Friday, November 29, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Weekend Thus Far

Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and/or a great first day of Hanukkah? We did, that's for sure! Oh, our families are all so good to us, they love us no matter what. I get so sentimental around the holidays (or maybe I am all the time lol) and I remember all my fond memories with my family members. We are so lucky to have such a great group of people who love my children and surround us with security, happiness, hope and love. They help us with so much and we are endlessly grateful for them! Love you guys!

We started out our Thanksgiving morning with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on the tv. We had toasted bagels with strawberry cream cheese and cereal for breakfast. Alan and Anna both enjoyed watching the parade. Alan really liked the Power Rangers, Finn and Jake, the Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles and Spongebob. He was also quite excited to see Santa at the end. Anna enjoyed watching all the marching band performances with the dance teams, the Mad Hatter dance group, the Seasame Street float and the Build-A-Bear float. She wasn't too impressed with Santa lol, but she is still little. After the parade, we went to Grandma Amber's house for Thanksgiving lunch/dinner. Grandma Amber, Grandpa Steve, Uncle Tyler, Aunt Sam, Uncle Chase, Aunt Ariel and the neighbors were all present to eat. Alan was really into eating the turkey and the stuffing this year, he refused to touch anything else. Anna tried a little bit of everything, off of just about everyone's plate lol. There are advantages to being the baby in the family with lots of aunts and uncles. I was just glad both kids got their bellies full! After eating some turkey, I convinced the kids to let me get a few Thanksgiving pictures of them. Alan was only into it for so long and Anna just wouldn't have it at all. 

We went to Great Aunt Carolyn's house after our lunch. It was Lon's first time going up to their new house, he was not expecting the long drive lol. But he did like their house, thought it was nice and perfect for them! Great Grandma Carol, Great Grandpa Floyd, Great Uncle Jerry, Great Aunt Carolyn, Great Uncle Rick, Ashley, Cody, cousin Sophie, and Garrett were all there. It was so awesome to see Miss Sophie again! She has grown up so much and my kids love her tons, they couldn't wait to play with her! We haven't really seen them since her last birthday party, I think Alan especially missed her.  They took almost all of Sophie's toys out and played dolls in the dollhouse, went bowling, drove cars all over the kitchen and even attempted to play catch in the house at one point. Anna followed Alan and Sophie everywhere, occasionally messing up what they were working on, but she did her best. She loved having another girl to follow around and talk to!

We had a second Thanksgiving dinner with these guys. Man I was so full by the end of the day, I had two plate-fulls between both houses! But it was some good food, let me tell you! We had more turkey, more mashed potatoes, delicious corn, a mandarin orange jello dish and some awesome stuffing! Alan only had more turkey and stuffing but Anna ate a ton of corn, turkey, potatoes and stuffing herself! Those kids ate so well both times, Lon and I were so proud of them! Good job, little growing bodies! Here is a picture of the Kids Table at Great Aunt Carolyn's house.

I was really missing my family in Townsend on Thanksgiving. It has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember to go up to Townsend to eat Thanksgiving dinner. Since I have gotten married, we haven't had reliable enough of a vehicle to confidently take it the 200+ miles to town. I would just love to take the kids up there sometime soon, we love and miss that family up there so much. One of these years we will have a nice car and can go up there to celebrate with them but for now, picture messages from little sis Natalie will have to work. She has been sending me tons of photos from the trip. Of my nephew, my siblings, the whole family, I love them all. Here (Going clockwise) is my nephew Benton and Aunt Natalie at the Turkey Trot in Helena, almost the whole Welch family at Thanksgiving dinner this year, Uncle Kalvin and Grandma Melanie with Benton after the Turkey Trot races. Love you all and miss you! Happy Thanksgiving!

I worked this morning for Black Friday, we were surprisingly slow! It was a nice, short 3 hour shift with the kids, Alan even got to go play in the gym with the big kids! Then we came home and cleaned up the place a bit. I cleaned the living room, did a load of dishes, washed and folded two loads of laundry, and then made the kids leftovers from what we got from Grandma Amber's for lunch and dinner. It was not the typical Black Friday, but a very productive day regardless! Aunt Natalie sent me Benton's first photo with Santa Claus, I almost cried. He looks so handsome and he was apparently so happy! He wasn't scared of Santa at all! If you remember, Alan JUST got used to liking the idea of Santa Claus last year lol. Anna still is totally iffy on the whole situation. So for Benton to be totally chill with Santa? Pretty cool little man, pretty cool...

