Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our Halloween 2013

Has anyone else been having issues with their Blogger? All of my sidebar stuff will only show up underneath my posts, completely defeating the purpose of a sidebar lol! I tried everything I could think of to fix it, without luck. Anyone else in the same boat? I am hoping so and that it will get fixed soon! Because it is quite annoying! :P

I figured that I would just go ahead and post today, even though I don't normally post on Saturdays and Sundays because they are reserved for the family! :) But I have so many darn things to post about, I will be so backed up if I don't start posting soon lol! Today we played outside for a good hour and a half, then later we will meet up with Daddy and go to Anna's friend's first birthday party at Kid's Klubhouse! Oh the kids just love it there, if I was rich and we lived closer, they would probably go to school there lol! Its great! After the party, I have two meetings for work. On a Sunday, blah!!! Oh well, I will have spent most of my day with the family still, its the little things. :) Miss Anna had a scare yesterday. The ONE thing both her ER doctor and her regular doctor warned us about: Infection. If she had redness around the site, swelling around the sight, a red line running away from the site, any fever or signs of pain, we have to take her into the doctor right away! Well yesterday morning, Miss woke up with major redness around the site and some light swelling. It also kinda looked like she had popped one of her stitches. We took her in as soon as the doctor's office opened. Thankfully, she did not do anything to her stitches, they were all intact. And the doctor said that it may be the beginning of an infection, but she was so happy and active, there was nothing more they would be able to do about it until it got worse. So we are waiting now, to see if it will get any worse. She goes back in on Tuesday to get them removed, hopefully we can stay infection free for the next few days!

Our Halloween was great! Even though it was hard on me, taking Anna around and having to tell everyone what happened (I would have become a hermit for a month while she healed if it had truly been up to me), she enjoyed being out and about with big brother and mama. Which is the important thing. We started out with Alan's preschool festivities, going trick-or-treating around with his class and having his Halloween party. Anna rode around in her stroller to get her goodies. At the YMCA, we don't celebrate with candy, we believe in Healthy Halloween and hand out little Halloween toys and stickers. The kids loaded up on toys, stickers and tattoos. They all had a blast!

Alan, the Green Power Ranger, after his preschool Halloween party

Anna, I mean Miss Elmo, also enjoyed trick or treating with Alan's preschool group!

After the Preschool Halloween party was over, Anna and I went to go spend some Mommy and Daughter time together at the Healthy Halloween Toddler Open Gym. She has only gone a few times but now that she is old enough, she loves it! I think we will make this a regular Thursday thing from now on! She played in that gym, by herself with me following her around, for about an hour! Loved playing with all the balls and rolling them down the inclines. She is so silly! I enjoy every second I get to spend with her now (not that I ever didn't before). She is truly a special little girl to go through everything she went through this week and to come out of it still happy and in love with life. I say it probably everyday, sometimes even more then once each day, but we are truly so blessed to have her in our lives! We love you so much Anna Ariel!

Lon was able to come trick or treating with us too! I was so happy about that, it has been hard to get together as a family now that our car is broken down. I cannot wait until it is fixed, hopefully soon! I hate the feeling of being stranded everywhere I go.

Lon even dressed himself up, but he went a little far on the scary line, at least for the kiddos. He went as a zombie and did some great facial makeup, that was quite realistic lol. Scared Anna, Alan and most
of the kids that came trick or treating. Dork! :P Miss Anna stayed with Grandma Melanie and helped her hand out candy. We went all around our block and around the two surrounding blocks as well. By the time we were finished, Alan's bag was soooooo heavy that he had to have me carry it around for him! He made out like a bandit! We made a point to visit Anna and Grandma Melanie every time we passed the house. Anna just loved it so much! She would scream at us from the door until we got up there, then talk to us about all the people she was seeing. That girl is seriously like DAYS away from actually saying words, not just baby jabber. I can feel it!

Hey there Elmo!
I was actually quite proud of myself and my 10 minute costume. I hadn't planned on dressing up as anything, especially with all that had happened this past week, but I had to wear something Halloweeny for my Thriller performance. I threw together a Wicked Witch of the West costume from clothing items I found around my house. My dad's top hat from a wedding he was in, my rainbow stockings from several Halloweens ago, my mom's funeral sweater, my great aunt's brooch she gave to me in her will, my favorite vintage skirt from junior high school and my skull shoes. I think that I did a pretty decent job, definitely wasn't scary but it was a Halloween costume nonetheless. Lon thought it looked pretty nice too, he loved my rainbow stockings! The only thing I was missing was some ruby slippers and a broom! Pretty good job for a 10 minute costume!

Our pumpkins turned out so good too! Miss Anna's (pictured in the top middle) was the only one that wouldn't stay lit, but Lon's pumpkin and Alan's pumpkin and mine all looked soooooo spooky in the night! Like Alan's pumpkin (pictured top right)? His is a ninja with a mask on! So cool, he came up with it all on his own!

How was your Halloween? Was it spooky enough for you and your family? I sure hope so!

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