Friday, November 8, 2013

Anna Ariel: 16 Months Old

I missed it yesterday, but our beautiful little girl turned 16 months old. She has been growing like a little weed this month and has had so many milestones. We are so proud of her! She have gone through so much this past month, she has been such a strong little fighter the whole time! It is also Montana's 124th birthday today! 124 years ago, our great state became an official state! Yay! We love you too Montana! Happy birthday!

At 16 months, Anna Ariel:

*Is 22 pounds and 8 ounces and is 32 inches long. She gained two pounds in one month, you go girl! Doctor Yontz will be so proud of you!

*Is officially in size 18M only for shirts, pants and skirts. She is still in size 3 for diapers though, although there may be a change next month. :)

*Has auburn colored hair, just like her mama. :) She has some red streaks that run through the top layer of hair, but its mostly all auburn now. Her eyes look more like her daddy's now though, a hazel color with some blue in it too. She is just gorgeous!

*HOUSTON!!! We have a third tooth!!!!! You heard us correctly, this month she has grown another tooth! The top left tooth in the middle has started poking through, making this little girl quite the grumpy, growly bear lol. We are so happy those teeth are finally coming in though!

*Eats everything we do now. She is so happy that she does too, I think she thinks that sitting up at the table with us makes her a big girl lol. She is getting the hang of utensils now too. She is a total weirdo though, and will only eat food when everyone else is. I kid you not! She will refuse food over and over again, until you take a bite first, then she just HAS to eat lol!

*Has officially been done breastfeeding for a month now. Although it makes me sad to think that we are really done with that special time of her and I's life, I am very proud of myself for fighting through the issues we had at the beginning and actually being able to nurse her for fifteen months total! That is six months longer then I nursed Alan! I am quite proud of both of us!

*Had many milestones this month, some good and one not so good. She has started talking more, responding with words to everything you say now. She started playing with toys, walking little people around and having them talk with each other. Totally makes me flash back to when Alan started doing this! I love playing with Miss Anna! :) She is totally into dancing now, loves to watch people dance and will even get down a little herself. She is such a cute little dancer! She also got her first set of stitches in, eight total. This milestone makes me sad, but it is an important part of this month, nonetheless.

*Has yet to have much improvement in the sleep area. She still keeps waking up every hour or so at night, fussing. And in the daytime, she is now trying to cut out naps too. She will go to sleep around 8 or 9 at night and sleep all the way until 10 or 11 the next morning. But then, she will fight her nap time for so long that usually by the time we do get her to sleep, she will only get a half hour or so. Silly little girl, already trying to be just like big brother! He stopped his naps at 18 months.

*Can now say, "Mama, Dada, BruhBruh (Alan), Kitty, Bobba (Bottle), No, Yeah, Eat, Hi, Nigh Nigh, ByeBye, Boo, April, Gramma, Papa, GumGum (Thank You), Pwease (Please), Ball, Play, Icky and What" She is still a total mimic too. If you talk to her, she will always respond with something. She talks when she plays with her toys too.

*Likes dancing with Mama and Aunt April, Princess Sophia, being allowed to walk everywhere with brother and mom instead of being carried, all animals, being outside, playing with Alan or Uncle Kalvin, kisses and hugs, her family, running (she does it EVERYWHERE now lol), clothes and shopping and being a big kid now!

Happy 16 months Anna Ariel! Daddy, Alan and I love you so much! We are so blessed to have you in our lives, we don't know where we would be without you!

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