Thursday, November 7, 2013

Photos From my Phone

I just haven't been in the mood to post much this week. I am sorry, I think I may be getting sick again and with all of the stress from Anna's stitches and fixing our car have just left me overall stressed and exhausted. But I am forcing myself to post today. I need to update everyone on our weekend and weekly happenings because despite having a vehicle in the shop, we have done quite a lot this week. We had a birthday party (our last one until cousin James' in a few weeks, yes!) and played out in the leaves, Anna had her stitches partially removed and Alan got his school pictures back. Quite a bit of things! :) Here are some photos from my phone for this week:

Miss Anna is now fitting into all of Alan's old clothes, I am just loving it! For some weird reason, I didn't start saving Alan's clothes for our next child until he was 18 months old. With Anna, I started a little earlier, at 12 months, but I don't know why I don't save any darn baby clothes! They were always so cute too! Oh well, I gave the two Montana onesies from both Alan and Anna to Baby Benton to wear, so that counts too! This shirt Anna is wearing is from my good friend Ashley and her kids. They live in Saskatchewan, Canada so they gave this Canada shirt to Alan for his second Christmas. I loved it so much, I had to save it! I love my Canada babies lol!

We just had to go play out in the leaves last Sunday, it was so beautiful out and the kids were just itching to get outside in the warmth. Probably one of the last warm days of the year. It was so bright and sunny out, I just loved it! I did my best to rake the yard up, but as you can imagine, it was quite impossible with two kiddos who wanted to play. I would rake one pile up and Alan would destroy the first pile lol. Over and over again. :P We all had a wonderful time together, playing in the leaves. I was also able to snap some cute fall pictures too! All around success, if I do say so myself. Except for the leaf removal part lol, there are still semi-piles laying all around the yard.

We also had Trent's first birthday party to celebrate. Trent is Anna's buddy, Alan is friends with Trent's older sister and I am friends with his mama. :) We went to Kid's Klubhouse to celebrate, I love that place! So much for kids of all ages to do! Alan and Anna both love going there! Alan was able to meet up with his best friend Kelton, who he hasn't seen in so long! They followed each other everywhere (pictured top left)! It made me so happy! Anna enjoyed exploring the floor level area, she wouldn't go up to the upper levels even with Mama. :) Her favorite places were the Ball Room (pictured top right) and the Baby Room (pictured at the bottom). She loved the slide in the Baby Room, but refused to figure out the stairs. Instead she insisted on climbing up the slippery slide lol! Crazy determined girl! Thank you Trent for inviting us to celebrate with you! We had a wonderful time!

Miss Anna went in to get her stitches removed on Tuesday. We went back into the Emergency Room Walk in Clinic (a much calmer place then the actual ER) to get them removed. We were both quite apprehensive about the visit, so we brought Grandma Amber with us for support. It took five people again to hold her down, she is so darn strong! They only ended up removing 3 of the 8 stitches (we were all off by one stitch I guess, doctor reports said she received 8 stitches that night) due to the scab not fully being healed. Every time they tried to remove a stitch, the scab tried to come out too.

We finally got Alan's preschool pictures back this week! Oh they are so adorable, we have the most handsome little man ever! We got several individual photos of him and the class photo as well. He is squinting from the sun in the class picture, but still is so cute! And his picture is the sweetest, handsomest thing ever! Oh my goodness, he just looks exactly like his father! I have seen pictures of Lon that look so close to this one, its freaky! :P Oh I love my two handsome boys so much!

How was your week? Did you make a point to take some pictures?

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