Monday, September 16, 2013

Family Weddings, Nephew's Birth Anniversaries and Family Photos 2013

I want to give a big shoutout to my brother-in-law and my future sister-in-law! They are getting married at four at the same courthouse that Lon and I were married at. I am so happy for them! Congratulations Uncle Tyler and Aunt Sam, we love you guys so much! We wish that we could go to the ceremony, but we cannot get the time off of work to attend. However, we will all get together soon and go out to celebrate! And they are waiting until Christmas time to have their reception, so that all of the Andersen and Jacobson family will be able to attend! Huzzah guys! We love youuuuuuuuu! We wish you both nothing but love, happiness, and financial success!

Baby Benton is also two months old today! My word, I cannot believe it has already been two months! I swear just yesterday Aunt Natalie was still pregnant with him! He is getting so big too, loves sitting in his Bumbo chair because it makes him feel like a big boy (it amazes how much he is like his oldest cousin). And loves hanging out with Mom in Anna's old Moby Wrap! To hear this makes me so happy! Happy two months, Mister Benton! Auntie, Uncle, Alan and Anna love you to the moon and back!

We had our family pictures taken at Norm's Island this past Sunday. It had been over almost ten months since the last time we had family pictures done, it was last Christmas when Alan was three years oldand Anna was only five months old! Now with Alan having just turned four years old and Anna almost 15 months old, they had both grown up and changed so much! We also needed to get some four year old photos of Alan and some one year old photos of Miss Anna! A photography session was definitely needed!

I had my great friend Kelsie take our photos again. Ever since we have gone "low budget," as I like to call it lol, I have not been able to afford a professional studio photographer. However, Kelsie is building her portrait photography profile and loves the practice too. She is a wonderful family photographer as well! We have used her several times before to photograph both children and our whole family! She works great with my children, as well as my stubborn husband who hates having pictures taken lol. :) And I have always loved all of the edits she gives me! I cannot wait until she finishes her portfolio and can start her business! Kelsie, you are a fantastic portrait photographer! Thank you for always taking such cute photos!

The weather was so perfect for the photos! The light was perfect and there wasn't any flooding or big mud puddles! We got lucky! I always love going outside and into nature. Oh it was so pretty everywhere! I had to take a few pictures of the nature myself lol!

Counterclockwise 1. I love all the brown in this spot! We had to stand on the trail for the photo though, because of the bristles. :/ Gah! It would have been perfect! 2. Love this spot because there are enough trees close together, that I can come out here and "pretend" that this is the forest so I can chill out and be one. Its nice to get out of the city, it can make me anxious sometimes. 3. I fell in love with this hollowed out tree! I am so weird but I just had to take a pic of it lol!

I mean, look at this view!! Here was the site of many of our photos! That view and the perfectly placed log! I love nature and I LOVE my Big Sky!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the session! I love the ones of each of my kiddos! Alan looks soooooo big, it could be his school photo lol! Beautiful job, Kelsie! And that picture of Anna and I is just as cute! It was so hard to get a good one of her, but I am so pleased with this picture! Once again, great job Kelsie!

I cannot wait to get the hard copies of all of these photos! I know which ones I want in 11x14s lol!

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