Once it was dark out, we picked up Aunt Ariel and headed downtown to the Holiday Parade. Several of my cousins participated in the parade with their roller derby team and one of Anna's friends was also in the parade with his dad's towing company! Aunt Ariel, Alan and Anna enjoyed the parade very much! It wasn't too chilly out and we found a great little spot. Alan got a lot of candy and a cool flag to wave. And we saw everyone we wanted to! My favorites were the bagpipe band and the horses. Alan really liked all the military and police force, and the candy, of course lol. Anna's favorite totally was the boat full of Disney and Seasame Street characters. But she just loved all the lights and music and saying "hi" to everyone she saw lol! It was a great little parade, that's for sure. All the kids had a good time!

We have had a great weekend so far! I cannot wait for the rest of it! I work in the morning again tomorrow and then am off for the rest of the weekend! Aunt Natalie and Benton will also be staying over on Sunday! And we are going to try and get tickets to Seasame Street Live Sunday too. Benton, Alan and Anna will love it! Aunt Natalie and I also want to try to get Santa Claus pictures at the mall with all three cousins! I am so excited for this weekend! I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving too! Have a safe Black Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from the Andersen Family!

Happy Thanksgiving Day! Gobble, gobble says Alan's little turkey!

For Thanksgiving this year, we plan on going over to Grandma Amber's house for a Thanksgiving lunch. We hope to also stop by Great Aunt Marnie's house to see Great Grandma Marcia and cousin James! Then we will be headed up to Great Aunt Carolyn's again for Thanksgiving dinner. It should be a beautiful, amazing day of love, family and thanksgiving! I hope everyone is also prepared to have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be thankful for! I know that we as a family sure do!

I am so very thankful for my awesome family! We are truly the Fab Four, always together no matter the weather! I love my husband so much! He has been working his butt off at work and recently got a promotion! Great job Lon, we are so proud of you! Both of my children are so wonderful too. I am so thankful to have such loving, smart, silly children! Alan is such a little smartie, he is always asking questions, loves preschool, and recently started also using the learning website as well. He just wants to learn everything he can! As for Miss Anna, she is just as amazing! Our little girl has grown up so much lately, she is so close to just talking, probably in full sentences too! Grandma Melanie and her were reading a book recently when she surprised us with her newest word, "Penguin!"She yelled it at Grandma Melanie and we all just couldn't believe it! She is so smart! Miss Anna really loves to dance too, just like her Mommy and Aunt April. She is a great little dancer too, knows how to spin around and wave her arms, even can clap while she dances! :) I can't wait to watch these two grow up to become even more amazing people! Lon and I are so blessed to have them both in our lives!

Both of my children at their birthday parties this year

I am also thankful for my sister Natalie and her adorable little family. I love you guys, you gave us our first nephew! Benton is such a sweetheart, he is the perfect nephew in my opinion! We were so lucky to get to babysit Benton today before everyone left to Townsend. I enjoyed every minute with him! Alan spoke with him some, he really likes Benton lol. Can't wait until he is old enough to play. Anna was confused why Mom had another baby in her arms/lap and a little jealous. But she did talk about him a lot, and to him quite a bit as well lol. She also tired to sit on him though, which scared him, and then was petting him "nicely" like we've been really working on with her, but it also made him fuss. Oh young baby cousin rivalry, you kill me! Its all too cute! I love them both! Aunt Natalie, Uncle Jake and Benton: I love you three so very much. You are all so amazing! Thank you for being in our lives, you make them even better each and every day! 

I am thankful for the rest of my family too! My parents, Aunt April, Uncle Kalvin, Lon's parents, Uncle Cameron, Uncle Tyler, Aunt Sam, Uncle Aaron, Aunt Nikki, Uncle Chase and Aunt Ariel. You are all so good to this family. I don't know where we would have been this year without you guys. Thank you for everything you have done for this family and for anything that you will do for us in the future. You are all so wonderful! We love you! Thank you to all of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and all of my awesome cousins! I really cannot wait to see some of you later today and to those who I won't be seeing today, we miss you all and love you. You are all such great people, I grew up loving you and now my whole family can love you too. Thank you for including us in your Thanksgiving festivities!


