Monday, November 11, 2013

Snow, Veteran's Day, and Healing

It is snowing again! Alan loves it, although I think he's a little confused lol. He can't decide if today is Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas because of the snow! I told him I hope it isn't either of the last two, we so aren't prepared for Thanksgiving or Christmas here yet! Ah, I get panicky thinking about how we will do Christmas this year... Still trying to figure everything out. :) It is so beautiful out, but I do have to admit that it does make me very anxious because the last time it snowed here and we wrecked the car on the way to the ER. As long as we drive real slow and don't go out much (except to play in the snow lol), we will be good! After all, I've been a Montanan all me life, a little snow never scared or hurt anyone who knew what they were doing. ;) Oh! And speaking of which, we did get our car back on Friday. Just had to replace the wheel and the tires and repair the alignment some. Yay, I am so happy to have my little car back again!

Happy Veteran's Day!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has served for our country or is currently serving for our country, and all their amazing families. You hear all the time that there is no such thing as real life superheroes. But they have it all wrong, there are superheroes around us, everyday! The people serving in the military for our country are our real life superheroes! Like the Sprout Channel says Hooray for Heroes! Thank you!! Special shout out to Great Grandpa Louie who was WWII veteran, Uncle Cameron who is a Iraq War veteran and Uncle Aaron who is also a Iraq War veteran. We love you three! Thank you for protecting our freedom!

Its been two days since all the stitches have been taken out and a whole two weeks since the incident, Anna has been doing great ever since! The area is still bandaged with Steri-Strips (these things are amazing) and has stopped bleeding. She will probably have a small scar that will fade away with time. Our beautiful, strong little girl! We are so proud of you, everything you went through! Man! We are so blessed to have you in our lives! I thought I would finish out this blog post by doing a progression of Anna's healing process from the bite.

She has gone through so much these past two weeks, we have one of the strongest little girls ever. I am so grateful that we are almost done with all the doctor appointments and visits to the Emergency Room Walk in Clinic. I hope we don't have to do another one of those for a long, long time! We love you Anna Ariel, and will always think you are beautiful. No matter what. We are just so blessed to have you in our lives!

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