Monday, October 15, 2012

Maddie's Baby Shower

We are still currently living in our old apartment. Spoke with our new landlord on Friday and he is just waiting on a furnace part before we can start moving in. He said Monday, but I have yet to talk with him today. Keep your fingers crossed for us, we may get our keys and such tonight! How awesome would that be????

This weekend was a nice and easy weekend for us. No crazy moving, although I would have been okay with that. Maddie's baby shower was Saturday afternoon. Sunday, we stayed home and did some more packing. We are now down to having only the necessities unpacked and alot of our belongings have been gone through. I have four big boxes full to the brim with stuff we are donating to Good Will, we have developed so much clutter in these past two years of living here. I thought we had gotten rid of most of it over Memorial weekend before Anna was born, but this weekend I have found the most random things (I think I may do a post on it later this week). I have become the new favorite at work because I bring new things for the daycare on a daily basis. Mostly arts and crafts but some toys and blankets. Glad we are downsizing! I hate clutter!

I also cut Lon's hair this weekend for the first time! I was pretty nervous about it at first, but Lon assured me I would be alright. And I feel like I did a decent job. He wanted his hair real short on the sides but a little longer on the top. I think I did an okay job of doing that. I mean he did not end up with any bald spots anywhere, right? I will try to post a picture on here asap. :) Now its time to cut Alan's hair again! A mother's work is never done...

Maddie's shower was so much fun! Grandma Melanie, Alan, Anna and I went together. My mom had a diaper cake made for her by Korrine (same gal who made one of Anna's) and I did my first true Pinterest project and made her cupcake outfits. They were really hard to do, but turned out sooooooo cute and worth it in the end! I think Maddie and Blake loved them! This is what they looked like:

We played a few games at the shower and once again, I won all randomly. This time it was not due to any skill. Our first game we played was the classic Don't Say Baby Game. I am usually really good at this game but for some reason, everytime I got around my aunt or my cousin, I would space and say it in conversation. I lost both of my pins pretty quickly lol. I believe cousin Morgan (soon to be Aunt Morgan) won that game. Then we played Name That Baby Game. We were given a sheet of animals and had to write down the name of them. My brian must have not been working during this game lol, because I only got three of them right. Even my favorite animal was on there and I could not remember its baby name! Towards the end I started writing "chick" down for every bird. Yet I forgot that a wolf's baby is a pup! How easy is that?!?! Great Aunt Marnie won that one.

Our next game was HARD too, probably the hardest game I played lol. It was a race to see who could find the most bobby pins in sticky rice in a minute. I was nursing Anna when we started this game, so I got to go last. I watched everyone play and I thought to myself, this will be easy. The bobby pins are so much longer than the rice. How would you NOT be able to tell??? However, once it was my turn, I could not tell a piece of rice from a bobby pin with the blindfold on! I struggled to find as many pins as I could but it was alot harder too with Alan jumped next to me. I ended up finding four bobby pins and losing lol. The last game was my favorite though. I am helping host Kelsie's baby shower and we might play this game there too! They called it the Baby Mama Game lol. The baby mama leaves the room and you are given a handful of questions about her appearance that you have to answer in five minutes. Things like, how many rings where on her fingers? and how many times has she gone to the bathroom? I am a very aware person and remembered almost everything Maddie was wearing subconsciously. I almost won this game but was beaten by one of her friends by one point. So how did I win my gift, you ask? In the lamest way possible lol.

There was one more gift left, a runner up gift but there ended up being no runner ups. So they put everyone's name into a hat and drew them. I told them to keep my name out of the hat, I did not desire a gift. I wanted someone else to enjoy it. But low and behold, my silly aunt still put my name in the hat and my name was drawn. I told them to pick another name and protested several times but they all told me to take it lol. The gift was organic dish soap and hand soap (a psychic bonus because we are running out of both in our househod) so after much arguement, I decided to take it. Then it was cake time.

The cake was delicious! It was the only thing that stopped Alan in his tracks. The whole baby shower, he was all over everything, wild man superstar. But once food and cake was served, my wild monkey man turned into a docile, hungry little gentleman. Its amazing how food will change a man right? Ladies, you agree lmao??? He sat down and ate for maybe ten minutes before getting up again and terrorizing. Like I always tell him, he is lucky he is so cute.

Very, very lucky.

The food was also amazing. My awesome Uncle Doug made it so of course! I have childhood memories of him making us some of the best food I have ever eaten! He made mini cinnamon rolls, pigs in a blanket with barbeque sauce, bacon wraps, and fruit salad! There was some fresh veggies and mixed nuts to munch on as well. Mmmmmm, breastfeeding has made me a Mama Bear whne it comes to food lol! I have realized this as of late. Because I am giving her sooooooooooooo much all the time, I am starving like all the time. And when I have food in front of me, and its good food, WATCH OUT! I might bite you, especially if you try and take my food from me.

Or at least growl at you lmao.

Maddie is getting so big now too! She is the cutest! :) Her due date is next month (she keeps telling me but I never seem to remember) I think the 10th or 13th for some reason? Oh yeah but baby James could be coming at any moment! We all got to watch him move around in her belly, that might have been my favorite part of the whole shower! She is just so adorable! Alan had a wonderful time. He ran around, played with cousin Morgan, attacked cousin Blake, played with the other guests, played outside, played with the puppy, fed the dog, played in the puppy's water bowl, learned how to use a stair climber, attempted to stick his fingers in the cake multiple times, explored the whole house, tried to feed the puppy leaves and tried to sit on Maddie's lap several times. He had a wonderful time and even though I felt like he was a little wild and crazy, everyone thought he was so sweet. Anna hung out with Grandma Melanie the whole time, which the both enjoyed. I tried to take Anna from her a few times and she got made at me and cried until I gave her back. She just wanted Grandma! :)

The other best part? Getting to be complete dorks with my family after everyone else left the shower. :) I kid you not, we all had fun throwing decorations at the ceiling fan, trying to get them to catch, for maybe an hout! Lmao, love my family! We always find the most fun in the sillest and simplest things. It felt good to "play" like that again. Reminded me of when I was younger, playing with my three cousins at their house. It felt so right to do that again. I love my family so much. We may be a little weird and a little redneck, as my husband calls us lol, but we are all perfect for each other. I would not have any other group of people be my family. NOT ONE!! And I am serious. :) This group of people completes me and my family. They make us live and better ourselves every day.

And... every once in a while, they play silly ceiling fan games with you for a ridulous amount of time. Until you cannot laugh anymore because your sides hurt and there are tears streaming down your face. Those are the moments I live for. Those are the moments I wish to share with my children. :) I thank everyone at that shower for that this weekend. It was so much fun! Too often are we too busy to remember simple times like that. We need to stop more and just enjoy life. Because its not forever.

How do you and your family enjoy your time together? What are your special moments with them? Experience any this weekend?

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