Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gymnastics Sort of Week!

This week was FULL of gymnastics! Both kids had their classes and I subbed for our other gymnastics teacher too. What a wonderful BENDY week for our family lol! :D Its also super awesome because not only was it our "Gymnastics Week" but one of my besties Melissa had her birthday one day and her BABY the next! Her daughter Willow was born on Wednesday, and I am quite happy to say that she and mom are doing great! Congratulations Melissa! We love you so much! Cannot wait to meet your little family!

I forgot to take any pictures of Alan at his gymnastics class, it was one of the first ones I had attended alone. Anna was napping so she stayed with Lon. It was so weird! I brought my Frida book to read, I am almost all done with it! Unfortunately because its a biography and its close to the end of the book, its all very sad.

Frida's health is deteriorating quickly and she isn't very happy. I know that her time will come soon, but I am not happy about it. That amazing woman went through sooooooooooo darn much in her life, she deserved to be happy in her last years of life. Unfortunately, she didn't get that, her last years were full of pain and anguish. Poor woman. :/ They did give her the inspiration for some AMAZING, phenomenal artwork! Sometimes we need to hurt to create wonderful things. This is what I have learned. Be prepared for a book review on her biography to be popping up her soon. I am quite excited to write about it!

I did, however, get some photos from Anna's class on Tuesday! We had to leave early again to look at another potential rental, but she had a blast anyways! She really is getting into the class now. She will listen to what Miss Carrie says and tries to stay with the group, instead of wander away like she used to. She even has started talking and playing with the other kids! I thought that that would NEVER happen lol! Here Miss Anna is, about to go on the zipline. Crazy girl somehow lost her ponytail on the way to gymnastics, so she had to borrow Mama's lol!

She wasn't too into the zipline that day though. Not sure why, thinking maybe she does have a sore shoulder or elbow joint. Oh well, I will make sure to ask her doctor at her next appointment. But I did get the first photo of her on the zipline! Look at that face!

My gymnastics classes kicked butt too this week! I subbed for my colleage while she was out of state this week. It was the first class of the session, with all new girls, and they rocked it! We were all sweating and red-faced by the end of class, it was awesome! Exactly how I like to do my gymnastics. :) I am so proud of all of these girls, they came to class with a kick butt, "Can Do" attitude and rocked it! Most of the students were new too. Didn't stop them from commiting fully to each skill and trying their best. Great job girls! I know that Miss Nicole will be very proud of you too! I know I am! :D

Hopefully we will be finding out about this new place we applied for by the end of this week or the beginning of next week. It was a perfect little condo, split level with the bedrooms on the second story. Its so nice and private, one great place for our kids to grow up in! In all honesty though, ANY place at this point would be perfect for us. There comes a point where floor layouts and dishwashers don't matter to us, just being together does. If anyone offered us a place to live together, I would take it right now. It doesn't have to have everything we want, just everything we NEEEEED right now. I just hope we get it!

I am still waiting on that big news, I will hopefully be able to share it with you next week! I am so excited, I just need to get the clarification before I can announce it to everyone!

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