Friday, March 28, 2014

Sunny Days are (Hopefully) Here to Stay!

Dare I say it? Dare I say that spring is here? I am afraid that if I post it on here, tomorrow morning we may wake up to snow! Montana weather is just wild like that in March lol! Hopefully now that its almost April, we will finally be done with all the darn winter weather! Because even though I was raised a snow bunny, I am ready for spring and summer to be here!

Today was gorgeous out! It was a chilly 32 degrees outside but the sun was out and shining! It felt wonderful compared to the awful cold days we have been having recently! I had to get the kids out in this amazing weather! So we left the front door open while we had lunch today, letting the nice fresh air and sun come in, then after lunch we went to the park to play until Lon was off of work! It was just fantastic!

I couldn't decide if I wanted to go to Pioneer Park or Rose Park, so I asked Alan's opinion. He thought that Rose Park would be better and since it was in the area of where we were meeting up with Lon after work, I agreed with him. We went there and at first there were no other kids on the playground! It was a little weird but Alan and Anna couldn't have cared. Some kids showed up and left, Alan even saw one of his old friends from when he was a baby! It was a pretty fun time!

Miss Anna loving life on the swings

Alan was everywhere, all over the park, he had a wonderful time. He kept talking about having Anna's first birthday party here, he has such great memory! He played with the digger, ran all over the fields, went on all the slides and played on the big kid playground. He is so big now, its crazy to me! He walked up to the big kid's playground and said, "Wow Mom! Looks just like my school's playground!" Then he just started climbing! He has grown up so much this past year at school, it is definitely present with his playground skills. They have developed so much! He can now do anything on the big kid playground, except for the monkey bars. That is quite the milestone, if I do say so myself! Good job Alan!

He wouldn't do this last spring, such a big boy now!

Anna really enjoyed the swings, she had me swing her several times while we were there. She went on a few slides and was too afraid to try the tunnel slides (Alan was the same way when he was a toddler too lol). She was really into the stairs though, she found a particular set of stairs that she liked and proceeded to go up and down them, over and over again lol. She was practicing! :) She had a fun time doing what she wanted at least!

Anna and her stairs, plus the gorgeous sky we got to look at all day! Beautiful!

We also found a hill close by to the playground to play on. The kids ran up that hill and rolled down it so many times, they were both EXHAUSTED by the time we had to leave. It was awesome lol! I forgot how much kids love just rolling down hills. Darn, it is so much fun! We have to do that from now on, it reminds me of when I was young! :)

Up, up, up the hill

AND down the hill we roll!

I hope this weather stays nice through the weekend! I only work so much on Saturday. Other then that we have Alan's soccer practice and first game, Aunt April's dance competition and the circus planned for this weekend. We should have lots of time to be outdoors, enjoying our new spring weather!

How do YOU enjoy springtime?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Good News! And Spring Showcase Maddness!

Are you having a bad day? Feeling a little glum? Well I have the thing for you! :D A bunch of GOOD NEWS to make you smile and brighten your day! Plus, some cute kiddos too. :P Okay I am just being silly now but seriously, how long has it been since I have had something GOOD to tell you about this family's home situation? Quite some time, if I do say so myself. Well, I am tired of the negative so I found a different solution to our problem! Yay!

We have been waiting for the okay on this before we shared it with my blog readers, I didn't want to count our chickens before they hatch so to speak lol. But honestly because I love you guys lol, I have been so impatiently waiting to tell you! I am just so excited! We are applied for the First Time HomeBuyers Program and will hopefully be buying our OWN HOME SOON!!! This is the best news I have had for a while, I am so tired of renting and after being turned down by 7 different places recently, I am just done with landlords and rental companies. What a waste of money and time. Lon and I have wanted to buy a house since we were married almost three years ago anyways, we just could never afford a down payment on a house or a loan. This program is designed to help us with that!

Now I need to clarify some things first, we aren't going to be getting this house in the next month. It will take some time, we have a lot more paperwork to fill out, classes to take, and then we have the whole finding a Realtor and house, closing on the house, etc. We will probably not be fully moved in for several more months. Which will be rough on us, still living as a seperated family but totally worth it in the long run. Having a nice 4 bedroom house that is ours and no one else's will be the best thing for us! I am prepared for the long journey ahead of us, like I told the lady at Community Development, I will do anything reasonable to get my family into a house! :) I am so excited for this!

