Friday, September 20, 2013

Staying Strong and Reminding Myself of All the Good in Life

Life has been good lately. This weekend is Color me Rad and I also plan on going to Wrecking Clown's Swagger Saturday workshop afterwards. I am so excited for both! Tonight I am working a birthday party for one of my former student's and their one year old brother. We should have some fun. :) Yay! The kids and I are finally getting over that creeping crud we have had all week long. And next week, I am chaperoning Alan's Preschool field trip to Zoo Montana! Things are going very well around here.

However, as we approach this court date with our landlord and things are getting more apprehensive and hectic, but I just need to remind myself of all the GOOD in our life: our amazing children are healthy and happy, we have stable jobs where people love us, our friends and family are here to support us. Things may feel like they are about to be turned upside down for us, but during the hard times we need to rememeber our family's foundation. We love each other and will always be together no matter what.

By the way, I do apologize for not fully sharing this whole court thing with you readers, but it is such a nasty sore in our life right now and as this blog is my happy forum, I refuse to share it on here. However I will share that it is only civil, nothing criminal, that we are in the right and that we have done nothing wrong. So hopefully the judge will see things the right way, we do have faith in the system. I just need to continue to stay positive and never forget the good, love and happiness that our family has in our life!

Alan has been doing great in gymnastics, it is his second year attending the Billings Gymnastics School. There are surprisingly A LOT of boys in his class! Like 4/5s of the kids! He sure enjoys it! :) His school is moving in October to a newer, nicer studio. This one supossedly has an upper AND lower viewing areas and a bunch of more space! I am so excited! Its farther away then this school but I like the new area of town better. Cannot wait, I will post photos of his first class there!

Miss Anna is growing like a weed! She shocks me everyday with new things, I love it! She wants to be just like her brother, wants to do everything that he does always and gets very upset if you don't let her lol. She is a wildfire like her Mama and her aunt, man! :) I love her so much and enjoy every second I spend with her and her big brother!

I still have my ups and downs though. Wednesday I was really struggling with everything pretty much (I have been sick lately too, which hasn't helped at all) and I found a light in the dark, in the form of the Dalai Lama's Facebook page. This is so silly, I know, but being Budhist I totally follow his page religiously. He's my little bit of Budha for the day, so to speak! :) He posted a lovely status that has become my unofficial main mantra in life as of the current. I shared it on my page and scribbled into my Tao Te Ching book for future reading. I will also share it with you, he is brilliant!

"We have a largely materialistic lifestyle characterized by a materialistic culture. However, this only provides us with temporary, sensory satisfaction, whereas long-term satisfaction is based not on the senses but on the mind. That's where real tranquility is to be found. And peace of mind turns out to be a significant factor in our physical health too." Dalai Lama, September 18, 2013

I meditated on this for a good half hour, it definitely spoke to me. For my family and for me, its yet another wake up call to stop worrying about money and this court thing so much, life will work its way out eventually. We are as prepared as we need to be for court, we need to stop worrying and continue with life. And really, what's worth stressing about it so much you can't function and begins to hurt the family dynamic? I have been allowing my anxieties to overtake me, letting them get the best of me. That needs to STOP now.

Because in the end- NO MATTER WHAT- the only people, the only thing that matters are these kids and our family. Even if everything goes sour next Monday, I will still have my children and my husband in my life. We will be okay, I refuse to believe anything else. A lot of our loved ones have stepped up in major ways lately to help us, they will not let us go under. Like I have said earlier and will probably continue to say lol, I need to remember all the good things in my life! They overcome the bad!

I love you so very much Lon, Alan and Anna.

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