Monday, November 25, 2013

Some Things

I have been neglecting this blog bad this month, and I have no real excuses for why I haven't been posting. :/ Sorry! I have been quite busy at work, I guess, we finally got a new boss at the daycare. She has a lot of big plans for the activity scheduling and for me, I am very excited to work with her! I was also sick this weekend, everyone else had it the week before. Everyone but Mister Alan of course, I don't think that boy ever gets sick. He's lucky! :) Yuck, I hate being sick and usually am only once a year myself. But it always stinks! I am glad that today I am finally starting to feel normal again.

Anna and I have officially started our weekly Mama and Daughter dates while Alan is in preschool on Thursdays. We usually just go play in the YMCA Open Gym for an hour, but she just loves it! I enjoy spending time focusing on just her too, it is quite special to us both. I love that I get to spend individual time with both of my children! That way, both Alan and Anna have the chance to develop a personal relationship with me, something that is very important to me. My mother and I have a special relationship together, that is different then with April or Natalie or even Kalvin. We are all our own individual people though, so why wouldn't we? :) I hope to have that with both of my children. Alan usually gets his time with me while Anna naps, we read together or play with his action figures and Legos, he just loves it too. It makes me so happy!

Aunt April had her first formal dance for high school this weekend. I cannot believe that she is already that grown up! I still remember when she was Anna's size, running all over the house, wanting her picture to be taken... Not too much has changed, huh? :P I kid! She is a great girl, so smart and just so beautiful. She has grown to be quite the special young lady. And her date? We had a talk lol. I know she is just my sister, but hey, I am very protective of all of my siblings! I made sure they knew to be safe, have fun and most of all, be smart about things. You parents know what I am talking about! And she was good, she came home at a decent time and "nothing happened, they are just friends". Good, I think she needs to stay friends with ALL boys until she is 25! I guess I only have Instagram photos of her, but here are some pictures with her date! And because its IG, her dress and hair look different colors in all three photos lol! But still... Good looking kids!

Yesterday was Great Grandma Carol's birthday. We all went up to Great Aunt Carolyn's house to celebrate at her birthday dinner. They had the football game on for the men, and very yummy food! Then we had pumpkin pie cheesecake made by my cousin Julie. It was so good, even Uncle Kalvin and Alan had some! Miss Anna wasn't too into it though lol. :) It was great to see all of the family, I just loved seeing all of my cousins and their parents! Love them all so much! There were four generations of family there to celebrate with Great Grandma! So beautiful!

We made her a big photo collage for her birthday, full of pictures of Uncle Kalvin, Lon, Aunt April, Grandpa Kevin, Alan, Anna, Benton, Aunt Natalie and of course, me. She just loved it so much! I should have taken a photo of it for her, but I totally spaced lol. Oops! The other thing that I just loved was that my youngest cousin Avery played with Alan, Anna and Uncle Kalvin the whole party! They played ball with the dog, played in cousin Sophie's doll house, played Legos and just ran everywhere terrorizing with the other cousins. I loved it so much, those are things that Nat and I used to do when we were kids, it means so much to me that my kids can enjoy moments like that with their cousins! I love my family so much! We are all so good to each other. No one can love you like your family can, I always say. <3

We had such a wonderful weekend and are preparing for an even better week, with Aunt Natalie coming to town and Thanksgiving! I just cannot wait! I will do my best to post more this week, at least for Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a fantastic week, Alan only has one day of school this week. But I work all week long, gonna spread some Thanksgiving cheer around the YMCA! Even though my family doesn't have a lot, we are rich in things to be thankful for! 

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