I have some more good news for you too, but that will have to wait for another time. I am quite excited about this as well but like this house, I want to make sure its finalized before I share it with everyone. :) Finally some good things coming for this family! Our good karma is kicking in! :D The Tao is quite good to us if we remember to follow it.

Reading at the doctor's office

Miss Anna has been sick lately, she has a horrid cough. I took her to the doctor's office on Tuesday for it. The girl is a good 24 pounds 14 ounces, she is so darn small! :) The doctor listened to her lungs and checked her ears, remarkably she let him check them without fight! She was clearly a little apprehensive about the whole situation but NO WHERE NEAR how she used to act after her dog bite incident. She barely fussed once and instead just clutched onto me and hid her face. I was quite pleasantly surprised! Maybe we are over the doctor fear???? I am hoping so! :D The other good news: no croup, no ear infections, just a plain cold! I will take that any day!

Alan also had a dentist appointment that day. It has been almost a year since he had his cavities filled. They actually had him stay in there without Anna and I. I was a little anxious about the whole thing but Alan did very well. They took XRays of his teeth and cleaned them, the dental assistant said his teeth looked very good. The dentist was not in that day, but the dental assistant said that she would show him the XRays and have him call us with his opinions. But they were well brushed and clean. :) Good job Alan, keep up the good work!

With my gymnastics showcases next month and my dance showcase in May, we have been so crazy busy preparing! This week are started teaching my gymnastics classes their floor routines for their showcase in April. This was my first time choreographing gymnastics routines, its quite a bit different then dances. But still very similar in some aspects. Being my first time, I thought that the students would think the routines were too easy. However to the contrary, they were hard for most of the kids! I am so glad, it gives them a goal to strive and work hard for! :) They will be learning the beam routine next week, I hope that it is also a little difficult for them. I cannot wait to see how they turn out!

As for my hip hop class, we are a little over a month away from our spring showcase with the other dance classes. I am so excited for this year's showcase! We are doing two dances this year, one to Despicable Me's "Happy" and the other to a Deadmau5 song. The first one is going to be Minion themed, with silly movements and steps. The kids just LOOOOOOOVE this dance! They always want to do only this one lol. Silly girls and boys! :P The other dance is based on the idea that life is always more interesting with dance in it. Everyone goes about their ways at the beginning, until our main dancer brings "life" to them by giving them a hat and dancing with them. Its a cool concept, but a lot more difficult to teach lol. Solos within group dances are hard to choreograph! Regardless, I know both dances will be amazing! I can't wait to see them as a finished project!

One of my students performing her solo at the end of class

I had worked my hip hoppers so hard in class last night, everyone was sweaty and beat. So to keep them motivated and to hopefully cool down the room, I dimmed off the lights for the end of our class. It did the trick! The room cooled down and they loved it! They felt like they were performing onstage already, with all the little spotlights. It was pretty fun, I do have to admit. Good class! :)

So many good things happening to us, its about time! Here's too many more awesome things for our amazing little family!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Kari's Baby Shower

Some friends you have for your whole life, some friends you only have just recently met... Then there are the friends WHO you've only known for so long BUT it feels like you have known them forever. That's how Kari and I are...

I met Kari in the fall of 2010, when I had just started working at the YMCA Child Watch department. She was in high school then but we had so darn much in common, we hit it off right away. She reminded me of my little sister and we became close friends fast. She supported me through many rough times as a new mother and I helped her with high school drama and parental problems. We were so close, that when Lon proposed to me Valentine's Day 2011, I asked her to be one of my three bridesmaids. She of course said yes lol! :)

Fast forward to now, Kari is a grown woman who is now engaged and pregnant with her first child, a son that they are going to name Bryson! We are more like sisters then friends now, obviously. :) But I am just so excited and happy for her! Being a wife and a mother are two of the best things that a woman can ever be in her life! It will be a new and long journey, but I just know that she will be an amazing mother!! Love you Kari!

Her baby shower was yesterday, hosted by her mother and her friend. The kids went with me, so I was very grateful that her two little brothers were there too. Her older brother was so helpful with both Alan and Anna! He "babysat" Anna several times for me during the shower, she actually only was with me when she wanted to be. He and his brother even played Legos and camping with Alan the whole time. What a great helper! He was quite proud to be helping out at his sister's baby shower!

Some of the decorations from the baby shower yesterday

The shower was so well planned! They had nametags for everyone, a little place for us to write notes to Baby Bryson, a paper onesie clothesline for us to write Words of Wisdom on, and they have a cute baby present BINGO that I had never seen before! It was all monkey themed, so cute! And there was so much yummy fruit, the kids and I were just in heaven! They had some sort of delicious strawberry punch made too, I probably had five cups of the stuff! So good!

