Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Three Bean Chili Made My Way!

Chili is one of those foods that everyone has their own way of making it. Some people believe chili has beans in it, others think its only made with different meats. Me, I like my chili a specific way and that's my way lol. :) With beans, but with meat and veggies too so that you get a full meal in one serving. That way my kid eats it lol! Mmm, as I type this I am finishing up the pot of chili I made the other night. It is so good, sometimes even better the next day! Yum!

Here is "my way" to make three bean chili! I encourage you to try it out, it only has five steps and takes a half an hour to cook!

Three Bean Chili

1 pound of ground hamburger (we also use deer meat sometimes, you could probably use turkey)
1 pound of kidney beans (dark or light, sometimes we do both)
1 pound of black beans
1 pound of pinto beans (if you don't like pinto, use another kind of beans)
2 tomatoes
1/2 an Onion (or a whole, my family just doesn't like onion that much)
Taco Seasoning of some kind
Basil leaves
Thyme leaves
Garlic Powder
Cheddar Cheese

Step One: Brown the meat in a pan. Cut up tomatoes and onions into small bite sizes. Cut up the basil and thyme leaves too, into small pieces.

Step Two: Mix together the three beans. Put in tomatoes and onions. Put in the meat and stir.

Step Three: Put in package of Taco Seasoning. Season some more with basil leaves, thyme leaves, garlic powder and pepper. Stir pot some more.

Step Four: Heat on lowest setting for about ten minutes.

Step Five: Add cheddar cheese to you liking. Enjoy!

I like my chili best with some yummy cornbread! Mmm, my favorite! How do you make your chili???? Comment with your recipes, I would love to try out some new ways to cook it! Chili is very popular in this house! :)

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