Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!! October 3, 2012

Today is a great day! I have dance class tonight and I am teaching them some BBoy moves and some freezes. Alan and Anna also have a doctor's appointment and we are going to play with Kelsie and Kelton hopefully at our house because it is trying to snow out lol! It is currently 34 degrees outside and COOOOOOOLD! Oh well, the current rain outside makes it very nice and cozy inside. :) I think I will enjoy this packing day. Speaking of packing, we are getting so close to finding out if that place is ours. Oh I just cannot wait, please keep praying for our family! We just need to wait for the application to be processed and then it should be ours! Let's put all the good energy we can into us getting this! I love this house so much, its perfect for my little family!
Here is this week's What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that today is Uncle Aaron's birthday today! And that Lon's birthday is tomorrow! Yay for birthdays!

I'm loving that Lon's birthday also marks my four year anniversary of quitting smoking cigarettes! Go me! I am so proud!

I'm loving that last night Lon's high school buddy and old roommate came over to hang out and then took Lon long boarded like the used to in the old days lol. He also brought us a delicious looking bottle of wine! Yay, thanks Uncle Chris!

I'm loving that while packing up our many belongings this week (think we need to do another declutter and donation before moving again) I found my Buddhist prayer bracelet! Yes!

I'm loving the Hunger Games. I am about halfway through and am just addicted to it! If I was not so busy with my kiddos, my nose would be in that book 24/7! Just ask my mom lol! I used to do that with books in highschool and college. It drove everyone in my family insane!

I'm loving that next weekend (October 13) is my cousin's baby shower for his little boy due around Thanksgiving! It is Winnie the Pooh themed, so I must find some cute Winnie the Pooh stuff. My mom and I are also chipping in on a diaper cake to be made by Korrine (the same gal who made one of my diaper cakes and Ali's diaper cake) too so that will be fun! I cannot wait to do all the fun baby stuff! I love baby showers!

I'm loving that Anna used her Bumbo chair for the first time yesterday! Big girl, we were so proud! She still needs some work with her little neck but she is getting there! She enjoyed it for about... five minutes lol, before she started screaming bloody murder! Oh well, its a start! :)

I'm loving that Lon got a wild hair to make fried pickles at work the other day, and he brought home several for me to enjoy! Oh yummy, if there's one thing I love more than pickles is fried pickles! Thanks baby!

I'm loving that fall is here! You can see it in the trees and feel it in the air! Alan, Anna and I have been getting our fill of fall this week, and we cannot wait for a few more weeks when we get to go to the pumpkin patch! Wahoo!

I'm loving that even though we still have a day or so to find out about this place, we are already pretty much 75% packed!

I'm loving these cute outfits this week!

I'm loving that I am almost done with this cold! And I am the last one in the house! Yes!
I'm loving all of this rain and snow going on this week! Makes my house feel warm and comfy in this fall weather! I just want to snuggle with a good book, my favorite warm fuzzy blanket, hot chocolate or chai, and my sweet kiddos all day long!
I'm loving that we could potentially be MOVING this weekend! Wow this is intense, we have not moved in over two years and have never moved with two children. This will definitely be a new adventure! I am so excited too, I keep pinning all this cool projects for our new house! I will totally post pics of it once it is all unpacked and decorated too!
I'm loving these awesome Pinterest finds this week (yes, now that I know how to use it, I am officially Pinterest addicted lol) for my family and household!
Totally doing this for Maddie's baby shower!
Doing this on a wall in our new house!

The cutest newborn picture ever!

Making something similar to this for Miss Anna!

A new use for my extra clothes pins and ribbons! Yes!
I'm loving that I have a birthday party (for real lol) this weekend! Yay I have not worked one since before Anna was born! I cannot wait! We always have so much fun!
I'm loving that our last dance class of the month is on Halloween. So we are all wearing our costumes and then I'm going to teach them Michael Jackson's Thriller! Whoo! 

I'm loving my family, my friends, my job and my life!

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