Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Easter Sunday 2012

Easter was fantastic this year! Alan, Lon and I had such a wonderful time with our beloved family. What a great way to celebrate love and rebirth. :)

Oddly different from Christmas morning, Alan let us sleep in Easter morning. He didn't wake up to do his first Easter egg hunt until about ten! Which was just AWESOME because we had spent that night up until one or two just preparing the house for the hunt lol. :) We had filled forty eggs for him total, twelve with Cars 2 Squinkies and the remaining with various candies. We had also filled his basket with a Fireman Sam DVD, a giggler toy, a Star Wars light saber candy and a M&M sucker. We hid the eggs starting in his bedroom and making their way to the living room.

Alan did a great job finding all of his eggs! Lon and I just followed him, snapping pictures, while he found egg after egg. Even the ones we actually tried to hide from him lol! He is a regular egg hunting champ! :) He kept stopping and opening each egg after he found it though, resulting in any candy in the egg falling out onto the floor, which Alan would quickly scoop up and eat. :P Lol good thing I vacuumed the day before.

After the hunt, Alan had to find all of his Squinkies and try a piece of each kind of candy we gave him lol. So we sat down and opened all his eggs. He was really surprised to see all that he really had found and really enjoyed helping us open the eggs. :) He loves his Squinkies too! Only a few of them ended up being duplicates of ones he had already had but they were like McQueen and Mater, ones he wouldn't mind having a twin of. :) Then we had a quick breakfast of Easter eggs and bacon (yummy) and headed over to Grandma Melanie's house to do their Easter egg hunt.

At Grandma Melanie's house, Uncle Kalvin was anxiously awaiting our arrival. As soon as we got there, he informed us that the Easter Bunny had already been to their backyard and we were now just waiting on the birthday girl to get herself pretty lol. He wasn't too pleased with Aunt April. :P Finally once everyone was ready, we lined the three kids up at the entrance of their backyard and started the countdown. Grandpa Kevin (Easter Bunny lol) had once again done a great job of layering the egg hunt for the kiddos. Alan had a bunch to find at his level, as did Uncle Kalvin and Aunt April at their own levels. What a great hunt! Lon helped Alan find his eggs, while I took pictures of them. I got some really good ones of the both of them too! Here are a couple of my favorites from it:

We once again had to do inventory of all of the eggs and prizes Alan received before we could leave for Grandma Amber's house lol. :P Alan found maybe twenty eggs on his own, most of them filled with nummy jelly beans and Butterfinger eggs. Then we went to Grandma Amber's for Easter brunch.

For brunch, we had scrambled eggs and bacon with pancakes, fruit and yogurt. Aunt Ariel was there, along with Grandpa Steve and Uncle Chase. Uncle Cameron was unfortunately still in Seattle for school and wasn't able to get time off to come down for Easter. :( Miss you Uncle Cameron! :) Alan chowed down on his eggs and pancakes, but wasn't too into the bacon or fruit. He did a great job on brunch regardless. :) We didn't do any egg hunts at Grandma Amber's but Aunt Ariel and I took Alan outside to play with Buster and Benny for a while. Alan even got to see the ducks who "live" out in front of Grandma Amber's house, according to Aunt Ariel lol. He was pretty excited and chased after them, but then was confused why they didn't stay and instead flew away lol.

Alan took a short nap after that, before we had to head back to Grandma Melanie's house. It was nice for Lon and I to get a few minutes to ourselves in between all the running around we had been doing for the holiday. Wanna know what we did lol? Fell asleep, just like Alan! :P Hey we were pretty beat from the day already lol!

At Grandma Melanie's house, we saw Great Grandma Carol and Great Grandpa Floyd as well as Great Uncle Jerry. We had lasagna for dinner and it was the best! Oh it definitely satisfied my pregnancy craving for now lol! It was also great to see everyone, and they were all so happy to see how much Alan has grown since Christmas! He did a great job showing off to everyone how smart he is lol. Great Grandma Carol especially loved it when Alan drew her a picture on her marker board. It was awesome to see her smile like that at him. :) We took some family pictures and watched Hop on tv again. All in all, we had a great dinner with them and an awesome Easter with everyone! I honestly didn't want it to end lol, that would mean we would have to go back to work and reality lmao! :P Oh well!

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