I am thankful for my friends, I have seriously feel like I have the best friends ever! They bring me up when I am down, celebrate the good parts of our life with us, help us through the hard times, know all of our secrets, and are more like family then friends. We are so blessed! Thank you to all of my good friends, you all know who you are! We love you all!

I am thankful for my WTE mamas! They have been a big part of my life since before Alan was born. I have developed some very close, personal relationships with some of these gals. We truly are like sisters! They have also been with me through the long and hard nights, celebrated the small parental successes of life, helped me through the confusion, and laughed with me through the weird, funny parts of parenting. You guys are some AWESOME support! Thank you all, I am so blessed to have you in our lives! I hope we are friends for years to come and we get to share in our children growing up! Love you ladies!

I am thankful to have a great job where I can share my passion with students. I love teaching dance and gymnastics again. And to do it at the Billings Family YMCA, is so amazing. I can help out the community and give back on a regular basis with my work. I have always been about helping those in need and giving back to your community, it is just so cool that I can do it through my work. I have made wonderful, lifelong friends with other staff members at the YMCA and even the volunteers too. Plus, it is a great place for my children to go to, and to benefit from in so many different ways. Alan uses the Child Watch daycare, he goes to preschool at the Y, he takes swim lessons there and he also goes to hip hop dance class. Anna uses the Child Watch daycare as well, and plays at the YMCA Open Gym too. I will probably always work at the YMCA because it is not only my job, it is a part of my family now.

I am thankful that my husband has a job too. Like I mentioned above, he recently was promoted to manager at the Village Inn. We are so proud of him! He works so hard every single day, he only has Thanksgiving off this week. He will be back to work for Black Friday, one of their busiest days of the year! Everyone sure does love my hubby's pizza pie after a loooong day of shopping! Good job Lon!

I am thankful to have a working car. There have been many times that my family has not had a working car, we definitely understand the immense worth of one! My family and I have walked all over town before, it is a lot of work to say the least. I think that a lot of people do not realize how lucky they are to have a car, but it definitely is a luxury that we as a family appreciate! Cars are like gold in our books! With that being said, I am also thankful for this ability to be aware of how important cars are. And the ability to be able to walk those long distances we had to walk before, and making it through them. 

I am thankful for those who are not with their families today to celebrate, those that are serving the people. I am talking about those in the military, those who are police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, doctors and nurses. If you are not able to be with your family today because you are out helping others, THANK YOU!!! You truly are the most amazing and deserve to be applauded. Bless you for taking care of others on a day to be with your own loved ones.

I am thankful for this blog! And you readers, you are all so wonderful! Thank you for reading about my little family and for supporting this blog! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Some Things

I have been neglecting this blog bad this month, and I have no real excuses for why I haven't been posting. :/ Sorry! I have been quite busy at work, I guess, we finally got a new boss at the daycare. She has a lot of big plans for the activity scheduling and for me, I am very excited to work with her! I was also sick this weekend, everyone else had it the week before. Everyone but Mister Alan of course, I don't think that boy ever gets sick. He's lucky! :) Yuck, I hate being sick and usually am only once a year myself. But it always stinks! I am glad that today I am finally starting to feel normal again.

Anna and I have officially started our weekly Mama and Daughter dates while Alan is in preschool on Thursdays. We usually just go play in the YMCA Open Gym for an hour, but she just loves it! I enjoy spending time focusing on just her too, it is quite special to us both. I love that I get to spend individual time with both of my children! That way, both Alan and Anna have the chance to develop a personal relationship with me, something that is very important to me. My mother and I have a special relationship together, that is different then with April or Natalie or even Kalvin. We are all our own individual people though, so why wouldn't we? :) I hope to have that with both of my children. Alan usually gets his time with me while Anna naps, we read together or play with his action figures and Legos, he just loves it too. It makes me so happy!

