Monday, April 16, 2012

Billings Roller Derby Dames

This Saturday, Lon and I went out on our wedding anniversary date. Our anniversary is actually a week away from today but as its on a Monday this year, we thought this weekend would be best for us. Plus we had plans to go support my two cousins in their roller derby bout! My mom watched Alan so we could go alone. Thanks mama! :)

Ready for our date!

The Billings Roller Derby Dames played the Bisman Bombshellz and boy was it one crazy adventure going! Let me tell you, roller derby is intense! It took me a while to figure out exactly what is going and how you score points but once I got that figured out, I got really into it! Those girls kick some major butt! I wasn't able to take any good action photos with my camera, so I am borrowing some from the wonderful photographer Tim Mazzaferro. Look at this insanity!

My cousin Katie (her derby name is KO Katie lol) skated like a champ the first half but after a bad collision with some other girls, she was exhausted and somewhat sick. She had to sit out the second half of the bout. :( She still rocked it when she was out there though! My other cousin Abbie (her derby name is Rapummel lol, for her long hair and rough attitude) was a great help to the team as well. She went in several times and was one wild mama!

I was really excited to find my family during halftime. We first saw my cousin Garrett and after chasing him down, he led us to the rest of my family there. My Aunt Sheila and Uncle Steve were there supporting their daughters, as well as my cousin Spencer and my other cousin Josh with his wife Randi and their daughter Fayth. Randi is also pregnant, about a month behind me, so it was cool to see her again and share pregnancy stories. She is expecting a boy, due in August. :)

We sat with my family for the last half of the bout. It was a lot of fun to cheer the girls on and hang out with people we know, Lon and I had a great time with them! The Billings Roller Derby Dames ended up winning 154 to 64! How awesome for those girls!

After the bout, Lon and I rushed the floor with my family to congratulate my cousins. They were pretty happy with the win and super excited to see that we had finally come to watch them. I played tourist and got pictures with both of them lol. :P But I love my cousins!

Abbie aka Rapummel and I 

KO Katie and I
All in all, it was a great date! Lon and I had a ton of fun, and can't wait until this June when their next bout is. You know we will be in the stands cheering them on! Lol the funny thing is that Lon thinks I should try doing roller derby after Anna is born. Uhhhh, me doing roller derby????? Baby, have you ever even SEEN me with roller skates on? I don't stand... Ever.

So we will have to see lol. If I do, it will be years before I am actually competing, I think. It will take me at least a year to learn how to skate good and then I will have to learn how to keep my balance while ramming into someone... Oh boy lol!

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