Friday, November 1, 2013

Sartorie Farms 2013

Last Sunday October 27, we all piled in the car with Aunt Ariel and Dad, on our way up to the pumpkin patch and corn maze at Sartorie Farms. Its a nice big farm way up in the heights. They are somewhat different then the Grandpa's Maize farm on the west end, but we thought we would try this new place out. Grandpa's Maize is always closed on Sundays and that is usually Lon and I's only free day in the week. So Sartorie Farms seemed like a much better option for us. It was just waaaaaaaaaaay out there lol! Felt like I was driving in the farming community in Townsend again!
Sartorie Farms has two corn mazes in front of the plot, and a huge pumpkin patch in the back. They had also set up a mini golf course that looked so cute, but there was a bunch of teenage boys hogging it while we were there. :/ We did get to get lost in the maze, only because my crazy husband thought it would be a good idea to start running and taking random turns lol. He's wild like that sometimes. :) Just when I thought that we'd be lost forever, we found the entrance to the pumpkin patch. Yay, freedom from the corn people lol!

At the pumpkin patch, we picked out five perfect pumpkins. It took some time too, since it was so darn close to Halloween, a lot of the good pumpkins had already been picked. Anna and I hung out in the center of the patch, standing with the pumpkins we had already picked out, while Lon and the kids walked around the whole patch. Even Aunt Ariel found a good one! Her's was very tall and was shaped very interestingly, looked like a sugar skull. She loved it! Alan just HAD to have a pumpkin with warts all over lol, he called it his warty witch pumpkin. Silly boy. Anna, Lon and I just picked out normal shaped, normal sized pumpkins. We gave Anna the most perfect looking one of the three though! It was such a cute little pumpkin for such a cute little girl.

It was terribly bright outside too that day! I mean WOW, look at that shining sun over the pumpkin patch! Lon and I even had our sunglasses and were blown away by how nice and bright it was outside! Much better then snowy and cold though I guess. We did get snowed out the next day, so there was no real complaint there. :)

My poor family blinded while we take our pumpkin pictures lol. They were such troopers!
Then we had to wait a little bit before the hayride tractor would take us back to our car with the pumpkins. We walked around sight seeing and enjoying the farm. I took some pictures with the kiddos too. Darn, I wish those teenagers hadn't commandeered the whole mini golf course, Alan would have loved to have played a round or two with Aunt Ariel and I. He loves mini golf. Darn kids lol! We still had a great time regardless though.

Then it was time to head home and have one of the biggest pumpkin carving parties ever! Aunt April and Uncle Kalvin also had to carve their pumpkins, so we had SEVEN total pumpkins! It was quite crazy! I took the majority of my photos on my digital camera, I will have to post those later. But here are some that I took from my phone!

Overall, we had a wonderful time at Sartorie Farms! It was a great day with family! I would definitely recommend going there to anyone! We will be going there next year too and from now on!

Tune in next week to see about Alan's two showcases from this last week (Gymnastics and Hip Hop) and to see how our Halloween went! I hope that everyone had a great Halloween and will have a wonderful weekend as well! We have plans to go to another birthday party (ANOTHER?) and to just spend time with the family. Happy Friday everyone!

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