Anna at the baby shower, what a cheeser!

Alan really didn't want his photo taken again lol!

Cute story about the gift we got Bryson: We were shopping in the baby area at Target. I had picked out a really cute elephant outfit for him and we were headed to get a giftbag. We walked past a bunch of really detailed superhero onesies and Alan stopped. He started insisting that we buy a Robin onesie for Baby Bryson. But he was calling it an Incredibles onesie. I knew it wasn't Dash (the little blonde boy in the Incredibles) but couldn't convince him any different. So we ended up buying it for him, as well as some comfy sweatpants. Silly guy!

Oh back to the party-the cake! The cake was so cute too! It was a really well done graham cracker cake with fondant frosting on top in the shape of a baby boy's butt and feet. So adorable!

Lol at Anna photobombing Kari's cake picture!

Kari, I love you so much. We have been such wonderful friends for three years now, I definitely consider you to be family. I am so excited that you were able to share two special events of my life with me: my wedding and Anna's pregnancy and birth. Now I will be able to share them with you! I know that you will be an amazing mother and that Ryan will be a fantastic father. Baby Bryson is so lucky to have you two in his life! :) Wishing you a quick labor and delivery, and a healthy little boy. We love you guys!

April 2011 to March 2014

Friday, March 21, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day 2014

We have had such a slow few weeks. Haven't really been able to do anything. Its so terribly mundane, it feels like we are walking through a bog. Everything goes so slowly and there's so much to do but it never all gets done. Blah, I have been trying my best to keep posting on here, but I will miss a whole week sometimes! I'm sorry. :) Its finally starting to seem like spring out though, which is nice! And last week I was awarded the Tumble 1 and 2 gymnastics teacher position. I am quite excited to be in charge of this program now, and have some BIG plans for the program.

How was your Saint Patty's Day? I know its a little late lol, but I am just getting around to posting this! :P Ours wasn't the most exciting but it was still a great day! We didn't really differ too much from our usual Monday schedule but the kids picked out their green in their outfits, we made shamrocks in daycare and then we celebrated with green cookies for dessert from the Leprechan! It was just enough for this little family. :) I wish we would have been able to go to the parade, but we can't do everything lol!

Alan did have gymnastics, they played with big balloons for Saint Patty's Day. He loved it! Its crazy for me to think that he only has two more months of gymnastics and then he will be at his next level! That's crazy! He has been in gymnastics for a year and a half now, I hope its a sport that stays with him for life! Gymnastics is such a healthy and wonderful way to exercise your body! It helps the body develop naturally and properly. Plus children who are in gymnastics are not only healthy, they do better in school too!

Someone at daycare had brought cookies for Saint Patrick's Day, the kids were both able to enjoy one after work. Alan wanted two they were so yummy lol! I wish I would have remembered to take a photo of their shamrocks, they are so cute! Alan's was several different shades of green, while Anna's was all the colors of the rainbow lol! They both did a wonderful job!

Anna enjoying her St. Patty's Day cookie

Alan didn't even care that a picture was being taken, he loved that cookie!

Tuesday was Uncle Jake's birthday. Happy birthday dude! We love you so much! You are an all-around awesome guy, an amazing dad, a hard worker, a wonderful uncle and a great boyfriend! Hope your day was fantastic, even though we know you have to work all day long! We shall see you all soon, once the roads to Billings are better! We sure miss you guys a whole lot! Love ya! <3

Here are some photos of Uncle Jake:

I was driving to gymnastics yesterday and saw the prettiest sky! It was so blue with big fluffly clouds! I had to take a picture of it! Darn, I sure love my Big Sky! Always so pretty, even when Mother Nature cannot seem to make up her mind lol! We will never move away from this place. Too perfect for us!

I will try to post more this week. This weekend I have work, KAR Dance Competition and my friend Kari's baby shower. If you remember, Kari was one of my bridesmaids in our wedding, along with Aunt Natalie and Jenelle. I am so happy for her and so excited for her new journey! Congratualtions Kari!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Soccer and Dance Competitions this Weekend!

