Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Traveling Red Dress: The Photo Shoot

Yesterday, I had my Traveling Red Dress photo shoot. Aunt Natalie and Jake went with me up to the Rims to take pictures. Thursday it was beautiful and sunny out, however yesterday it started to rain and sleet some. That didn't stop us though, as we are Montanans lol. :P So we still went out.

Let me tell you though, it was just FREEZING out there! I wore my winter coat the whole time I wasn't taking pictures and I still froze lol! The wind also made it hard to see and smile in the pictures, but I still felt beautiful and wonderful in my dress. :)

I loved the whole experience and can't wait to share this dress with another needy woman. This dress made me feel powerful and beautiful, at a time where I haven't necessarily felt that way. This pregnancy has been rough on me. I have had to deal with morning sickness and weight gain issues, plus just the normal fatigue and exhaustion I have been experiencing. I haven't felt beautiful in a while, just blah. This photo shoot was just what I needed to feel good about myself again!

Here are the photos we took:

I am making a face in this one because of the wind lol

Staring at a tree lol

I love the view in this one! So pretty!

I love this one!

It was so cold out, I think I forgot to smile lol!

Standing with a bunch of trees

I like snow and grass behind me, so Montana!

Classic pregnancy belly picture :)

I look huge in this picture!

Sitting pretty on the edge of the Rims

I highly recommend this to any woman who is dealing with some life problems right now. Thank you to the Bloggess for starting this organization! :) If you are looking for a dress and you think you are my size, hit me up and I can maybe share this beauty with you!

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