Aunt April had her first formal dance for high school this weekend. I cannot believe that she is already that grown up! I still remember when she was Anna's size, running all over the house, wanting her picture to be taken... Not too much has changed, huh? :P I kid! She is a great girl, so smart and just so beautiful. She has grown to be quite the special young lady. And her date? We had a talk lol. I know she is just my sister, but hey, I am very protective of all of my siblings! I made sure they knew to be safe, have fun and most of all, be smart about things. You parents know what I am talking about! And she was good, she came home at a decent time and "nothing happened, they are just friends". Good, I think she needs to stay friends with ALL boys until she is 25! I guess I only have Instagram photos of her, but here are some pictures with her date! And because its IG, her dress and hair look different colors in all three photos lol! But still... Good looking kids!

Yesterday was Great Grandma Carol's birthday. We all went up to Great Aunt Carolyn's house to celebrate at her birthday dinner. They had the football game on for the men, and very yummy food! Then we had pumpkin pie cheesecake made by my cousin Julie. It was so good, even Uncle Kalvin and Alan had some! Miss Anna wasn't too into it though lol. :) It was great to see all of the family, I just loved seeing all of my cousins and their parents! Love them all so much! There were four generations of family there to celebrate with Great Grandma! So beautiful!

We made her a big photo collage for her birthday, full of pictures of Uncle Kalvin, Lon, Aunt April, Grandpa Kevin, Alan, Anna, Benton, Aunt Natalie and of course, me. She just loved it so much! I should have taken a photo of it for her, but I totally spaced lol. Oops! The other thing that I just loved was that my youngest cousin Avery played with Alan, Anna and Uncle Kalvin the whole party! They played ball with the dog, played in cousin Sophie's doll house, played Legos and just ran everywhere terrorizing with the other cousins. I loved it so much, those are things that Nat and I used to do when we were kids, it means so much to me that my kids can enjoy moments like that with their cousins! I love my family so much! We are all so good to each other. No one can love you like your family can, I always say. <3

We had such a wonderful weekend and are preparing for an even better week, with Aunt Natalie coming to town and Thanksgiving! I just cannot wait! I will do my best to post more this week, at least for Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a fantastic week, Alan only has one day of school this week. But I work all week long, gonna spread some Thanksgiving cheer around the YMCA! Even though my family doesn't have a lot, we are rich in things to be thankful for! 

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cousin James First Birthday

Man, I haven't posted something in so darn long! I have been so busy now that we have the car back. We had to take it back in again to get the alignment re-checked. Alan broke his glasses at school again, so I had to go to the eye doctor to replace them. Uncle Kalvin has been sick off and on lately, we have had to avoid the house to make sure we didn't catch what he has. Then it snowed today, and got really icy out. Especially on this one hill in town, there were several cars banked on the side of the road and when we drove past, I figured out why. We hit the darn patch of ice and slid right into the curb too! :/ No one was hurt and we had someone help us move out right away. So thankful for them!

We also had cousin James' first birthday party this past weekend. He has gotten so big since we had last seen him, walking and talking everywhere. He is just like Anna, they are good buds lol. We had a great time!

They had just moved into their first own house, we are quite happy for them! We brought them some towels as a house warming gift because well, you can never have enough towels lol! I love their little house! Maddie decorated it and painted the walls so nicely! She is so creative, most of the walls are striped! You've got talent, girl! :) I also want to give my cousin Blake the Cousin of the Year Award for playing with my kids at his own kid's party! I caught them all sitting together while James was eating cake, opening all the kid toys and playing with Alan and Anna. Thanks guy! You are so awesome!

Miss Anna was everywhere, chasing James and the other kids, exploring the house, trying to sneak outside. She is a wild one! This was the only good pic I could get of her! She is growing so much still and her bite is almost fully healed. The Steri Strips are still on there, they should fall off in the next few days. She is also working on her two front teeth at once! She will be our little mouse girl with only the four middle teeth lol. And she can sing "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth" lol! Yes!

I made several attempts to get a photo of all three cousins together, it did NOT happen lol. Here are my four attempts, Anna isn't in 3 of them. But Alan has one good shot lol! Oh I hope Maddie's camera was faster! Silly kids!

What did you do this weekend?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Snow, Veteran's Day, and Healing

It is snowing again! Alan loves it, although I think he's a little confused lol. He can't decide if today is Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas because of the snow! I told him I hope it isn't either of the last two, we so aren't prepared for Thanksgiving or Christmas here yet! Ah, I get panicky thinking about how we will do Christmas this year... Still trying to figure everything out. :) It is so beautiful out, but I do have to admit that it does make me very anxious because the last time it snowed here and we wrecked the car on the way to the ER. As long as we drive real slow and don't go out much (except to play in the snow lol), we will be good! After all, I've been a Montanan all me life, a little snow never scared or hurt anyone who knew what they were doing. ;) Oh! And speaking of which, we did get our car back on Friday. Just had to replace the wheel and the tires and repair the alignment some. Yay, I am so happy to have my little car back again!