I have been neglecting the blog again. I'm sorry. :/ We have been turned down by several rentals lately, this is the reason for my lack of motivation. I feel like no one wants us. :( We decided to look into buyin a house, because renting is just throwing your money away. I will be applying for the First Time HomeBuyers Program this week. Hope that we are accepted! It would be so amazing to not only LIVE together again, but to OWN our own place! How cool! :) Anyways, this weekend was full of fun stuff for us! We had Alan's soccer practice and Aunt April's first in town dance competition of the season! There is now only one more practice until Alan starts having soccer games! And we were so darn excited to be able to go and cheer her on! She did wonderful, I am so proud of her!

Alan is really getting into soccer now. He always talks about it and cannot wait until he has class each week! He has been practicing a lot at home too, which is awesome. And the other night, he was kicking his shoes around after he had taken them off. I went reprimand him and he looked at me confused, explaining to me that he was only practicing kicking his shoe with the inside part of his foot. Like Coach Ashley and Coach Johnny had taught him. :) I thought that was the sweetest! I cannot wait to see how he does in the games! He was pretty good at basketball.

That Saturday was also our town's Saint Patrick's Day parade. I wasn't sure which one the kids would want to go to, surprisingly they chose daycare and soccer! I figured they would have wanted to go catch some candy but I was pleased that they had made a big kid decision. :)

Mommy and Alan before practice. Silly faces!

Standing in line to shoot goals

This week, the students learned how to shoot the ball and make a goal. Coach Ashley reminded everyone to kick with the inside part of their feet and they practiced shooting with the inside and the outside for a bit. Alan struggled with the outside but did pretty good kicking the correct way. And he rocks at shooting goals! He made almost every shot he took in the goal! My boy was made for offense! Yeah!

I seriously love this photo! The angle I took it and his expression make it one awesome picture!

We spent the majority of the weekend at Spotlight Dance Cup for Aunt April and Diversity Dance Studio. We were at the Metra most of Saturday night and all Sunday. I loved every minute of it, I totally miss my dance competition years! I competed for 6 years and loved it. I wish I could start a competition team at the YMCA! Maybe here in a few years lol. :) It was really cool seeing everyone. I have so many dance friends, from all different dance studios. I love competition time the most, its like the holidays for us when all the studios get together and enjoy each other's artistry.

Dance model status at the dance competition!

Mirror pictures with Mommy. Thanks DDS for letting us use your mirror to take a selfie! :P

The kids did so well at the competition too! Alan and Anna were so well behaved! Alan hung out and mostly played his LeapPad. He's not into dance anymore, he says lol. :) He did get to have nachos and a Gatorade, go for a walk with us around the Metra and he even made a new friend with another Dance Brother there! Pretty good couple of days for him! Miss Anna, of course, wanted to be onstage with every dance group, she can't wait to start dance herself! She kept running down the aisle and to the stairs, she even asked the stage managers "Up please?" so very sweetly. They about keeled over from the sheer cuteness! :) I love my little dance baby!

She was out cold before we even made it home!

Aunt April competed all of her dances, including her solo. It was the first time I had seen Theo's piece "Shake it Off" performed, I loved it! The costumes are gorgeous, the song is my favorite and the dance made me cry! Bravo Theo! I loved Kevin's piece "Darkhorse" and the Winter Song piece. She also was a part of Diversity's production piece this year, a Beatles LOVE themed piece. That was one of my favorites for sure! Of course, she killed her solo too! Its a masquerade themed ballet dance, so very cool! I think she did wonderfully the whole weekend! Great job Aunt April! You are such a beautiful dancer!

Shake it Off received an emerald (2nd place), Darkhorse received a diamond (1st place), Winter Song also was awarded a diamond, and her solo was given an emerald. Darkhorse also won ninth overall and Diversity as a whole won the award for receiving the most diamonds in the whole competition! We also overtook the whole Senior Dance Down. All four winners were from our studio! Another competition owned ladies! Congratulations and keep dancing those hearts out! You gals all ROCK!!

Drinking her juice box like a big girl!

Alan and I had to take a selfie together too!

We had a wonderful weekend full of soccer and dance! Two of our favorite things!! :) Next weekend is Kids Artistic Review, but Aunt April is only performing her solo. But I am looking for Thunderstruck at the end of the month! Yay for dance competition season!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

First Soccer Practice!

Unfortunately, we were rejected again by the third company. Shoot! :/ We will find out about the other tomorrow or the next day. Darn, I really hope we get this one, but I'm not lying when I say that I am starting to lose hope. I wish we could just buy a house, but we can't do that now. We can't afford it. But it sucks when everyone wants an arm and a leg from you to just be accepted these days, its hard. How am I supposed to better myself as a renter when I am not even given the chance? Ugh its so frustrating! Oh well, one day it will get better. I have to continue to have hope for the situation!

