Friday, March 28, 2014

Sunny Days are (Hopefully) Here to Stay!

Dare I say it? Dare I say that spring is here? I am afraid that if I post it on here, tomorrow morning we may wake up to snow! Montana weather is just wild like that in March lol! Hopefully now that its almost April, we will finally be done with all the darn winter weather! Because even though I was raised a snow bunny, I am ready for spring and summer to be here!

Today was gorgeous out! It was a chilly 32 degrees outside but the sun was out and shining! It felt wonderful compared to the awful cold days we have been having recently! I had to get the kids out in this amazing weather! So we left the front door open while we had lunch today, letting the nice fresh air and sun come in, then after lunch we went to the park to play until Lon was off of work! It was just fantastic!

I couldn't decide if I wanted to go to Pioneer Park or Rose Park, so I asked Alan's opinion. He thought that Rose Park would be better and since it was in the area of where we were meeting up with Lon after work, I agreed with him. We went there and at first there were no other kids on the playground! It was a little weird but Alan and Anna couldn't have cared. Some kids showed up and left, Alan even saw one of his old friends from when he was a baby! It was a pretty fun time!

Miss Anna loving life on the swings

Alan was everywhere, all over the park, he had a wonderful time. He kept talking about having Anna's first birthday party here, he has such great memory! He played with the digger, ran all over the fields, went on all the slides and played on the big kid playground. He is so big now, its crazy to me! He walked up to the big kid's playground and said, "Wow Mom! Looks just like my school's playground!" Then he just started climbing! He has grown up so much this past year at school, it is definitely present with his playground skills. They have developed so much! He can now do anything on the big kid playground, except for the monkey bars. That is quite the milestone, if I do say so myself! Good job Alan!

He wouldn't do this last spring, such a big boy now!

Anna really enjoyed the swings, she had me swing her several times while we were there. She went on a few slides and was too afraid to try the tunnel slides (Alan was the same way when he was a toddler too lol). She was really into the stairs though, she found a particular set of stairs that she liked and proceeded to go up and down them, over and over again lol. She was practicing! :) She had a fun time doing what she wanted at least!

Anna and her stairs, plus the gorgeous sky we got to look at all day! Beautiful!

We also found a hill close by to the playground to play on. The kids ran up that hill and rolled down it so many times, they were both EXHAUSTED by the time we had to leave. It was awesome lol! I forgot how much kids love just rolling down hills. Darn, it is so much fun! We have to do that from now on, it reminds me of when I was young! :)

Up, up, up the hill

AND down the hill we roll!

I hope this weather stays nice through the weekend! I only work so much on Saturday. Other then that we have Alan's soccer practice and first game, Aunt April's dance competition and the circus planned for this weekend. We should have lots of time to be outdoors, enjoying our new spring weather!

How do YOU enjoy springtime?

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