the dog bite. I look back on last year around this time and only really remember pain and sadness. But the strength it took to overcome all of our hardships and the strength to continue to overcome is also there. I need to remember that when things get hard.

If you don't remember our Halloween costumes from last year or weren't following our blog yet, here is a refresher. Last year, Alan was the Green Power Ranger. Anna was Elmo but having been bitten just three days before Halloween was a little hard on her, so I don't think she had the best time. :( Lon was a zombie and I dressed up last minute as the Wicked Witch of the West.

I wasn't super into Halloween last year, especially with the dog bite incident and my grandfather's passing that same month. But this year, I am a little more excited for Halloween. Anna is a year older and is excited to wear a costume this year. Alan really helped me pick out his costume this year and even helped his father design his homemade shield! It should be a better year for us.

We are not fully finished with their costumes (Alan still needs his shield finished and Anna needs her skirt pinned to fit her) but here they are for this year! The difference that just a year makes is CRAZY!

Sooooo, what-do-ya-think?

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