However, I do have some good news for you all! As of tomorrow, I will be the new teacher for Tumble 1 and Tumble 2 at the YMCA! I subbed for them last week and my director was so impressed that he asked me to continue to teach the classes. Yay! I am so excited! I love teaching gymnastics, and now my whole week is full of teaching! Yay!

Alan had his first soccer practice this weekend. He was a little nervous about the whole thing at first, but warmed up to everything when he realized it was the same coaches as his basketball coaches. Then he was excited! He did a pretty decent job for his first practice too, was a good listener and tried his best with everything! I am quite proud of my little sportsman!

Alan before practice with a soccer ball

They practiced how to trap and pass the soccer ball. Alan partnered up with a little guy named Cole to practice. He had some issues with trapping the ball but after a while he got the hang of it. They also got their shirt sizes picked out. And we discussed preparations for the games next month. It was a great first practice!

Coach Johnny talking about trapping and passing the ball

Stretching at the end of practice

He will have soccer for the next two months and then I will have to set him up with two new sports for the summer since gymnastics will also be ending. He will most likely be in swim lessons again at the BGS, but I don't know what else to put him in. I don't think I can do T-ball on Saturdays with my work schedule. But I have to think of something!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gymnastics Sort of Week!

This week was FULL of gymnastics! Both kids had their classes and I subbed for our other gymnastics teacher too. What a wonderful BENDY week for our family lol! :D Its also super awesome because not only was it our "Gymnastics Week" but one of my besties Melissa had her birthday one day and her BABY the next! Her daughter Willow was born on Wednesday, and I am quite happy to say that she and mom are doing great! Congratulations Melissa! We love you so much! Cannot wait to meet your little family!

I forgot to take any pictures of Alan at his gymnastics class, it was one of the first ones I had attended alone. Anna was napping so she stayed with Lon. It was so weird! I brought my Frida book to read, I am almost all done with it! Unfortunately because its a biography and its close to the end of the book, its all very sad.

Frida's health is deteriorating quickly and she isn't very happy. I know that her time will come soon, but I am not happy about it. That amazing woman went through sooooooooooo darn much in her life, she deserved to be happy in her last years of life. Unfortunately, she didn't get that, her last years were full of pain and anguish. Poor woman. :/ They did give her the inspiration for some AMAZING, phenomenal artwork! Sometimes we need to hurt to create wonderful things. This is what I have learned. Be prepared for a book review on her biography to be popping up her soon. I am quite excited to write about it!

I did, however, get some photos from Anna's class on Tuesday! We had to leave early again to look at another potential rental, but she had a blast anyways! She really is getting into the class now. She will listen to what Miss Carrie says and tries to stay with the group, instead of wander away like she used to. She even has started talking and playing with the other kids! I thought that that would NEVER happen lol! Here Miss Anna is, about to go on the zipline. Crazy girl somehow lost her ponytail on the way to gymnastics, so she had to borrow Mama's lol!

She wasn't too into the zipline that day though. Not sure why, thinking maybe she does have a sore shoulder or elbow joint. Oh well, I will make sure to ask her doctor at her next appointment. But I did get the first photo of her on the zipline! Look at that face!

My gymnastics classes kicked butt too this week! I subbed for my colleage while she was out of state this week. It was the first class of the session, with all new girls, and they rocked it! We were all sweating and red-faced by the end of class, it was awesome! Exactly how I like to do my gymnastics. :) I am so proud of all of these girls, they came to class with a kick butt, "Can Do" attitude and rocked it! Most of the students were new too. Didn't stop them from commiting fully to each skill and trying their best. Great job girls! I know that Miss Nicole will be very proud of you too! I know I am! :D

Hopefully we will be finding out about this new place we applied for by the end of this week or the beginning of next week. It was a perfect little condo, split level with the bedrooms on the second story. Its so nice and private, one great place for our kids to grow up in! In all honesty though, ANY place at this point would be perfect for us. There comes a point where floor layouts and dishwashers don't matter to us, just being together does. If anyone offered us a place to live together, I would take it right now. It doesn't have to have everything we want, just everything we NEEEEED right now. I just hope we get it!

I am still waiting on that big news, I will hopefully be able to share it with you next week! I am so excited, I just need to get the clarification before I can announce it to everyone!