Happy Veteran's Day!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has served for our country or is currently serving for our country, and all their amazing families. You hear all the time that there is no such thing as real life superheroes. But they have it all wrong, there are superheroes around us, everyday! The people serving in the military for our country are our real life superheroes! Like the Sprout Channel says Hooray for Heroes! Thank you!! Special shout out to Great Grandpa Louie who was WWII veteran, Uncle Cameron who is a Iraq War veteran and Uncle Aaron who is also a Iraq War veteran. We love you three! Thank you for protecting our freedom!

Its been two days since all the stitches have been taken out and a whole two weeks since the incident, Anna has been doing great ever since! The area is still bandaged with Steri-Strips (these things are amazing) and has stopped bleeding. She will probably have a small scar that will fade away with time. Our beautiful, strong little girl! We are so proud of you, everything you went through! Man! We are so blessed to have you in our lives! I thought I would finish out this blog post by doing a progression of Anna's healing process from the bite.

She has gone through so much these past two weeks, we have one of the strongest little girls ever. I am so grateful that we are almost done with all the doctor appointments and visits to the Emergency Room Walk in Clinic. I hope we don't have to do another one of those for a long, long time! We love you Anna Ariel, and will always think you are beautiful. No matter what. We are just so blessed to have you in our lives!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Anna Ariel: 16 Months Old

I missed it yesterday, but our beautiful little girl turned 16 months old. She has been growing like a little weed this month and has had so many milestones. We are so proud of her! She have gone through so much this past month, she has been such a strong little fighter the whole time! It is also Montana's 124th birthday today! 124 years ago, our great state became an official state! Yay! We love you too Montana! Happy birthday!

At 16 months, Anna Ariel:

*Is 22 pounds and 8 ounces and is 32 inches long. She gained two pounds in one month, you go girl! Doctor Yontz will be so proud of you!

*Is officially in size 18M only for shirts, pants and skirts. She is still in size 3 for diapers though, although there may be a change next month. :)

*Has auburn colored hair, just like her mama. :) She has some red streaks that run through the top layer of hair, but its mostly all auburn now. Her eyes look more like her daddy's now though, a hazel color with some blue in it too. She is just gorgeous!

*HOUSTON!!! We have a third tooth!!!!! You heard us correctly, this month she has grown another tooth! The top left tooth in the middle has started poking through, making this little girl quite the grumpy, growly bear lol. We are so happy those teeth are finally coming in though!

*Eats everything we do now. She is so happy that she does too, I think she thinks that sitting up at the table with us makes her a big girl lol. She is getting the hang of utensils now too. She is a total weirdo though, and will only eat food when everyone else is. I kid you not! She will refuse food over and over again, until you take a bite first, then she just HAS to eat lol!

*Has officially been done breastfeeding for a month now. Although it makes me sad to think that we are really done with that special time of her and I's life, I am very proud of myself for fighting through the issues we had at the beginning and actually being able to nurse her for fifteen months total! That is six months longer then I nursed Alan! I am quite proud of both of us!

*Had many milestones this month, some good and one not so good. She has started talking more, responding with words to everything you say now. She started playing with toys, walking little people around and having them talk with each other. Totally makes me flash back to when Alan started doing this! I love playing with Miss Anna! :) She is totally into dancing now, loves to watch people dance and will even get down a little herself. She is such a cute little dancer! She also got her first set of stitches in, eight total. This milestone makes me sad, but it is an important part of this month, nonetheless.

*Has yet to have much improvement in the sleep area. She still keeps waking up every hour or so at night, fussing. And in the daytime, she is now trying to cut out naps too. She will go to sleep around 8 or 9 at night and sleep all the way until 10 or 11 the next morning. But then, she will fight her nap time for so long that usually by the time we do get her to sleep, she will only get a half hour or so. Silly little girl, already trying to be just like big brother! He stopped his naps at 18 months.

*Can now say, "Mama, Dada, BruhBruh (Alan), Kitty, Bobba (Bottle), No, Yeah, Eat, Hi, Nigh Nigh, ByeBye, Boo, April, Gramma, Papa, GumGum (Thank You), Pwease (Please), Ball, Play, Icky and What" She is still a total mimic too. If you talk to her, she will always respond with something. She talks when she plays with her toys too.

*Likes dancing with Mama and Aunt April, Princess Sophia, being allowed to walk everywhere with brother and mom instead of being carried, all animals, being outside, playing with Alan or Uncle Kalvin, kisses and hugs, her family, running (she does it EVERYWHERE now lol), clothes and shopping and being a big kid now!

Happy 16 months Anna Ariel! Daddy, Alan and I love you so much! We are so blessed to have you in our lives, we don't know where we would be without you!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Photos From my Phone

I just haven't been in the mood to post much this week. I am sorry, I think I may be getting sick again and with all of the stress from Anna's stitches and fixing our car have just left me overall stressed and exhausted. But I am forcing myself to post today. I need to update everyone on our weekend and weekly happenings because despite having a vehicle in the shop, we have done quite a lot this week. We had a birthday party (our last one until cousin James' in a few weeks, yes!) and played out in the leaves, Anna had her stitches partially removed and Alan got his school pictures back. Quite a bit of things! :) Here are some photos from my phone for this week:

Miss Anna is now fitting into all of Alan's old clothes, I am just loving it! For some weird reason, I didn't start saving Alan's clothes for our next child until he was 18 months old. With Anna, I started a little earlier, at 12 months, but I don't know why I don't save any darn baby clothes! They were always so cute too! Oh well, I gave the two Montana onesies from both Alan and Anna to Baby Benton to wear, so that counts too! This shirt Anna is wearing is from my good friend Ashley and her kids. They live in Saskatchewan, Canada so they gave this Canada shirt to Alan for his second Christmas. I loved it so much, I had to save it! I love my Canada babies lol!

We just had to go play out in the leaves last Sunday, it was so beautiful out and the kids were just itching to get outside in the warmth. Probably one of the last warm days of the year. It was so bright and sunny out, I just loved it! I did my best to rake the yard up, but as you can imagine, it was quite impossible with two kiddos who wanted to play. I would rake one pile up and Alan would destroy the first pile lol. Over and over again. :P We all had a wonderful time together, playing in the leaves. I was also able to snap some cute fall pictures too! All around success, if I do say so myself. Except for the leaf removal part lol, there are still semi-piles laying all around the yard.

We also had Trent's first birthday party to celebrate. Trent is Anna's buddy, Alan is friends with Trent's older sister and I am friends with his mama. :) We went to Kid's Klubhouse to celebrate, I love that place! So much for kids of all ages to do! Alan and Anna both love going there! Alan was able to meet up with his best friend Kelton, who he hasn't seen in so long! They followed each other everywhere (pictured top left)! It made me so happy! Anna enjoyed exploring the floor level area, she wouldn't go up to the upper levels even with Mama. :) Her favorite places were the Ball Room (pictured top right) and the Baby Room (pictured at the bottom). She loved the slide in the Baby Room, but refused to figure out the stairs. Instead she insisted on climbing up the slippery slide lol! Crazy determined girl! Thank you Trent for inviting us to celebrate with you! We had a wonderful time!

Miss Anna went in to get her stitches removed on Tuesday. We went back into the Emergency Room Walk in Clinic (a much calmer place then the actual ER) to get them removed. We were both quite apprehensive about the visit, so we brought Grandma Amber with us for support. It took five people again to hold her down, she is so darn strong! They only ended up removing 3 of the 8 stitches (we were all off by one stitch I guess, doctor reports said she received 8 stitches that night) due to the scab not fully being healed. Every time they tried to remove a stitch, the scab tried to come out too.

We finally got Alan's preschool pictures back this week! Oh they are so adorable, we have the most handsome little man ever! We got several individual photos of him and the class photo as well. He is squinting from the sun in the class picture, but still is so cute! And his picture is the sweetest, handsomest thing ever! Oh my goodness, he just looks exactly like his father! I have seen pictures of Lon that look so close to this one, its freaky! :P Oh I love my two handsome boys so much!

How was your week? Did you make a point to take some pictures?